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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2009-08-18
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Why European economy is doing great compared to the US now and not before early 2000
When one points to the FACTS that European economies are doing much better than US economy as evident by Euro being so much more valuable than US Dollar because of the following fundamental reasons:
1- European Governments invest much more of their People's money (Taxes) in their people and cities via such things as Universal nationalized health care, Universal education to Ubiquitous (electric powered) public transportation etc.
2- European Governments do not waste their people's money on Unnecessary Wars (Iraq War, Vietnam War, etc.) or on a Gargantuan Military

which you can read much more about above here, so that we can move on to the next points that I want to make, then the Republicans wingnuts and our right-wing Media will state the following point:

If what you are saying is true, that is Europeans having Universal health care and many other Social services are why their economies are doing much better than US economy, then why was that not the case in 1950s, 60s or until only the last few years?

The answer to this question should be obvious!
The answer is that 2 great things happened in the early 2000 which changed the World as we know it.
That is:
1- US invasion of Iraq which showed to the World how US Media lies and lies to the American people, to the World, in support of right-wing policies of the US Government, leading to a totally unnecessary and criminal Iraq war, and as a result great many people world wide stopped buying American made goods whenever a competing alternative was available which was just as good and which in most cases are available form European or Japanese companies.

2- Much more importantly that Euro came into existence in early 2000 and the European Union came into full form, which means
that people in European union countries could freely live and work where they wanted to in Europe.
Thus removing great inefficiencies from the economies of the European union countries. For example just consider this
fact: before the Euro came into existence in early 2000 if you changed $100 US Dollar in France to French francs
and then changed it to Spanish Pesos and then to Italian Liras and then to Austrian Schillings and then to German Deutch Marks
and then back to US Dollar, that $100 would become $70, that is/was an incredible 30% built in loss in European economies just because of the currency factor, which the US did not suffer from. And there are many other such examples of great inefficiencies that were removed from the European economies once the Euro and full EU came into existence in early 2000, which although not as glaring as the currency issue, were still significant. So once all these inefficiencies were removed from the European economies then the European economies could compete against the US economy on a much more equal footing, resulting in EU economies doing much better than the US economy ever since.

Put another way, up to early 2000, that is up to Euro coming into existence and thus removing great inefficiencies from the European economies US, that is the right-wing Media in US and/or Republicans, could conveniently point to European economies and say look they have "economic stagnation in Europe" because they have Universal health care and many other Social services, but with the introduction of Euro and thus removal of great inefficiencies from the European economies due to simply having many different currencies THEN European economic model which is a Socialist+Capitalist model has proven to be a far better model for growth and economic vitality than the US Model. With the European Socialist+Capitalist model meaning that essential services such as most of the Health, Education, Transportation and Energy are operated on a Universal basis by the Government not to maximize profits, which means maximize costs to the people, but to provide the best possible services in these essential areas free from any profit or share price motivations and in most cases in cooperation with the private sector. Thus Europeans are getting much better Health care, much better Education, and much better Transportation at much lower costs than Americans as a result of which the European economy since early 2000 has been doing much better than the US economy and will continue to do much better than the US economy until US adopts the same European economic policies, which simply means operate 20% of the economy on a Socialized basis so that the other 80% of the Capitalist economy can do much better. On that note, US too already operates many services on a Socialized basis, such as the Military, Police, Fire, Courts of law, NASA, etc. etc., it is just that we need to also operate health care, education, and much of the transportation and energy on the same basis too as the Europeans already do as a result of which their economies are doing much better than US economy as evident by Euro being so much more valuable than US Dollar.

In Super Summary
The reason why US economy could compete up to early 2000 against Europe and cannot anymore because European companies/people benefit from having Universal (Nationalized) Health Care, which means getting health care for free for the Taxes that they pay, is that up to early 2000 Europe was being held back by the incredible inefficiencies of having multiple currencies which great inefficiencies were removed with the introduction of Euro in early 2000.

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By Guest:   nuber

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By Guest:   nuber

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By Guest:   Veralto

If operating 20% of the economy as a socialized system will bring the American society MIGHTY, KINGLY, LORDLY, MANLY benefits...why not operate 100% of the American economy as a socialized system?

By Member: Real_News

You really cannot be serious with this comment!
How can you Republicans in US be so insane that you go from one Extreme to another?

So the answer to your question is, just like some Water is absolutely necessary for your body's existence but too much Water will kill it. etc. What the Germans, Canadians, Swiss, Japanese, etc. developed nations have shown is that to get the best performing economies you need to operate a sensible portion of your economy on Socialized basis, NOT all of it but a sensible portion. And the sensible portion is that you operate Health Care, (most of) Higher education, (most) of Transportation on Socialized basis, so that the rest of your Capitalist economy will do much better. So just like we currently operate the Military, Fire Dept., Police, etc. on Socialized basis, they operate Health Care, (most of) Higher education, (most) of Transportation on Socialized basis and that is why their economies are doing much better than US as per Euro being KING to US Dollar or Germany, Swiss, etc. having much lower unemployment rates than US.

By Guest:   Veralto

The public hospital systems and public university systems already are government operated enterprises. In fact they're allocated geographical zones separate from sister GOEs, in which they monopolize service. And yet you say lets socialize them; Exactly how much more socialized can they become?

By Member: ThinkDeep

How brain dead are you Republicans!
What public Hospital system are you talking about?
You are surely NOT talking about US, for we have NO such a thing as a "public hospital system". If we do please let me know where it is so that I can go have some FREE Medical care, free for the Taxes that I already pay, as people in European countries, Canada, etc. developed nations whom all actually have Universal nationalized health care can do so.

And the so called State Universities in US have tuitions from $10,000 per year to much higher.

Whereas for example in Germany, you get total health care for FREE, free for the Medicare taxes that you pay, just as we pay Medicare Taxes here but we get ZERO health care for it and most the Universities because they are run on Socialized basis are nearly totally FREE.

So what I want to know is how can you be so unaware not to know the above facts and state: "Exactly how much more socialized can they become"!
Answer to which is listed above, which is nearly totally FREE for the Taxes we already pay.

By Guest:   Veralto

After weeding through your moronic accusations I see you've made one point, you believe our public institutions cost too much.

You obviously don't think too deep. Because if you did you would know that public institutions are by their nature very inefficient. There is no limit to the ever growing financial demands that they require as time progresses. All progressive societies must face this inescapable fact sooner or later. Societies all over the world are now facing this fact, in particular your chosen examples of Western Europe. Evidence is the collapsing euro, which is somehow worse off then our dollar!

You have no clue about America's public institutions. Public hospitals is a common term used by publicly funded hospitals in America. There are thousands of public hospitals around the country. Quit the brain dead accusations and research it!

State university tuition is too high. The student must pay (your example) $10k/year ON TOP of the massive public funding the college receives from taxpayers. The student pays about $350 per unit. The public pays a multiple of that! Cont

By Guest:   Veralto


$10k student tuition is about $350 per unit. A three unit class costs $1050, a 30 student class nets $31500. So if the professor teaches just 3 classes per semester he brings in $94,500. Two semesters he brings in $189,000! Multiply this income over many professors and one can see that the university brings in huge sums from the students.

Now note that the public universities demand huge infusions of taxpayer money over and above the money they demand from students.

So where is the massive amount of money going?? Probably the same place Obama's stimulus went. If you know maybe you can tell us.

By Guest:   sense

Hey how about the articles I have been reading in US Media, such as for example just today Jun/12/2011 in NBC, that "The Case Against the Euro - and why Euro may be ended..."

By Member: Real_News

These articles are just more right-wing Media non-sense and LIEs.

Dont you remember about 6 months ago in the depth of the so called "Euro debt crisis" when Euro went to as low as a still MIGHTY 1.23 to US Dollar the right-wing Media were saying "see we told you Euro is going to crash..."

And we told you that that is non-sense.
European Union and Euro are doing and will do MUCH BETTER than US because Europeans have fundamental advantages over US economy, such as operating health care & higher education on Universal Nationalized basis. So this means that while Europeans get Health care for little cost compared to Americans, or FREE, for the Taxes they pay, health care is costing their Government/Businesses 50% LESS, repeat for Republican lunatics LESS and NOT MORE, than health care in US were because we have for profit not-Government run health care 50Mill+ have NO health care while health care is costing a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP.

So that is why Euro is a MIGHTY, KINGLY, MANLY 45% more valuable than US Dollar today and will be More valuable than US Dollar tomorrow.

How much longer do we have to be right and the LYING US Media wrong about this subject, for you to realize that we are telling you the truth and US Media mis-informing and lying as usual.

By Guest:   Ewout Boks

It is unclear what you mean with "European economies" .. Did you mean the German economy ,powerhouse of technical innovations and quality, or did you mean the Greke economy, home of fraudulent lending, racketeering, misguiding their fellow Europeans etc etc.
Northern Europe is very solid, much more so than the United States. But southern Europe is (tradtionally) lagging behind. We in the north (I am Dutch) are picking up the bill for our lazy cousins down south.

By Member: ThinkDeep

You answering your own question.
Europe is not one country, one state. Some are doing much better than others because they invested more in manufacturing and Taxed their Rich and Big corporations much more, as in Germany and Northern European countries, while some as in Greece had a very lax Tax so their rich got away with paying little Taxes. But still with the problems of some European countries, such as Greece, the European economy as a WHOLE is much better than US economy because Europeans have fundamental advantages over US economy, such as:

1- European Governments invest much more of their People's money (Taxes) in their people and cities via such things as Universal nationalized health care, Universal education to Ubiquitous (e powered) public transportation etc.

2- European Governments do not waste their people's money on Unnecessary Wars (Iraq War, etc.) or on a Gargantuan Military

The NET result of which is that Euro is a MIGHTY 45% more valuable than US Dollar.

By Guest:   Texan

Thanks for clarifying this. I understand now, these failing European countries aren't socialist enough and that's why they are failing. If Greece (Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy) only taxed their citizens more and spent more on giving away the farm for nothing in return they would have become much more productive and competitive in the world market and their citizens would be receiving huge social welfare payments every month to live like Kings.

By Member: ThinkDeep

Texan, you Republicans are really brain dead aren't you.

After all European economies are doing MUCH BETTER than the US economy as you can see from:

1- Euro being a MIGHTY, KINGLY, LORDLY, MANLY 45% more valuable than US Dollar. Which is the ULTIMATE vote of the World, with their money, as to which economy is doing and going to do better.

2- Avg homes in Europe being much more valuable than avg homes in US and not falling in 99% of Europe

3- NO banks having failed in Europe except those that bought US mortgage backed securities or securities issued by Lehman Brothers or deposits made with Madoff's, etc. US misery.

4- Most US Auto makers WENT bankrupt, while NOT ONE European Auto maker went bankrupt.

etc. etc.

So Europeans have PROVEN that you end up with much better Capitalism by operating KEY services such as health care on socialized basis. BTW, just as we operate the US Military, Police, Fire, etc. on socialized basis.

2nd, the positions that we have, that is a healthy Nation and economy can only exist by operating essential services such as Health care on Universal nationalized single payer basis is the same position as that of the Conservative, repeat Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Japan, etc.

By Member: accuallan

1-Communist European bloggers smell.
2-Eurotrash is repetitive, predictable, unimaginative, and a bit dull.
3-Eurotrash posters are prone to wasting a lot of bandwidth with unclever spam.

By Member: Europal

Did you actually say: "Communist European..."!!!

It is our currency that is rising against your pathetic currency.
It is our currency that is MIGHTY compared to your pathetic currency.
It is your Auto makers that went bankrupt, our Auto makers did not.

The Luxury brands come from Europe, from: Mercedes benz, to BMW, to Porsche, to Gucci, to Armani, to Boss, to Hermes, to Rolex, to Ferrari, to louis vuitton, to Channel, etc, etc.
while from your country comes Gap, McDonalds, Walmart, etc. cheap brand

Get your FACTS straight.
We Europeans are rich because we provide our people with Universal socialized health care, Universal education, etc. and many other Social services, what you lunatics (Republicans) in US have been calling "Socialism...", "European Welfare state..."! Because we realize that these are (best) investments in our people and societies and that in the long term by providing these social services to our people we make our whole society richer which will also make our rich really richer too. I mean sure rich pay much higher Taxes in Europe than in US, but then our Middle class is much better protected and in the long term this avoids our middle class from going bankrupt over such a basic thing as health care costs and it will allow much greater part of our society to go for higher education which will result in our banks not needing bail out, our Auto makers not going bankrupt, etc. and as the result our whole society doing better.

Wake up you fooooools.

By Member: Lux_Report

Very true Europal.
Sorry for the Republican lunatics. The right-wing Kabal has spent 100s of Billions of Dollars to brain wash them to be the lunatics that they are.

Indeed we need to do as they are doing in Germany, France, Austria, etc. European nation and China, Japan, etc. which is to operate University Education on Universal Naturalized basis so that people can go to University pretty much for FREE, because this is one of the best investments that you can make in your People & Country since an educated person will end up more likely producing much more and paying much more Taxes through out their life than a person who avoided, could not, go to College due to the IMMENSE college Tuitions that we have in US.

I mean just thing a person in France can go up their PhD pretty much for Free, actually in many cases they get paid from Government some small money to go to college, whereas in US a basic BS degree can cost an astonishing $200,000 saddling you with debt for years to come EVEN if you get a good Job, and God help you if you donnt.

By Member: ThinkDeep

Very well said.
Ask yourself why are European economies doing so much better than US economy?
Which you can clearly see from Euro being so much valuable to the US Dollar or you can see by your own eye if you visit a few European cities and visit a few US cities where you would see in European cities restaurants packed, night clubs packed until the sun comes up, barely any store fronts for rent signs, barely any home for sale signs since they sell so fast and NO foreclosure signs, even though European avg home prices are much higher than avg home prices in US, etc. etc. whereas in US cities you see wall to wall for lease signs and for sale signs, etc. sign of misery and failure.

So why are European economies doing so much better than US economy?
Well it is what Europeans have in common, which are:
1- ALL European nations have Universal Nationalized Health care so NO One goes bankrupt in Europe over health care costs while in US 2Mill+ people go bankrupt each year due to health care costs

2- Europeans do not waste their peoples Taxes on unnecessary wars and a gargantuan military as US does and instead they invest it in their people via many social services which services Americans have to pay for on top of the Taxes that we pay.

etc. etc. problems in US compared to Europe which are all due to how 99% of US Media is right-wing, which means it lies and lies to American people for the benefit of Big corporations, Big Military and the Rich.

By Guest:   edfraser

Who are you replying to ThinkDweeb? Did you even read my scathing reply to your earlier shallow thinking? (look above...)

Real estate is very much localized in price and demand. To compare the two continents with such a broad brush shows your shallow knowledge and thoughtlessness. Compare places with something in common such as big cities. Looking at real estate in NY or even SanFran compare with London, Madrid, Paris and so forth.

European Benelous(sp) compare with American slums. There are poor on both continents. And progressives are making the lives of poor much more difficult thanks to their policies!

The majority of America's media corporations demonstrate left-wing politics. That's a fact without reproach. Most American main-stream-media promoted BHO for president in 2008 and we're all paying for it now. I bet even you consider this president to be a complete failure!

I love your inverted use of the word "invest." Governments don't "invest" with social services. This is a perfect example of how progressives lie with words to sway the uneducated.

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