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Author: tech_guru
Date Posted: 2009-09-29
Viewed: 5,767
Twitter is just one more example of Hype (Lie) by Big Media in US.
Twitter is just one more example of Hype (Lie) by Big Media in US.

To be exact Twitter is a simple Text chat, not even a real time text chat.
To be more exact Tweeter is a text chat on par with chat technology that was available in early 90's.
To add insult to injury Tweeter limits the number of characters that you can type to 150 Chars
as if we are in 14.4 Kb/Sec dial up age where people needed to be restricted to how many
chars they can type or read.

So what Tweeter really is, is a hype (lie) by the Big Media in US, just like they lied about
so many other things, from:

  • We must go to War in Iraq because they have WMD
  • We must stay in Iraq because we are brining them Democracy
  • Universal health care that they have in all European countries, Canada, etc means Socialism
  • Canadians and Europeans are coming to US for their health care needs
  • etc. etc. Lies

Why the Lies (aka hype) about Tweeter, there are multiple reasons for it, 2 of which are:

1- The more time you spend on a useless Junk like Tweeter the less time you have to
read and create really useful things which then can naturally have a long time life span, such
as writing a well thought out article of many 100s of lines with fotos and video, etc. which you
would for example post to a Blog, such as I have posted to my Blog here or you see posted on, etc., in contrast to a message posted on Tweeter which at most will last a few minutes
since again it is a simple text chat.

2- Couple of Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists (VCs) have shares in Tweeter which they probably
bought for a few pennies and they have put the word to their fellow Billionaire gang in the Big Media
to hype Tweeter to get it ready for an IPO so that they can dump their shares in Tweeter on the gullible
public for $20 per share as they do all the time, or result in a publicly traded company such as Google
buying Tweeter which is an indirect way of dumping their shares in Tweeter on the gullible

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By Member: SomeGuyWriting 2011-03-17

Actually, you're the one that's useless.

Twitter uses AJAX to display tweets. A tech not available until recently.

It's limited to 160 chars so idiots like you can't rant on-and-on and clog up space.

Twitter is not a public company so no 'shares' are offered.

Twitter is popular because it allows people to receive brief, instant notifications of users in their circles. Unless they are like YOU of course who probably have no friends and are too busy cooking up conspiracy theories.

By Member: tech_guru 2011-04-01

AJAX, which is short for Asynchronous JavaScript has been around for a long time.
And it is nothing special, as it just allows for the Web browser to communicate with the Server programs without loading the Web browser page. FYI, I myself have been Coding with AJAX for Years, so probably know more about it than you have used it.

So even with the AJAX, which again is nothing revolutionary, Twitter is still a rather simple Text chat, specially compared to Java or Flash based Chats which had many more features, from Voice, to Games, etc.

About the limiting Text input to 160 Chars, you can say whatever wise aleck you want to say about that, but it still is a pathetic limitation.

So all in all, Twitter is a Nothing of Nothing Text chat, Hyped by Big Media to give the VCs & Wall Street gang another chance to dump a piece of trash stock offering on the gullible public. In fact & WebVan where Miracles of advance technology compared to Twitter.

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