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Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2009-06-17
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Wall Street Journal - best example of a right-wing lying machine
As the best proof of how right-wing, which means lying for the benefit of Rich, Big Corporations, Big Military, Israel and against the benefit of the (American) Middle class and everyone else US media is, consider this publication called Wall Street Journal (WSJ). WSJ has literally written a 1000 Articles in the last year about health care and EVERY ONE of them, or 99.99% to be exact, were in support of the current health care system in US and against single payer Universal health care that they have in ALL European countries, Canada, etc. developed nation. And since the FACTS are not on the side of supporting the current health care systems in US then WSJ has LIED AND LIED in each of these Articles to backup its position that universal health care is bad, such as the LIE that "Canadians are coming to US for their health care...." or "Europeans are coming to US for their health care....".

Also to prove that WSJ is not a News Paper to report the News but a right-wing Propaganda machine to set the agenda for the benefit of the Rich, Big Corporations and Big Military consider the FACT that 99.9% of the Articles that WSJ wrote about Iraq War were in support of Iraq war.

WSJ and Iraq War

WSJ has written 1000s of Articles, literally and not figuratively, in support of the Iraq War.
In fact, 99.9% of the Articles that WSJ has written about Iraq war were in feverish support of going into this totally unnecessary War and "staying the course" once we were in it. And the most incredible and glaring example of this total support of going into the Iraq war, in fact going way beyond of support but indeed urging and demanding that we proceed with this War and how dare anyone be against this War was the letter that WSJ wrote in 2003 to heads of many European states asking them to sign a letter to be published in WSJ in support of the Iraq War and condemning France, Russia and Germany for opposing this War. If you dont recall this is the letter than WSJ sent to heads of most European countries in early 2003 when France, Russia and Germany indicated that they would reject the US resolution requesting authorizing the Iraq war. Which letter written and circulated by WSJ and signed by heads of such countries as Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, etc. admonished France, Russia and Germany for opposing the Iraq War
and encouraged green lighting the Bush Administration to go ahead with the Iraq War due to the (LIES) that there were dangers of WMD.

What kind of a so called source of News writes 99.9% of articles in support of a War, set aside a War of choice?
What kind of a News paper sends a letter to heads of states of other countries asking them to support a War?
This would be like a Russian News papers sending letters to heads of state in Europe to support Russia
invading a country in South America! This act would be so insanely right-wing, so as to render that publication anything but the source of news, this is what WSJ is.

WSJ and Health Care in US

As bad as WSJ lies were and are regarding foreign policy matters, such as the Iraq War, WSJ lies regarding domestic matters are just as bad. Best example of which is the daily lies by WSJ against replacing the current for profit private insurance based health care system in US with a Nationalized health care system. To be exact WSJ has written Article after Article against Universal Health Care, something that EVERY, repeat EVERY, European nation has, Canada has, in fact every developed nation has including WSJ's beloved country Israel.

But 1st some FACTS about why and how Universal (single payer) health care is the best solution for health care and VASTLY SUPERIOR in almost every sense compared to the for profit private insurance health care system in US:

1- Every European country, Canada, Israel, Japan, China, Australia, in fact every developed nation has Universal (single payer) Nationalized health care. Only US and some of the poorest and most bankrupt of 3rd World countries have NO Nationalized health care. This statement of FACTS by itself should tell you how wrong US health care model is since NOT ONE, repeat NOT EVEN ONE, other developed nation operates health care as it is operated in US but instead EVERY developed nation has Nationalized health care.

2- In countries that have Universal (single payer) Nationalized health care, health care is taking about 8% of GDP, while in US health care is taking 18% of the GDP.

3- In all European countries, Canada, etc. every one has health coverage, for being a Tax paying citizen, while in US 50Mill Americans have NO health insurance so their only choice in case of illness is death or bankruptcy and usually both.

4- 2Mill+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs WHILE in Europe or Canada that have Universal health care ZERO person or family goes bankrupt each year due to health care costs.

5- In every health care measure US ranks well below Europe or Canada, in fact US ranks with poorest of 3rd World countries in most health care measures as you can see in this ranking:

6- But perhaps most importantly, as important as the above points are, is that in today's Global economy where European companies (people) have Universal health care so their health care payments are essentially ZERO or much lower than the health care costs in US, that US companies (people) cannot compete . On this point consider that while most of US Auto makers went bankrupt, NOT one European Auto maker went bankrupt. WHY? Because for example GM had to pay 10's of Billions of Dollars for health care costs of its current and retired employees, while German Auto makers have to pay ZERO for such health care costs, because they have Universal (single payer) health care in Germany. So then German Auto makers instead can invest those 10s of Billions of savings from paying their employees health care costs in research or set aside for a rainy day. Resulting in just ONE, that is just ONE, European Auto maker, VW, having a market valuation nearly TEN times of all US Auto makers combined! Which is the ULTIMATE indication of how much better Universal (nationalized) health care is over for profit private insurance based health care. More on this issue of why US Auto makers went bankrupt while European Auto makers are doing fine you can read here.

Now when presented with the above FACTS to prove how much better for the Society Universal (Nationalized) health care is over for profit private insurance based health care then WSJ has LIED and LIED with the following LIES in support of the current for profit private insurance based health care in US:
1- "We are paying much more than Europeans for health care, but our health care is much better ...."
2- "I know a Canadian that came to US for their health care needs because he had to wait months for their own health careā€?
3- "People in Britain hate their Nationalized health care system and Steven Hawkins would have died under NHS ...."
4- "Universal Health Care will mean that the drug companies in US will not be able to make miracle drugs"

For the sake of this article not getting too long, you can find the answers to each of these LIES or non-senses here.

To sum it up
So ask yourself what kind of an organization would write nearly 100% of Articles in support of the current for profit health care in US and against Nationalized (not for profit) Universal health care that they have in EVERY European country, Canada, in fact every developed nation and to back these reporting which of course are not based on facts since facts as noted above point out to how vastly better Nationalized (not for profit) Universal health care is, then this organization would LIE and LIE? Answer, the most lying right-wing biased organization, This organization is Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

But you know you can replace the name of WSJ in above with Fox, Talkradio, CNBC (Kudlow & co.), Investors Business Daily, Washington Post, etc. US Big Media publication or News, because all of these so called News sources have reported most of the time against single payer Universal health care and for the current for profit health care system in US, from 99% of the time in CNBC to 90% of the time in Washington Post. For example on CNBC this buffoon called Kudlow comes on every day and rants against Universal Socialized health care, and again he is just one out of an army of people on US Media who LIE and LIE as proven above against helping the American people (Middle class) via such LOGICAL things as Nationalized Universal health care and not hurting it via such insane things as unnecessary Wars such as Iraq War. I wont even mention how lunatic right-wing, which means complete LIES for the benefit of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Military, are said by the lying lunatics like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannety, Fox, etc. if WSJ is so right-wing.

So why is it that such organization as WSJ, CNBC, Washington Post, etc. etc. US Media source LIE and LIE every day in support of the current health care in US that is driving 2Mill+ Americans into bankruptcy each year and against single payer Universal health care that is resulting in ZERO European or Canadian going bankrupt each year?

Answer is that by switching to single payer Universal health care we will cut the cost of health care down to about 9% of GDP, as is the case in all European countries, Canada, etc. which have Universal single payer health care AND this 10% reduction in cost of health care as percentage of the GDP will mean a SAVING of about $1.2Trillion per year for American government, which means Tax payer, which would also mean that the Super Rich and Big corporations that are behind such so called News organization as WSJ, CNBC, Washington Post, Fox, Talkradio, etc. will make $1.2Trillion LESS per year which means that they will not be able to pay themselves $20Mill+ annual compensation and fly in $50Mill private Jets:

* Ron Williams - Aetna - Total Compensation: $24,300,112.
* H. Edward Hanway - CIGNA - Total Compensation: $12,236,740.
* Angela Braly - WellPoint - Total Compensation: $9,844,212.
* Dale Wolf - Coventry Health Care - Total Compensation: $9,047,469.
etc. etc.

And which will also mean that WSJ and other Big Media outlets in US will not be able to make 100s of Billions of Dollars in Advertising from Big Pharama and Big insurance. After all just look at the typical nightly news, half of the Ads at least are by drug companies! If we had a single payer universal health care as they have in Europe, Canada or Israel, etc. then these 100 of Billions in Advertising money per year that WSJ, CNNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox, etc. are making off Big Pharma & Big insurance will go to nearly ZERO as there are little to NO Drug Ads in European TV, because health care is provided there to make people healthy for the least cost and not to maximize profits as is the case with current US health care.

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(1) Wall Street Journal Article stating that for GM, after being rescued by Tax payers, to be a new GM it needs to lay off the Union Auto workers and instead make care in Communist/Capitalist China:
"Meet the New-Old GM" by Holman W. Jenkins Jr.

(2) In this astonishing article this piece of trash Wall Street Journal is actually stating that Bicycling is Bad for you and for Government investing in Bike lanes is a Waste of money:

(3) Another example of this piece of trash Wall Street Journal lying even in the FACE of numbers in front of them and us:

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