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Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2010-10-21
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More example of US Media twisting news: UK is having Austerity Cut
Doubtless you have been reading the news from the Media that:
"UK is having deep austerity cuts to balance its budget...."
and then of course US Media follows this with:
"Should US have similar deep austerity cuts to balance its budget..."
"Does the UK deep Austerity cuts means TEA Party taking hold in UK...." of course by association that TEA party in US is supposedly for deep cuts.

But as usual this is utter complete non-sense and brain washing lies by US Media, after all just think that even after these so called "Austerity cuts" in UK, UK citizens still have FAR MORE social services and Government subsidized services than Americans currently get, for example:

1- UK Citizens get nearly TOTALLY FREE health care, well Free for their obligation to pay Taxes all their lives, just like Americans pay Taxes all their lives. Because UK has Universal nationalized (aka Socialized) single payer health care system. So whereas an American family of 4 pays about $15,000 to $20,000 per year in Health care costs on top of the Taxes that we pay, a UK family of 4 pays almost ZERO for health care costs, on top of the Taxes that they pay.

2- UK citizens can go to college for a SMALL fraction of what Americans have to pay to go to College, for about $5,000 maximum. Because UK Gov subsidizes college education to a great degree, compare this to college education in US costing an astonishing $100,000 and more!! And UK citizens are demonstrating because the Gov there is proposing to increase the tuition to like 9000, which will still be a SMALL fraction of what Americans pay to go to college AND even these tuition increases in UK you would not have to pay them back until you get a Job and then ONLY up to like 10% of your salary can go to paying the tuition hack. Compare this to US where you have to pay back your student loans which can be in 100s of 1000s of Dollars and you have to pay it back whether you have a Job or not.

So when are American people going to wake up to as to how they have been lied to and lied to by the right-wing lying Media, who along with their co-conspirators (aka Republican party) have been running this ultimate scam that "Government (of the People by the People for the People) is not the solution but the markets (Wall Street backed for profit companies) are..." - More here.

Germany is having Austerity

Or take article after article appearing in US Media about "German Austerity".

But they NEVER, EVER, give some examples of this so called "Austerity"!!!
WHY? Because if they did American people would see that Germans far from having so called Government "Austerity" have MANY MANY Socialized services, aka Government provided benefits, that Americans do not have!

For exmple in Germany:

1- They have Universal socialized health care, which means while all their people have health care they spend a small fraction of what US businesses and Government spend on health care.

2- They have Universal Education, which meas you can go up to your PhD pretty much for FREE. Contrast this to US where getting a BS degree can cost you an INSANE $100,000 AND MORE, putting your in debt for years to come.

3- They have MUCH more unionized workforce, by LAW, than US

4- They have MUCH higher taxes on someone making more than 250K than in US, 45% to 55% in Germany vs 36% in US for avg Rich and 15% for Super rich (ala Romney)

5- They have MUCH MORE generous unemployment benefits than in US, about 75% of your salary at time you were laid off vs a pathethic 15% in US, if even that

6- German Women, like Women in rest of European countries, by LAW have 1 to 2 years of FULLY PAID time off for having a Child, something that vs NO such a thing in US at all

7- German people, like rest of Europeans, by LAW get 6 to 8 Weeks FULLY PAID vacations per year vs NO such a thing in US at all

etc. etc. Government provided Social services that German people either get from their Government or by LAW get from their companies. So what freaking "Germany is having Austerity" are the LYING right-wing US Media talking about!

What "Austerity" some European countries have are mainly Tax increase on the Rich!

So all this non-sense that you are reading in US Media about Europe is having "Austerity..." is just further continuation of the lies, non-sense and Con Job of Republicans and right_wing lying Media in US to ensure tha American people are kept as confused and as clueless as possible, so American people are paid as little value for the Taxes that we pay and so that the Rich & Big corporations are not Taxed more or regultaed more, for the benefit of the People. Because Europeans are having "Austerity" is really non-sense given the fact that:

1- They have Government provided Social services that Americans do not even come close to having, so if Europeans cut back on some of these generous Social services they still have far more Government provided Social services than Americans can even imagine

2- What "Austerity..." that some European countries are having, that is what steps some European countries are taking to reduce their budget Deficits, are mainly in form of Tax increses on the Rich & Big corporations and cutting back on their Military budgets, which steps in US Republicans and right-wing Media call "Scoialism", "Class warfare", "Gutting the Military", etc. psycho babble.

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By Guest:   fastnow 2011-08-29

These "Austerity" talk by US Media about what Europeans are doing to cut their Deficits is further proof of what a right-wing lying machine US Media is.

For 1st, Europeans/Italians have MUCH MORE generous Government provided Social services, for the Taxes that they pay, than Americans get, such as they have:

1- Universal nationalized (socialized) health care, which means they get total FREE health care for the Medicare Taxes that they pay while an American pays the same Medicare Taxes and gets ZERO health care for it, well zero until we reach 65.

2- They have MUCH MORE generous unemployment benefits than in US, such as 75% and more of the salary of which you were laid off vs a truly pathetic 15% in US.

3- Universal child care.

4- Universal Education, which meas you can go up to your PhD pretty much for FREE.

5- By law avg of 52 Weeks of Paid leave for woman who gives birth at FULL pay vs NO such law in USA at all!

2nd, what steps Italy is taking to cut Deficits are mainly via Tax increases on Rich & Big corporations.

By Guest:   WhatLiberalMedia 2011-08-19

It is amazing that Republicans and the right-wing Media do not talk about cutting the extremely generous benefits of members of the Military, such as if you have served in the Military for 20 years you can retire by the age of 38, repeat you can retire by the age of 38, at half of your salary with full health care benefits free for life.

I mean on one hand the Repubs want to increase the retirement age for average Americans to 72 or 75, while people in the Military can retire by the age of 38 and the slime bag Republicans and right-wing Media are not calling for a drastic cut in the retirement benefits of the Military personal to be somewhat in line with same for average working Americans.

And lets also state that most of the people in the Military work behind a desk and see no combat, set aside that the combat we are involved in, such as Afghan & Iraq wars are themselves totally unnecessary and a $3-trillion waste of our money.

By Guest:   WeAreNotStupid 2011-08-12

Related to this article, here is another example of US Media twisting the facts to suit its right-wing agenda and lies:

Italy Set to Deliver Tough Austerity Measures

For the steps that Italy is going to take to balance their budget, reduce their deficits, what this article calls: "Austerity Measures" is based on:

1- Tax increases on the Rich & Big corporations
2- Cuts in pay to the top execs of the health care & transportation companies and NOT the recipients of these services. That is Italian people, just like ALL European nations or ALL other developed nations, except USA, will continue to receive their Universal Nationalized health care (aka NHS), it is just that the health insurance companies involved with their NHS will get paid less.

So the main of this so called "Austerity Measures", what Republican lunatics and the right-wing Media in US want for American middle class all the time, in Italy will be born mainly by the Rich & Big corps.

By Guest:   repub_man 2011-08-13

I guess that free healthcare, free education, free everything just caught up to Italy. Apparently those sky high taxes that were used to buy all of that "free" stuff need to go higher. Pretty soon the rates will rise to 100% of income but at least everything will be free.

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