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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-06-17
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Are Republicans truly lunatics? It is actually worse.
Lets face the FACT, Republicans: Romney, Bush, Rush, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, etc. are either complete lunatics or WORSE the TRUE ENEMY within! And Obama Democrats are a FRAUD.

About TEAPublicans being lunatics: ABSOLUTE proof of this comes from conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., because ALL these Conservative parties are 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS), what Republicans call "Socialism" and oppose. So either ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. are "Socialists" or Republicans in US are complete lunatics.

So why ALL Conservative parties, repeat ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. are all 100% for their NHS? Because it SAVES 50% on cost of health care while giving health care to all their People.

About Obama FRAUD: ABSOLUTE proof of this comes from them passing a near JOKE of health care plan since it is anything but NHS, instead it is a gift to Wall Street and a finger at Main Street. In fact it is based on plan proposed by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation, aka stooges of Wall Street, which plan lead to RomneyCare, but it is NOT even as Liberal/Socialized as RomneyCare! As a result of which health care plan they passed has made little improvement in the catastrophe that Health Care is for too many Americans. Yet Republicans & Wall Street right-wing Media are playing such Con Job on US, to call this gift to Wall Street, this exact opposite of Universal Socialized Health Care, to be "Socialism"! - More on this here .

About being the TRUE ENEMY within

Now you want irrefutable proof that Republicans, and Wall Street owned Medial behind them are the TRUE ENEMY within? You can have this proof by asking them a few questions, that is ask them:

1- What do you think of Government run Universal Nationalized Health Care (aka NHS)? Where American People would get Health Care FREE for Taxes they pay. They would answer that NHS is "Socialism Socialist".

2- Then ask them what do you think of Israel?
They would answer as Romney just said in Israel, or Obama has:
"Israel is an example of a Free Market economy success",
"Your health care system is a Marvel"!

Then ask them, do you know that Israel has totally free Universal Socialized health care? Where all Israeli's have access to same health care from cradle to grave FREE for Taxes they pay. Here:

So how can you (bassards) explain your opposition to NHS for American people, resulting in 50,000+ Americans being KILLED each year due to denial of health care due to pre-existing Condition alone, etc. while your beloved Israel has NHS? HOW?

You can also replace in above Q&A Israel with Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK, since again they are 100% for their NHS. And Republicans and right-wing Media have told us how Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK is an example of a "Free Market Enterprise..." etc. which of course is TRUE More on this here.

An astonishing demonstration of Republican Con Job, their all of a sudden worry about Debt & Deficits

A further ultimate example of Republicans Con Jon against American People, is Republicans all of a sudden worry about Debt & Deficits. Because here are steps that would replace the Deficits with HUGE Surpluses and Republicans oppose them ALL:

1- Have Universal nationalized health care as they have in all Developed countries, since in all countries that have real NHS, health care is taking about 9% of the GDP whereas in US with for profit health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP.

2- Have the Super rich such as Romney who paid 14% on his $42Mill income last year pay same 32% as Middle class pay. Or have the Rich pay the same FICA Taxes as Middle class, that is not have these Taxes capped at like $110K per year.

3- Cancel the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthiest top 1%, this will save almost $1Trillion over 10 years. Keeping in mind that by canceling the Bush Tax cut for the wealthiest top 1% we are talking about going to Tax rates that existed during Clinton era.

4- End the Afghanistan War & do not start a new War in Middle East.

5- Cut the US Military budget to half of what it was during Reagan area. After all Soviet Union DOES NOT Exist anymore And Taliban has ZERO Planes, ZERO Ships, ZERO Submarines, ZERO etc. real Weapons. So this means cutting the US Military budget to $200Bill per year.

So above Steps would cut the Deficits by at least $15-Trillion over next 10 years and Republicans oppose ALL of them! And what Steps do Republicans and right-wing Media suggest for cutting the Deficits? They suggest cutting the modest $60K per year salary of Teachers, Union Workers, or the pathetic $1500 per month Social Security of retires, etc.! What further proof do you need that GOP is all about a Con Job on you! More on these Steps here

Some Republicans are very very smart

So Republican party is composed of 3 distinct groups:

1st group, which is 1% of the Republican party - The Super rich and Top brass of Big corporations (aka Wall Street gang) who want to make as much money as possible, darn be the American people or anyone else if that would reduce their ability to make $40Mill per year and fly in $50Mill private Jets, and this group controls the US Media to a 99% extent, at least they did before the Internet.

2nd group, which is about 99% of Republican party - Highly uneducated, untraveled, consumed by fear, consumed by anger, believers that Armageddon is coming and that in the ensuing world calamity which to their insane minds is good Jesus will take them to heaven in a Rapture, and other crazy's and "White Trash", who are brain washed by right-wing Media to act against their own self interest and instead act for the interest of 1% at the top.

3rd group - Agents of 1st group working in Media outlets they own, such as Talkradio (i.e., Rush, Beck, etc.), Fix news, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. whose job is to LIE and LIE to brain wash the 2nd group. For example such brain washing non-sense as "Government is the problem not the solution", which is the "Ultimate Con Job" to have you pay Taxes but ask and get nothing for your Taxes.

So the 1% of Republicans who control the Big corporations, Big Media, are very very smart, it is just that they are controlling with lies the uneducated masses (aka the White Trash that listens to Rush, Beck, Fix news, etc.) and those who are truly lunatics to fall for their lies.

Update Mar/05/2010: As a ultimate proof of above point, check out the document that the RNC put out the last week of Feb/10 which pretty much states the above strategy for controlling the uneducated "white trash" by playing on their fear and hate, here:

Many Democrats are just Republic-rats

Lets also state the obvious FACT that many Democrats too are just as owned and controlled by the Wall Street gang, and the right-wing Media that they control, as all Republicans are. After all just take the joke of the health care reform that Obama/Dems passed, that is:

Obama/Dems ran on the promise of bringing about Universal Health Care. They did not deliver on this, NOT even remotely close to it. I mean Obama/Dems could have easily said lets have a Universal nationalized health care as they have in UK. The type of Universal nationalized health care that Margaret Thatcher's Conservative party is 100% for. As a result of which ALL Americans would have health care for FREE, FREE for the Taxes that we ALREADY pay, while health care costing the US Government, which means ultimately people & businesses HALF of what it costs now. Thus saving a typical American family of 4 $15,000 to $20,000 per year in health care costs. But NO, they did not do this. Instead they passed a near Joke of a health care reform that forces the people to buy health insurance from the same bankrupting for profit health insurance companies, WITHOUT the Government putting tight regulation on what they can charge. I mean surely the right-wing Media in US, which again is 98% of US Media, could not have said "Obama is Socialist..." or "Obamacare..." etc. absolute non-sense since Obama/Dems would have been for a health care system that Margaret Thatcher's Conservative party in UK is 100% for.

US Media, aka Wall Street owned Media, is key to all of this

And lets then state this resulting fact: the fact that Republicans are either lunatics or WORSE, TRUE ENEMY within, and Obama Admin is a HOAX, is only possible due to US Media, aka Wall Street owned Media, being a lying machine, being part and parcel of this Con Job on US. For how else and why else US Media has a total ban on the FACT that all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS)? And Why they are? Which is due to the FACT that any party that cares for its Nation & People would be 100% for NHS since NHS gives health care to all the people of the Nation while cut health care spending by 50% which means cut the Deficits by about $1-Trillion in case of US while giving health care to all. Because if they did that would be instant proof of what a HOAX Obama Dems are for not having even proposed NHS and what lunatics Republicans are for calling NHS to be "Socialism" when all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

What is going to happen?

Lets just hope it wont take a French style Revolution with the head of McConnel, Bohner, Cantor, Rush, Beck, Koch brothers, Murdoch, etc. Republican and members of right-wing Kabal cut off and put on a stick before they Wake up and STOP their War on the People. Because the "Genie is out the box", which means thanks to the Internet and sites like this Republican party, as agents of the Wall Street gang and the right-wing Media/Cabal, will not be able to get away with their Con Job on American people anymore. So they have 2 choices, one is to greatly increase their degree of lies and con job, and do it at ever higher pitch. The other is to stop their War on American people and join the ranks of the real Conservative parties of the World, such as Conservative party in UK, Conservative party in Canada, etc., which mean propose ideas that Conserve money while getting the Job done. Unfortunately though as of this writing the right-wing Media/Cabal behind Republican lunatics has chosen the 1st choice as per their funding of the fake TEA party, which is an even more lunatic version of the Republican party.

Conclusion: we need to end the Republican party - aka this lying machine

If Republicans are such complete lunatics or worse such TRUE ENEMY within, to be against Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS), when NHS would give health care to all Americans for Medicare Taxes we ALREADY pay, while cut health care spending by 50%, which means cut associated Deficits by about $1-Trillion per year. And these incredible facts are why ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS. And to get away with this horrendous act against American people, Republicans & right-wing Media, have said a mountain of LIES and engaged in one Con Job after another, such as say "NHS will bankrupt us", when EXACT OPPOSITE is TRUE since again in countries with NHS, which is all developed Nations, they spend 50% LESS on health care, then what can you expect from these lying bastards about Taxes, Deficits, Jobs, Wars, etc.? And lets state this FACT: Obama Dems are just as owned by Wall Street but at least they do not call NHS to be "Socialism Socialist" which only a total lying lunatic would.

Reference Sources:

(1) Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK is 100% for their Universal nationalized (aka Socialized) single payer health care

(2) Why US Auto makers went bankrupt and NOT one European Auto maker did?

(3) China to spend $123 billion next year to provide universal medical service to its 1.3 billion citizens:

(4) Republican Senator Judd Gregg Hired By Goldman Sachs As International Advisor

(5) A great example of that Republicans will say any Lunatic non-sense to be a whore of Big Pharma, Big Insurance (aka Wall Street), Ronald Reagan Speaking Out Against Socialized Medicine:

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By Guest:   fire_house

72 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of Republicans In Congress

and at the same time we hear that:

"The findings may not have a strong bearing on the GOP's midterm elections chances. Recent polls show the
Republicans have an edge in both the Senate and the House."

So on one hand Most Americans despise the Republicans for lunatics or WORSE that they are,
but at the same time they are going to win the "Senate and the House."
WHAT kind of a JOKE is this Country called USA?
Of course as bad as Republicans are Obama Democrats are in away worse since they are total
fraud as per their non-STOP Wars or having NOT even propose Universal Health Care and instead they
passed a Health Care proposed by ultra right-wing of Republican party!

By Member: Regal

Really amazing. Just amazing to see what a FARCE US elections are and that US is anything but a Democracy and that a shadow elite runs the country and American people are not rising up to put an end to this charade.

By Member: Faxonly

AS further demonstration of how truly insane the Politics in USA has become, consider the FACT that in US the Republican lunatic Cantor was defeated by this guy called David Brat whose position is that Cantor is not enough of a Republican lunatic, aka Conservative in US definition of Conservative! While in Canada, the Country that borders US on its Northern border, whose economy is doing great compared to US economy being in shambles, whose Real Estate market never collapsed vs Housing market in US that collapsed which US Housing on avg costs much less than Canadian Housing prices, in that same Canada the ultra Liberals were just sweeped into office, here:

How is this Possible? It is possible because US is under attack by a true enemy within, which Wall Street Billionaire gang funds one right-wing lying machine after another and funds the TEA Party to run the ultra Con Jo on US that Republican lunatics are not lunatic enough!

By Guest:   ShareSome

And the Mother ***ING Wall Street run Media is actually has the gaul to tell US that:

1- TEA Party Won in VA because they thought Republican lunatic Cantor was not lunatic enuff

2- Republicans will FOR SURE maintain control of the House

3- Republicans may Win control of the Senate

What a JOKE US is :(

By Guest:   MaxFredi

Gr8 stuff. What a charade these Repugs & Obama Democrats and Wall Street Cabal are playing us :(
What brain dead People are American people to fall for these SCAMS :(

By Member: WirSind

Repugs and Obama Democrats have NO shame.
So expect more Con Jobs like ObamaCare & TEA Party.
We need real 3rd Parties that are not owned by Wall Street SCAM artists that have us fraud Obama & TEAPublican lunatics.

By Guest:   kronos_cfect

So the same Wall Street that controls the Republican lunatics having caused the US economy & then the World economy crash in 2008, rather than apologizing for having funded the Republican lunatics & fraud Obama Democrats then went and funded an even more lunatic bunch called the TEA Party! Bastards have no shame or limit.
And lets state that while the 2008 economic crisis brought about b y Wall Street attack on Main Street resulted in death of many 10s of 1000s, here:

Recession 'led to 10,000 suicides'

the bastards on Wall Street who funded and control the Republican lunatics & fraud Obama Democrats and now the uber lunatic TEA Party, continued to get paid $50-Million per Year salaries and fly in their $100-Mill private Jets. Bastards have no shame or limit :(

By Member: jjimprovements

First the author choose only "facts" to support their view. While I agree with the facts used to the most part the author fails to point to the differences between the countries mentioned NHS and Obamacare, ie. The countries have extreme long waiting list for services. If you need an operation in say Canada you may have to wait up to two to three years. It is very similar in other countries mentioned. Even with the waiting time their system is run and paid for by the Governments where the plan here is a "paid Insurance plan" Everyone must buy insurance therefore it is NOT a NHS nor does it take into account that even under the current system you may wait several hours to see a doctor. Multiply that by a factor of just 10 and those several hours turn into days of waiting your turn to see a doctor. But as of this writing only a small percentage of the public has insurance and the factor you would need to use would be far higher then the simple 10. A shortage of doctors will increase this number yet again. Bottom line, "our SYSTEM" = disaster for your health care needs.

By Member: ThinkDeep

1st, Where the FAWK did you get the fact that:

"The countries have extreme long waiting list for services."
From Fox news or other right-wing lying machines in US?

2nd, for 50-Million+ Americans whom have NO health insurance there wait is for ever.

3rd, this article also states what a JOKE ObamaCare is because it is anything but Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS) and that only way to run the health care of a country is via NHS as the rest of the developed World does.

By Member: Faxonly

There is no better answer as to why USA has become one of the most miserable countries on Earth, less having the Worlds number 1 Military, as per the examples of:

USA Having Murder rates 10 to 40 times higher than other developed Nations
USA Having Incarceration rates 10 to 40 times higher than other developed Nations
USA Having College Education rates that are lowest in developed Nations
USA Having 50-Million+ without health care while all developed Nations give health care to all their people
USA being involved in one War after another War after another War after another War after another War

than how and why is it that such right-wing lying machines as Rush, Hannety, Beck, Oreily, etc. etc. can be on the Air spewing their lies and non-sense on American people.

So find out who provided and is providing the funding for these right-wing lying machines such as Rush, Hannety, Beck, etc. etc. and you will find who the true enemy within USA is.

By Member: republu

How about "Personal Liberty", "Limited Government", and what the Founding Fathers wrote in the Constitution. That is last time I checked there is NO reference to health care for all in the Constitution.

By Member: ThinkDeep

Please take your Con Job about Founding Fathers and "Smaller Government" BS and play it on a brain dead person that listens to Rush, Beck, Hannety, etc. whom all spew all these same Rubbish about Founding Fathers and "Smaller Government" all the time.

The Constitution starts by saying:
"In order to create a more Prefect Union we..."

You get it a "more Prefect Union".

And the ENTIRE developed World is telling you that one of the FIRST Steps you must take toward a "more Prefect Union". is to operate KEY industries such as Health Care on Government run Universal Socialized basis (NHS). And that is WHY ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

Moreover, how in Gods name were the Founding Fathers to include NHS in the Constitution when concept of NHS did not exist at that time, nor did really health care at all, just as they did not put having to Stop at the Red Light.

By Member: jjimprovements

Sorry you disagree but if you read my posted reply to the author you will see valid reasons why the affordable health care will result is disaster for personal health care. Is a con in itself because it is an insurance scam and will only benefit the insurance industry. A true NHS would be great except we do not have the available doctors that would be needed to care for the increased number of patients the system would generate. We would wait days or weeks to see a doctor. The only viable option is to fund the education of enough doctors to care for additional number of patients or admit the fact that your health care needs will be delayed for days or even weeks. Obamacare does not address any of this.

By Guest:   Bart

So you maintain that only 36 people in the whole USA care about the president's negligence and coverup of the Benghazi tragedy?? I think you could find more than 36 people who "care" in congress alone! I think you could find more than 36 people who "care" just amongst the families of those Americans killed.

I think if Obama were a Republican, the press would have been all over this scandal!

40,000 per yr are killed in car accidents...should we have hearings on cars? 600,000 due to cardiovascular disease...hearings??

Perhaps we should have a 'rule' that when a person in the USA is murdered, we should only investigate IF more than 36 people "care".

The FACT is these people died asking for help which was me that is negligence of the highest order...Obama says that the 'buck' stops with him, but then engages in a clear and obvious coverup...if he had any courage, fortitude, integrity or honesty, he would own up instead of covering up. But he is none of these qualities and so lies and cheats, blames and denies.

Oops...there I go citing facts again...

By Member: ThinkDeep

You freaking Moron:

50,000+ Americans are KILLED each year due to lack of health care due to pre-existing condition alone, because we do not have Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS), something that is so RIGHT that all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. 100% support it. And Republicans support the current health care system in US that is unnecessarily KILLING these People.

or 30,000+ Americans are KILLED each year, such as Newtown shootings, whereas in Countries that are Liberal compared to US their Murder rate that are 1/10th of US.

These are ALL Killings of Americans that could be and would be prevented if it was not for Republican lunatics, the true enemy within.

By Member: Reporter

You actually ended your non-sense with;
"Oops...there I go citing facts again..."
only in the mind of you Republican lunatics rantings in face of facts is:
"Oops...there I go citing facts again... "

Now beside the 100,000 Americans that Republicans are responsible for KILLING due to lack of NHS In this country and due to Gun Violence, which are well described by Thinkdeep, so I will not elaborate on those points further, lets also state the FACT that Republican lunatics & hoax Democrats KILLED 5,000 Americans due to the totally unnecessary Iraq War, where are the Congressional hearings about lies and lies of GOP & right-wing Media that led to DEATH of 5,000 Americans due to the totally unnecessary Iraq War?

By Member: jjimprovements

You need to check your facts. NO HOSPITAL can refuse to treat any patient for any reason. The 50,000 number you through out is misleading because that number includes people who just do not go to a doctor until the condition has escalated to a point where they or the condition is beyond any professional care. Almost 60% fall into this group so the real number would be closer to 30,000 vs the 50,000 quoted. Then you have the group that even after seeing a doctor do not follow up. That is another huge amt. 32% so the 50,000 is much closer to 9,600 and though tragic number it is far fewer then quoted. Check the facts and see my reply to the author as to why our's is not a NHS. It's an insurance scam.

By Guest:   digitalman

Hey do you believe that GOP and right wing Media keep holding hearings on 4 Americans killed on Benghazi but NO hearings on 50,000+ Americans KILLED each year due to lack of health care or 30,000+ KILLED such as Newtown shootings due to Violence.

GOP: 99.99999% of America doesn't care about Benghazi. They believe the lessons were learned. They believe that if you spent as much time focusing on jobs, you might actually still be a vaguely relevant party. As it is, unbeknownst to you, you speed towards total irrelevance every day. GOP, you are now at a point of being totally irrelevant and you will lose the next election by a gigantic landslide. Your core concepts all blew up. You blew up the country. You spent the tax payer money building tanks which nobody needs. You cut the taxes but increased the spending. You have not produced any plans. You criticize Obama but you are now a hollow and irrelevant party. You blew yourselves up and have not yet figured it out.

By Member: sarah

digitalman. I could not agree more with you.

But I am afraid that you underestimate the evil that GOP represents. This means that the more that People find out that GOP is about one con job and lie after another on American People on the behalf of Rich & Israel, that they will just fund more lying (right-wing) Media sources to spew their lies at even LOUDER pitch and greater frequency.

By Member: jjimprovements

I have to bust both your bubbles. Both parties care ONLY about one thing. It's has nothing to do with any of the topics mentioned. The Dems spin everything one way and the Reps spin it another way, both with a single goal in mind the whole time. This same thing applies to every Government employee in higher positions in Government. They all have one self interest goal. The politicians work only for reelection and the higher positions work only to improve their position. Non of them could care less which opinion you have as long as it will benefit them. They set back and consider us all fools arguing amongst ourselves taking sides. If you agree with their spin you are 110% right just as long as you vote them in.

By Guest:   Bart

The premise of the above articles is FALSE..I'm CANADIAN an I (and many others) HATE our so called 'free' health care system and want it privatized. Thus the stated 100% "for" social health care is false, Republicans are sane after all.

What's INSANE is thinking "social" healthcare is "free" health care...the costs (reflected in much higher taxes with much lower services) are astronomical and threaten to bankrupt the provinces and the country.

However, to be fair, I will give credit where credit is due...Canada's social approach to medicine means that there are much much longer wait times to see a specialist or get an MRI...many people die before the wait time is up resulting in huge dollar savings!

By Guest:   cancord

Ya, sure you are from Canada.
Because I am from Canada and NOT one of the things you said is the truth because I and every REAL Canadian I know loves our Universal Socialized Health care and absolutely hates the US Model.

But of course it is pointless to say I am from Canada and you are from Canada, since this cannot be proven, but what can be proven, what is the 100% TRUTH is that all Canadian Parties from Liberals to Conservatives are 100% for our Universal Socialized Health care system. Here is the Conservative party of Canada on health care:

and quoting from it:
"Our Government is committed to a publicly funded, universally accessible health care system."

And you freaking moron, no one, less this article, is saying that:
""social" healthcare is "free""
we pay for it via our Taxes you retard.
So Americans pay the same Taxes as us and get NO health care for their Taxes while we Canadians get free health care for OUR Taxes.

By Guest:   Bart

I was born in Windsor father died of a cancer because he was denied a timely MRI for early diagnosis....he was put on a months long waiting list.

I've heard similar horror stories from fellow Canadians...I presently live in NY state with my American wife and have found the medical system here much superior to Canada...we get full coverage through my wife's employer and it's less expensive than OHIP charges on my Canadian paychecks.

Plus taxes are much lower here too.

All the Canadians you know may like the the system...fine....but you do not know 100% of Canadians. I refer you to a recent poll by The Star Published on June 13, 2012

Although it shows 66%-75% "satisfied" or "very satisfied" (depending on Province - Ontario had the lowest satisfaction rates) that leaves 25%-34% UNsatisfied or worse. (NOT 100% which was the premise of the argument calling Republicans insane...false premise = false conclusion)

By Guest:   sense

You freaking Moron!
Did you actually read this article?

No where in this article is it saying that People want for profit US style health care where 20% of Americans have NO health care, where 2-Million+ Americans are going bankrupt each year due to health care costs, etc. 99% of people in this article, as in Canada, as in Europe, Israel, etc. want their Government run Universal Socialized Health care, but of course any complex system can be and should be and will be always improved on. But every developed Nation, every Major Party, but Republican lunatics in US, are 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Health care, and from that point they ask how can we make our Government run Universal Socialized Health care always better?

By Guest:   Bart

I've been nothing but polite in all my posts and in return I get called names. Why is it that liberals get so verbally abusive? Could it be that when confronted with reality, with the facts, they are left with no rational counter argument? Or are they just rude people by nature? But I digress...

To answer your question, yes I did read the article.

Your original point was that "Republicans are insane". (there we go with the name calling again eh?). This statement rested on the "fact" that 100% of Canadians were happy with Canada's health care system. That "fact" is in error (as the article shows)...1 out of 3 Ontarioans are NOT satisfied with our health care system...1 in 4 unsatisfied in one other province was the "BEST" rating. Thus the assertion of 100% is wrong and thus so is your conclusion that Republicans are insane.

Even by your own words here you state 99% of people want social health care in countries that have it....where is the poll data to back up your claim? BUT let's assume its true (which it's not). 99% is STILL NOT 100%!!

By Guest:   real_patriot

Yes Freaking Moron, that is the whole point:
"99% of people want social health care in countries that have it."

1% do not, because, they are either:
1- Getting Rich off the back of the People due to charging exorbitant fees for health care costs
2- They are lunatics or the TRUE ENEMY within

There is a great relate article here about:
How does Socialized health care give health care to all while cut health care spending by about 50%?

Because most of $1-Trillion in SAVINGs that NHS would bring US per year, will come out of the pocket of some very Rich & Powerful people.

So what have these greedy bastards done to stop NHS from coming into existence in this country as it exists in all other developed Nations? They have funded a most right-wing lying machine known to man, aka US Media, from psychos on Talkradio from Rush, to Beck, etc. to such Media outlets as Wall Street Journal, Fox news, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc. to lie and lie to American people against NHS coming into existence in USA.

By Guest:   Bart

The article you mention is flawed at best....the US does spend more per capita on health care than Canada (and as a result has an, on average, a better system)'s the KEY point...US per capita spending on health care is $7,960...

Thus for Canada to be saving 50%, they must be spending only half that amount per capita right? 7960/2=$3980 BUT in FACT Canada spends $6,714 per capita (84% of the US). So the article's argument of a 50% savings is clearly wrong.

So although you "might" argue that socialized medicine saves money, it's certainly NOT 50%..the article is biased and flawed. For example, Americans pay way more for prescriptions, so that needs to be addressed. That doesn't mean revamping the entire health care system (throwing the baby out with the bath).

I'm not saying the US health care system doesn't need reform, it does...but so does Canada's...Totally privatized or totally social is not the answer, but given the choice, I'll take privatized every time as free market competition produces much higher efficiency while still allowing for profits.

By Guest:   Bart

Additionally, these social medicine programs have only been accomplished at horrific costs creating crushing national debt in ALL these countries.

The social health care "systems" are unsustainable as they will eventually bankrupt these countries.

Finally, remember that Canada is not a "national" health care system but a federally partnered and supported PROVINCIAL health care system. In Ontario (where I'm from) its called OHIP (ONTARIO Health Insurance Plan) not CHIP.

In fact the Canadian Federal Government has failed to pay its promised share of health costs to the provinces for many years now and so it's essentially become a fully provincial system.

As such, if your point is that the US should follow Canada's example, you are actually putting forth an argument AGAINST "Obama Care" supporting Governor Romney's view that it should be left to the individual states!

By Guest:   real_patriot

You ask why you are being called names, it is because either you are completely brain dead or WORSE, since in countries that have

Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), beside giving health care to ALL their people they spend 50% LESS, not MORE, but 50% LESS on health care, which means in case of US this would cut Deficits & Debt associated to health care by $1-Trillion per year.

So if you care about "crushing national debt" then you would be for Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), because it cuts health care costs/spending by 50% and that is why all the Conservative parties, repeat for you Republican lunatics, why ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

2nd, another KEY parts of this article is that "Obama Care" is a JOKE, since since it is anything but NHS, in fact it is NOT even as Liberal as RomneyCare which was proposed by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation! And that answer to health care is Government run Universal Socialized health care.

By Guest:   Bart

if social medicine saves so much money, then why is Obama Care collecting billions in additional taxes 2 years BEFORE the act goes into effect?

Reply if you want but I think I've made my point...I'm not going to continue to "argue the obvious" to you.

By Guest:   factsRus

Are you brain completely dead or are you not able to read!
Because you wrote:
"if social medicine saves so much money, then why is Obama Care collecting billions in additional taxes 2 years BEFORE the act goes into effect?"

As this article has written in the 1st section, ObamaCare is NOT Government run Socialized health care (NHS), it is a JOKE of a health care reform, in fact it is a GIANT gift to Big Pharma, Big Insurance (aka Wall Street), since it mandates us to buy health care from the same Wall Street backed companies that have brought us the current bankrupting system, given the FACT that 2 year since it passage number of American without health care has gone up by few Million rather than going down to ZERO, or simply given the FACT that it is NOTeven as Liberal as RomneyCare, which plan was originally proposed by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation!

NHS is what they have in UK, Israel, etc. where either Government runs the health care systems or tightly regulates what health care companies can charge & pay. Read this:

By Member: NHS_Facts

How can you cram so many LIES in such a short message!
But what else can you expect from you Republicans but this!

1st, about your utter trash lie that: "many people die before the wait time"
Canada's health care results are way above US, obviously, as you can see here:

2nd, you want Absolute Proof that Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS) is the best & only way to run the health care of a country?

Well you can have that proof from Romney and other Republican presidents and members of right-wing Media/Cabal. HOW?

Well let Romney tell.

That is Romney was in Israel a few weeks back. And in that visit he commended the Israelis for:

"Having a Capitalist economy that is thriving"

AND he also commended, actually marveled, on how Israel gives health care to ALL her People while spending 50% LESS on health care than US.

But the bastard, and the US Media, aka right-wing LYING Media, did NOT observe the FACT that Israel has 100% Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS) .

By Guest:   Bart

Thank you for the information...from the website you sight, I see that Canadian women live on average 2.1 years longer than American women and men 2.7 years longer.

However I'm sure you will agree that there are many MANY factors contributing to longevity (Canada's violent crime rates for example have traditionally been lower than US)...also diet, culture, genetics etc etc. A small difference in years cannot automatically translate to a better health care system (although it is "one" factor of many).

The truth is Canada spends very little on it's military and as such is essentially an UNPROTECTED country save they happen to be lucky enough to live next door to the US which protects'd think all this savings on military expense would result in lower taxes...yet Canada's taxes are significantly higher...this money gets poured into a dis-functional health care system where doctors and nurses flee the country for higher pay in the US and abroad.

By Guest:   Vibri_Wulandari

Hey Fart, you Republican lunatic lying machine.

I actually am Canadian, unlike you, I live in Canada where our economy is stable and never went into the ditch during the economic crash. What we have is (relatively) fair income distribution, more strict credit regulations, and much lower tax loopholes compared to US, socialist system in health care and education. It's true that we have more red tapes compared to US and during economic boom, we didn't feel it as much, but as I mentioned, we never sank into depression after LB collapse, we don't have high unemployment rate, and statistically people live more happily than our neighbors in the US because we don't worry about losing income, not being able to pay medical bills, paying back student loan, etc. Yes, you can say that I am a socialist, but it works.

By Guest:   Bart

Socialism works? Tell that to the former Soviet Union...but I digress.

That Canada is not in a recession id government to all the unemployed auto workers for starters (Windsor Ontario is where I'm from).

If you are lucky enough to be living in an energy producing province (or fled there from Ontario where employment prospects are grim) then fine, you may not be feeling the squeeze.

I refer you to this article by a Canadian news publication...

I WILL grant you that Canada has faired much better than the rest of the world economically during this recession...that's thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper who happens to be a CONSERVATIVE.

By Guest:   sense

You freaking Moron:

1- ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS), what you Republican lunatics call "Socialism". So either ALL Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are "Socialists" or you Republicans in US are complete lunatics. Which one is it?

2- Do you know why ALL Conservative parties, repeat you Republican lunatics, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS? Because it SAVES 50% on cost of health care while giving health care to all. What part of that you do not like? That NHS gives health care to ALL American People and thus it will SAVE 10,000s of 1000s of Americans from being KILLED each year due to no health care or it will stop 2-Million Americans from going bankrupt each year due to health care costs. Or you do not like NHS because it will reduce health care spending and thus Deficits by $1-Trillion per year?

By Guest:   bartstreasures

Your certainly entitled to your own opinion. HOWEVER, your are NOT entitled to your own facts.

Obama care costs are already spiraling out of control and estimated to cost 5X's (and rising) the original cost estimates... and it's not even implemented yet.

Those are the name calling, no calling people insane...just simple facts.

By Guest:   baserds

The total population of Israel is 7.933 million.
The total population for the United States is 311.6 million.

Scales of economy are not the same.

Israel also has compulsory enrollment into its armed forces. Do you agree we should have that here in the U.S. as well?

When 49% of the population gets tax credits, waivers, and other governmental support to effectively render their contribution via tax revenue non-existent, try selling the poor on the idea they should pay equally into your idea of nationalised healthcare. Perhaps 12% of pre-tax income would be a good starting point for discussion. I'm sure you'd have a nice dialogue on how it's their honorable duty to pay for what they use.

Nothing is as expensive as when you make it free. The CBO has already amended their expected cost of Obamacare FOUR times since it passed into law. Expect it to be amended upwards even further by 2014.

By Member: ThinkDeep

baserds, Every time you Republicans open your mouth you further prove what utter complete lunatics you people are.

To be exact, you freaking Moron:

1st, UK has the same Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS) as Israel and UK has a population that is 10 times that of Israel. US population is about 5 times that of UK. So population has NOTHING to do with NHS working.

2nd, we also had "compulsory enrollment in the Military" and had NO NHS back then.

3rd, you people state that Government run Universal Socialized Health care is "Socialism Socialist" and then you turn around, just as Romney just said in Israel: "Israel is an example of a Free Market economy success",

So how can having NHS in US makes us Socialist while Israel having NHS is a "an example of a Free Market economy success"?

4th, ObamaCare is a TOTAL JOKE, we are talking about Government run Universal Socialized Health care which cuts health care spending by 50% while giving health care to all, as is the case in UK, Israel, Canada, etc.

By Member: stephenrblv

Romney had less than $300 of actual wages in 2010 but received a tax "refund close to $2 million. Most of the other money he reported on his 1040 was investment income reported on prior tax documents and moved to the 1040 to receive his refund.

Which is worse? a poor man without income not paying a dime in taxes or a fat cat like Romney as well devoid of income getting a 2 Million Dollar tax refund?

The problem is the 1040 is not reflective of Reality anymore. Income Taxes, like the Federal Reserve Act which created them ought to be repealed. That is a core Conservative principle most Conservatives forget as they bash Obama. Instead the label half their fellow citizens as freeloaders.

By Guest:   Bart

I'm not sure of your 'facts' but for the sake of argument, let's say they are true...I'll bet you if you asked 1000 unemployed people about to lose their homes because they can't pay the mortgage, the following...

We can give you ALL a'll pay taxes on your earnings but will be able to put food on the table and keep your homes...however your EMPLOYER is only going to pay $300 in taxes this you still want the job?

I'll bet pretty close to 1000 will say YES!!!!

That said, what most people leave out is that everything these business people earn is DOUBLE TAXED..they pay CORPORATE TAXES and then any income left for them gets taxed again.

Do I say the system needs no improvement? Of course it needs reform! Romney himself says he wants to close loopholes for the rich...But in my humble opinion, let's do so in a way that makes sense and doesn't cause jobs to be lost.

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