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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-06-02
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Obama/Dems prove how right-wing entire US Media/Gov are
Obama/Dems prove how there is little real difference between Dems and Reps.

This is an article that originally I wrote in Jun/2009, and it has proven to be so right on target that I am resubmitting it with some updates that further prove that there is little real difference between Obama and Bush and that truly a "Shadow elite" or Kabal or what you want to call it runs the US Government.

Because Obama/Democrats prove how right-wing Democrats are, which means how they act for the benefit of Rich and Big corporations (Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Military, Big Banks, aka Wall Street gang) and Israel and NOT for the benefit of American people (Middle class) and thus what Utter Complete Lunatics Republicans are who are even to the right of the Dems.

After all consider these FACTs:

1. Obama/Dems ran on the promise of bringing about Universal Health Care
Something that EVERY European nation, Canada, in fact every developed nation has, including Israel the beloved nation of Republicans and right-wingers, but once in the office Obama/Dems spent 1 year debating a health care bill and at the end they passed a total Joke of a health care reform that it is neither Universal nor is it Nationalized, yet it mandates us to buy health care from the same for profit health care companies that have brought us the current bankrupting health care system in US without the Government regulating what they can charge for health care, as is the case in EVERY European country, Canada, again every developed nation and many developing nations too. To be exact it is no problem to mandate people to buy health insurance, as for example Canada, France, Germany, etc. does, but via Government regulation such (mandated) insurance fees must be at about $50 per month for total health care costs. More on this.

2. Obama/Dems ran on the promise of ending the Iraq War
Instead they have adopted nearly the same EXACT policies as the Bush Admin regarding the Iraq War. They even kept in charge the same Sec of Defense (aka War), that is Gates, the same guy who was the Sec of War under Bush! Here they ran on the promise of quickly ending the Iraq war and once in the office they adopt the same exact war-mongering policies of Bush Admin!

And Obama/Dems rather than also ending the totally unnecessary Afghan War, have even expanded the Afghan War and named the same Bush lackies as Petraeus to run this for profit War of choice.

3. Obama/Dems ran on the promise of cutting Government waste and investing more of American Tax payers money on American people & cities
And here US has the most Gargantuan Military budget in the World and this Gargantuan Military budget is driving the average American who has to foot the bill for it into the poor house, considering that:
I) US Military budget is larger than Military budget of all countries on planet earth combined while US economy is not even 15% of world economy anymore AND falling given the rise of China, India, Russia, Europe, etc. - do the simple math and you will see that you cannot have a Military budget that is equal to Military budget of ALL other countries while your economy is 15% of World economy and falling.

II) US has Military bases all over Europe, pumping about $100Bil Euros per year of American Tax payers money into the European economies and Europe Union is now much richer than US as evident by Euro being much more valuable than US Dollar, as evident by most of US Auto makers going bankrupt while European Auto makers did not, etc. AND Europe has NO enemy which it cannot easily crush on her own. After all IF Europe actually needed US troops in Europe THEN they would be paying us to station US troops there and NOT the other way around.

And what does the Obama/Dem do in face of how Gargantuan US Military budget is and how American Tax payers budgets are strained to hell, where typical American Middle class family has cut his/her spending by 25% and more? Do they cut this Gargantuan Military budget and invest those savings in health care, in education, in infrastructure at home? NO. They increase it by 4%.

Now get this, AND this is the best indication of how right-wing (war-mongering and fear-mongering) 99% of US Media is, they report this increase in US Military budget by Obama Admin, this way:

  • CNN: Obama Admin proposes deepest cuts in Military spending..
  • WSJ: Obama Guts the Military budget
  • Fox: Military to face Deepest cut ever under Obama.... Is Al Qeadea going to win now...?
  • CBS: Largest cut in Military budget may face US exposed to Iran...
  • etc. etc. amazing fear mongering and warmongering nonsense

On which Planet is a 4% increase a cut? By which Math is a 4% increase a "Huge cut"?

I wont even repeat what the lunatic right-wingers on Talkradio said, for if the above right-wing reporting came from the so called main stream media, just imagine what right-wing lies came from them.

So on which planet is a 4% increase in the most Gargantuan Military budget on the planet "a Huge cut? " On the planet where a few (right-wing) Billionaires control almost all of the Media.

4. Obama/Dems have the same position regarding Israel as Bush or Reagan, etc, had.
To see this point just consider the events on end of May/2010: Israel boarded a flotilla bringing aid to people in Gaza, which 1.5Mill people of Gaza are kept by Israeli Army under an effective open air concentration camp and killed at least 10 of these peace volunteers on a Turkish flagged ship, a Nato member, and Obama/Dems did little different than Bush or Reagan in being the lap dog of Israeli Government in regard to this matter. That is NO matter what Israel does, no matter how many innocent people Israel kills, no matter how many Millions it occupies and humiliates, Obama Admin just like Bush, Clinton, Reagan Admin will not punish Israel, will not cut off funds to Israel, will not call Israel to be a criminal murderous regime and at the most it will say or do is to say such a generic non-sense as:
"We regent the loss of life on all sides....."
"We urge the Palestinians to respect the right of Israel and cease from all Terrorist activities...."
When it is Israel that is Killing and it it Israel is that is Terrorizing Millions.
In fact to see how there is little difference between Obama and Bush in this regard consider that EVEN the Conservative party in UK is urging Israel to end the inhumane blockade of Gaza as are many other European countries but Obama Admin just like the Bush Admin is not making any such demand!!!!

Now here is the Ultimate Con Job: Israeli and their agents, the right-wing Media in US, state such amazing non-sense as:
"Is Obama's agenda at odd with Israel's ambitions..."
"Is Obama more pro Islam than he is pro Israel..."
"Is Hussein Obama a friend of Israel or a friend of Islam..."
"Is Obama a Muslim..."

and etc. utter nonsene given that Obama is as much a "Puppet" of Israel as were Bush and Reagan given that there is NOT one concrete step that Obama Admin has taken that were any different than Bush or Reagan or Clinton took in regard to Israel whether about Israeli occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, Syria, etc. or whether in regard to the frequent Israeli killings of innocent people in the region as with the case of the people Israel killed on the Turkish aid vessel, etc.

No difference between Obama & Bush
As you can see from the examples of the above 4 KEY issues, Obama/Dems have been as right-wing as Bush/Reps before them. I mean on the slightest of issues, on the most symbolical of issues, they have been to the left of the lunatic Republicans, such as closing, well ordering the closing, of Guantanamo, ending federal ban on Stem cell research, etc. but on all the Major issues that are causing the US economy to do so badly (for all but the Super rich), they have been as right-wing, and as subject to the Israel hard liners, as Bushes Clinton or Reagan were.

The Ultimate Con Job - the Ultimate Hoax
Now as the Ultimate Con Job, the Ultimate Hoax, the Ultimate Lie the lunatic Right-wing Media in US, that is such as Talkradio, Fixed network, etc. calls Obama/Dems as being "Socialist...", "Liberal...", etc, where as PROVEN via above FACTs they have been anything but that, which is exactly what they need to be to address the fundamental problems with US economy.

Even a bigger Con Job!
Given how little different Obama/Dems have actually been in their policies from Republican lunatics (Bush, Chenney, etc.), as best evident by continuing the Iraq War the same exact way as Bush/Chenney planned to do and by keeping in power the same Defense secretary as Bush/Chenney had, or by failing to pass Universal Nationalized Health Care as they have in ALL European countries, it seems that the right-wing Media bosses who control the US Media had this all planned very cleverly this way:

Push, or at least do not stop, the election of a Black guy who has a very non-right-wing sounding name: Barak Hussein Osama (sorry Obama), and then keep touting that "hey look what a change we have already had in this country where we have elected a Black guy with a funny sounding name of Hussein Osama (sorry Obama)", and then block any actual changes by calling these changes as "Socialism...", "Obama care", etc. non-sense and fear-mongering which will be much easier to do under the cover that we have already had a huge change by electing a Black guy with a funny sounding name and NO other (actual) changes are needed and then watch the Republican lunatics go wild hog crazy over just the name of Hussein Osama (sorry Obama) and thus get nothing passed that actually helps the Middle class, which means hurts the Rich & Big corporations who control the Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Military - through their control of the Big Media. Or ensure that NOTHING is done to STOP Israel from its occupation and Killings by labeling any actions toward Israel to get it to be less of a War-monger and less of a Criminal as being "Is Hussein Obama.... on the side of Democratic Israel or on the side of Islam, Hamas, or even better Is he going to appease Alqaeda...." Perfect con Job I must say.

3rd party
So given that Democrats have proven that they are little different than Republicans, again, given that they failed to deliver real Universal Nationalized Health Care as they have in ALL European countries, given that they failed to end the Iraq war, given that they have failed to invest far more of our Taxes in American people and cities rather than waste it on a Gargantuan Military spread all over the World, etc., then we need to have a 3rd party that is to the FAR left of the Democrats, that is a party that is inline with European (Right of Center) Governments, which is the best indication of how right-wing both Democrats and Republicans in US are that the Conservative parties in UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc. are to the far left of the Democrats in US. After all consider the FACT that the Conservative party of UK, that is Margaret Thatchers party, is 100% for their Universal nationalized single payer health care system, something that the Democrats in US did not even propose and the Republicans call "Socialism..", which is yet again another proof of what lunatics Republicans in US are since to call Universal nationalized single payer health care system to be "Socialism.." would be the same as calling US Military, Police, Fire Dept, Coast Guard, etc. to be "Socialism.." since they are all operated the same way, that is from People's Taxes with salaries of people involved in them set by People's Government.

Funny but very true Video
Here is a great Video, true and sad, that shows that Republicans and Dems either say the same things and do not do anything for American people but conduct one War after another OR they will say different things, but in the end do the same exact things, as listed in detail above.

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COMMENTS     Posted: 43    Pending: 0

By Member: Lux_Report 2013-03-03

This is a must article for anyone who thinks Obama is not chosen by the same Wall Street gang & Military Industrial Complex behind Bush.

By Member: Reporter 2013-03-03

What FAWK Up both parties in US are. \r\nA total fawk up they are.

By Member: JDS2012 2015-07-31

Hey Reporter, what happened to that kingly Euro you used to spout about? The Euro used to be 1.60 to US dollar, now it's only 1.10. I think I told you this was coming back in 2009. What caused this? Probably because you lefties lack critical thinking skills. Therefore, you have screwed up just about every country that adopted your governmental policies.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2013-03-03

Man what a shame things the way they have become.

By Member: NHS_Facts 2013-03-03

Glad to see that more and more people are seeing the truth.

By Member: Regal 2013-03-03

man this is some sad stuff. How can US be so screwed up.

By Member: sarah 2013-03-03

This article bring tear to me after reading it.

By Guest:   sense 2011-12-28

Hey have you read about how Obama Admin is going to hit Iran with even harsher sanctions than the Bush Admin did.
And how Obama Admin has threathened Iran with all sort of Military actions.

This is Just more evidence of how little difference there is between Dems and Republicans. More evidence of how US Government is run by and for the interest of Israel and the HEK with American people. That is IF you want Iran not to have Nukes then demand that Israel to get rid off the 200+ Nukes that it has. If you want to get rid of the slimy Mullahs in Iran and their shety Islamic Republic of Iran then stop supporting the Jewish state of Israel, for after all as an American one of the KEYS that we hold dear about real Democracy is that Church and State must be seperated so how can we justify our "to the death" support of Israel when Israel is the ULTIMATE Case of Church and State.

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