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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-04-18
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Republicans say: Obama Care is Unconstitutional, proving what utter lunatics they are
Perhaps the best indication of what utter complete lunatics Republicans are is their statement (position) that:
"Obama Care is Unconstitutional"

because there are 2 incredible psycho talk in the above 3 word phrase!

But 1st:
The health care reform that Obama/Dems passed in Mar/2010 is a total Joke, since it is neither Universal nor Nationalized, which it needs to be as it is in ALL European countries, Canada, Israel, etc., which just proves how Democrats too to a great extent are controlled by the Big Pharma, Big Insurance (aka Wall Street gang). More on why Only Big pharma, Big insurance or lunatics can be against Universal Nationalized health here.

2nd, when we say "Republicans are lunatics" this is short hand for saying that actually some of them are very very smart, they are just carrying out one of the Ultimate Con Jobs in the history of man with any insane talk, with any lunatic statements, with the most clever double speak, toward their real objectives which are:
1- To give American people as little as possible for the Taxes that we pay,
2- To enable the Rich & Big corporations (Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil, Big Military, Big Banks, etc.) to get as rich as they can off the back of the American middle class (people) by not having the Government NOT regulate them. More on what we mean when we say Republicans are Lunatics here:

Now about "Obama Care"

This whole word "Obama Care" is a great example of how they employ the most clever, or dastardly depending what your perspective is, of double speak, of word play, of mind games to achieve their objectives. That is what the HELL does "Obama Care" have to do with Universal Nationalized Health Care which is what they have in every European nation, Canada, Japan, China, Israel, Australia, etc. in fact in all developed nations. So you get this? Rather than saying they are against Universal Nationalized Health Care, again something that EVERY developed nation has, which would prove they are either agents of Big Pharma or Big Insurance or they are lunatics, they are saying that they are against "Obama Care" to get the "white trash" lunatic base going that cannot stand that a Black guy named Barak Hussein Obama is president based on their visceral reaction to the foreign and Islamic sounding names of "Obama" and "Hussein".

As if all European nations, Canada Japan, China, Israel, Australia, etc. that have Universal Nationalized Health Care, got their Universal Nationalized Health Care because of Barak Obama. Of course they did not. They got it because these countries are operated for the benefit of their people rather than for the benefit of Big Pharma, Big Insurance (aka Wall Street gang) , they got it because these countries are not suffering from a right-wing (Lying) Media, they got it because by operating health care on Universal Nationalized basis, you can provide health care to every citizen of the country while health care taking about 10% of the GDP, which means having far lower deficits, far stronger economies, as evident by how much more valuable Euro is compared to US Dollar, or while most US auto makers went bankrupt NO European auto maker went bankrupt.

So you see Republicans, that is agents of Big Pharma, Big Insurance (aka Wall Street gang), will employ any tactic, will say any statement, no matter how lunatic or insane to achieve their Con Job, such as calling Universal Nationalized Health Care to be "Obamacare".

About "it is Unconstitutional"

When all else fails, that is when one proves with mountain of facts that only Only Big pharma, Big insurance, their agents that is the right-wing (Lying media) or lunatics can be against Universal Nationalized health care, then Republicans will restore to this most asinine of statements, that is Universal Nationalized health care is not constitutional. To see what an insane, but again insane in a double speak brain washing clever way, statement this is consider the FACTS:

1- The constitutional was written in 1776 by man who were very liberal for their time.
2- Constitution was written by man who traveled in horse buggy, lighted candle for light, hand pulled water from wells to drink water, took 3 months to send a message from New York to London, shall I go on? Basically by man who although were very enlighted for their time, where indeed ultra liberal for their time, still lived in a very long time ago.
3- Constitution was written when NO European country, Canada, Japan, etc. developed nation had Universal Nationalized Health Care, heck Universal Nationalized Health Care was not even a concept back then, so how the heck were they to have written Universal Nationalized Health Care into the constitution when health care really did not exist and certainly the concept of Universal Nationalized Health Care did not exist. This would be the same as saying "Government should not fund and operate the Coast Guard, or NASA because they are not in the constitution"!!!

For that matter:
1- Where in the constitution does it authorize sending Billions of our Tax dollars to Israel?
2- Where in the constitution does it authorize having Military bases in UK?
3- Where in the constitution does it authorize having Military bases in Germany?
4- Where in the constitution does it authorize having Military bases in Turkey?
5- Romania, Greece, South Korea, Japan, in fact Military bases in 125+ different countries!!!
6- Where in the constitution does it authorize National parks (Yosemite, Yellow stone, etc.)?
7- Where in the constitution does it authorize National high way system?
8- Where in the constitution does it authorize building of Dams (Hoover dam, Glen Canyon Dam, etc.)?
9- Where in the constitution does it authorize National rail way system (Amtrak)?
10- Where in the constitution does it authorize SEC, FAA, FDA, EPA, have the Government Check for Mine safety, have the Government Check for bridge safety, have the Government regulating Oil companies to drill safely and not cause major environmental disasters set aside kill many due to being reckless to maximize profits, etc. etc. etc. Government organization without which and whom a modern economy and society could not operate?
11- Where in the constitution does it give the Government authority to set speed limits in highways, to require cars to stop for Red lights,
etc. etc. etc.

In fact where in the constitution does it state that our economic model should be "Free enterprise based..."? NO WHERE. In case, here is the copy of the constitution :
In fact the constitution says things such as "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union....", you get it, it mentions "a more perfect Union...." not a "for profit corporation..", not a "Publicly traded profit maximizing business..." but a "Union...." what the Republicans and right-wing (LYING) Media frequently rail against.

So to say that because something is not in the constitution it should not be part of our modern life is just one more, and perhaps the Ultimate proof, as to what utter complete lunatics Republicans are, which again it means that they will say anything no matter how illogical, how insane, how lunatic, as the last desperate attempt to get the hate filled "White trash" crowd to act against their own self interest and instead act for the interest of the Rich & Big corporations (Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Military, Big Banks, etc. aka Wall Street Gang).

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By Member: Lopeman 2010-04-19

As for your five questions, they all fall under protect and defend the United States of America.

By Member: Real_News 2010-04-19

what does having US Military bases in Romania having to do with "Defending US"?
what does having US Military bases in Germany having to do with "Defending US"?
what does sending Billions of Dollars of American Tax payers money per year to Israel have to with "Defending US"? And lets also state Israel that has totally free Universal Nationalized Health Care.

I mean does Russia have military bases in South America to defend itself? NO.
Does China have military bases in Europe to defend itself? NO.

What the HEK having Military bases outside of US has to do with "Defending US"? And where in the Constitution does it say that "Defending US" means having Military bases outside US?

Now if you are going to make the argument that having US Military bases in Germany, UK, Spain, etc. somehow is "Defending US", THEN a much stronger argument can be made that providing Americans
with Universal nationalized health care is a much greater step in "Defending US" than is having US Military bases in Germany, UK, Spain, etc., after all at least 50,000+ Americans are dying EACH YEAR due to lack of health care, which you can read here:
and not even 5 Americans are dying each year due to attacks coming at us from Germany, UK, Spain, etc. AND lets also state the FACT that Germany, UK, Spain, etc. all have Universal nationalized health care.

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