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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2011-01-17
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Arizona Shooting is another example of what is so wrong with USA
Arizona shootings are another example of how Republican lunatics, and more importantly the right-wing LYING Media that makes them possible, have been damaging the American people & nation

The Arizona shootings and massacre of 6 people as tragic and sad as they are, are in fact a drop in the bucket of Americans who are tragically dying in US every day, every week and very year. Put in simple terms, the Arizona killings are just one more example of what is so wrong with US.

To be exact in a typical year about 30,000 Americans are killed in Violent crimes, whereas in UK with a population 1/5th of US about 600 are killed in Violent crimes, here:
and then keep in mind that UK has the highest murder rate in Europe.

So although one cannot find exact numbers for murder rates in US vs EU, from the above FACTS one can see that US has a Murder rate that is AT LEAST 10 times that of European Union. So you need to ask yourself WHY is it that the Murder rate in US is at least 10 times that of EU?

Or take the fact that as horrendously tragic that these shootings were in Arizona such mass shootings happen all too often in US, in fact they happen at a rate 30 times greater than that of the European Union with a population
grater than US, for example:
1- Virginia Tech - 32 shot dead
2-Columbine - 13 shot dead
etc. etc.

So you need to ask yourself: What is so wrong with USA, what has made it such a miserable place, that the Murder rate in US is AT LEAST 10 times of other (so called developed) nations? That the occurrence of someone going on a shooting rampage in US is a nearly weekly event while the same happens every 10 years in Europe and other developed nations?

The answer in summary is that Republicans, which really means the right-wing Kabal that is behind them, have been waging a War on American people by carrying an Ultimate Con Job on the American people that getting any services or value from the Government, such as Universal Nationalized Health Care, such as Universal (Higher) Education, etc. are "Socialism.." and bad, which services Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, etc. get from their Governments. And then to complete this Con Job they have and are spending 100s of Billions per year to fund a most amazing hate spewing right-wing Media from Wall Street Journal, to Fox news, to psychos on Talradio, etc. to sell this Con Job that Universal Nationalized Health Care and other Government run services are "Socialism.. bad and Evil" and that for profit Big corporations and the Rich are great. More on this here.

Take Mr. Jared Loughner as an example

To be exact Mr. Jared Loughner, the person who did the shootings in Arizona, according to US Media, Republicans and many Democrats too did commit this heinous act because he was mentally ill. And they go on to say "how these shooting could have been averted if Mr. Loughner's mental illness was detected...." But Mental illness like most illnesses such as Cancer, does not happen over night, it happens over a long term and it gets progressively worst if not addressed early. And just like any illness such as Cancer the earlier it is addressed the lower the cost and the higher the success rate.

So Republicans such as Mr. 9/11 himself (Rudy giuliani) to many Democrats and many Pundits on US Media they have been saying on and on, on Cable news, etc. that "Arizona shooting happened because Mr. Loughner's mental illness was not addressed..." But how in GODs name was Mr. Loughner, or his family, was supposed to address his mental illness since he did not have health insurance since he was unemployed, set aside the FACT that many employed Americans do no have health insurance either, and US does not have something as basic and essential as Universal Nationalized health care so that Mr. Loughner and people like him can obtain (Mental) health care for free, well free for the Taxes that we all pay, like they could if they lived in any European countries, Canada, etc. and that is why murder rates of this kind and all kind in Europe, Canada, etc are a VERY SMALL fraction of what they are in US.

So you see on one hand the Republicans, and the right-wing Media behind them which is almost the entire US Media, whenever there is one of these mass shooting which is all too often in US, say that: "The shooter was a disturbed mentally ill person... and that is why he went on the shooting rampage..." and OTOH they have prevented US from having something as essential as Universal Nationalized health, something that ALL European countries, in fact ALL Developed nations have, which would allow these mentally ill people such as Mr. Loughner to obtain the health care that they need before their case becomes critical and they go over the edge and Kill countless number of people.

And there are far worst that are happening in USA

AND as bad as those statistics are, there are even worst ones, such as the FACT that at least 50,000 Americans are effectively KILLED each year by the US Government, which means the Big Corporations and Wall Street gang that controls it, for having put in place a so called health care system that denies Americans health care because they need health care, aka pre-existing condition. Something that is so incredibly barbaric that is hard to even describe it to a European, Canadian, Japanese, etc. person from a civilized country. To be exact, in very simple terms this means because USA does not have something as essential as Universal Nationalized health care, something that EVERY, repeat EVERY, European nation, Canada, Japan, in fact EVERY developed nation has, then 50Mill+ Americans have NO health care which means when they get ill, such as have Mental illness as the Arizona shooter Mr. Loughner had, then their choice is to suffer into bankruptcy, lunacy or death or all combined. This means that because USA does not have Universal Nationalized health care, and instead it has for profit health care, then the for profit health care companies can and will deny health care to Americans as they like to maximize their profits, by either cancelling their health insurance when they get ill, called "Rescission, or denying them health care because (get this) they need health care, called "pre-existing condition". Facts that are so horrendous, so wrong, that they make the Arizona shootings pale in comparison for at least 50,000, but really much more, Americans are killed by the health care system in US so as to maximize profits and be able to pay $30Mill per year salaries to the top brass of the health insurance companies and pay Billion of Dollars in dividend payment to the Wall Street gang.

Related figures on these horrendous facts here:

The right-wing Media and their masters are exactly responsible

If you still do not get it how the Republican lunatics and the right-wing Media that are behind them are exactly responsible for USA being the miserable place that it is now, by for example having blocked something as basic and essential for the nation as Universal Nationalized health, something that EVERY developed nation has and EVERY conservative party in Europe, Canada, etc. are 100% for, lets say that Mr. Loughner rather than having mental illness, had an infectious disease which infectious illness if treated early would have saved him and not killed 100s of more that came in contact with him, which infectious illness if NOT treated then would kill 100s of others whom just came into contact with this ill person. Again because USA does not have something as essential as Universal Nationalized health then a person with an infectious illness, just like a person with a mental illness, rather than getting the health care that they need which would then save countless lives, and thus countless Billions of Dollars, instead are left to suffer on their own which eventually and all too often will mean unnecessary loss of lives, from the 6 Killed in Arizona or the 50,000+ Killed each year due to pre-existing condition.

And the above reasons are WHY all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. are 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems. Because a real conservative, unlike a lunatic (or agents of Big pharma, Big insurance) aka Republicans in US, would want Universal nationalized health care, since that would mean:

1- Great SAVINGS in cost of health care for the Government, which ultimately means People and Businesses, as evident by the FACT that in all the European countries, Canada, Japan, etc. that have not-for-profit Universal nationalized health care, health care is taking about 9% of the GDP while in US that has for profit health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT busting 18% of the GDP.

2- Everyone having health care for essentially their obligation to pay Taxes. Which is one of the best investments that you can make in your people and country

How is it that US is so miserable that it does not have Universal nationalized health care?

So if you are in a European country, Canada, or in any developed countries you may be wondering how can USA be such a psychotic place, such a miserable place, that it is 2011 and it still does not have something as necessary as Universal nationalized health care? How is it possible that the US health care system denies health care to Americans who need health care (aka Pre-existing condition) to maximize profits? How is it that persons such as Mr. Loughner and countless like him cannot get mental health care?

As stated at the start of this article, the answer is that US is suffering from an ENEMY within, which is the right-wing Kabal and the right-wing Media that they have created, to say any lies and non-sense a Billion Trillion times. And of course when you LIE and LIE, on top of not having put in place something as essential for a Nation as Universal nationalized health care, then people like Mr. Loughner beside not getting the health care that they need, will eventually snap hearing all the LIES and Psycho talk coming out of the right-wing Media.

Take for example this absolute right-wing Psycho - Glenn Beck:

And now as big as a lying psycho as this Glenn Beck guy is, there are even bigger lying psychos such as Rush, Savage, Hannety, Oriely, etc. etc. etc.

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By Guest:   WeAreNotStupid 2011-07-23

The tragic massacre in Norway is again a reminder of what lunatics the right-wing crowd are.

After all the whole basis of the Christian right-wing crowd is based on Hate and doom & gloom that end of the World is comoing and in a rapture Jesus will take the true believers into heaven and the sinners will be killed, etc. psycho talk. So whether it is this psycho in Norway or that guy Loughner who shot the Liberal Democrat congress women in Arizona, etc. people need to wake up that the whole belief basis of the right-wing crowd from this wacko to Loughner, to Rush, Beck, Hannety, Savage, etc. are based on hate and fear-mongering.

And the problem is that the right-wing crowd and hate and fear-mongering in USA are at much higher level compared to Europe and elsewherfe since the right-wing wackos in USA are backed by 10s of Billions of Dollars of right-wing Kabal to spread their message of hate since all the right-wing Kabal, aka Wall Street crowd, cares about is that the masses are confused and thus as the result they stay SUPER Rich.

By Guest:   james davis 2011-07-27

Please stop referring to Jared as if he was from the right-wing...

a) Jared Lee Loughner cited the liberal bible, Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto, as one of his favorite books;

b) Loughner was intrigued by flag-burning videos;

c) Loughner, in one of his YouTube videos, said, "No! I won't trust in God"

The real problem is people taking sides and spewing ignorant hate on the internet. Your comments are a perfect example.

By Guest:   james davis 2011-07-17

Um Do you know this guy, Jared Loughner was a liberal? G-search "Jared Loughner proof of liberal." You guys should research the political backgrounds of people whom have assassinated public figures in the the US. I think you might be surprised.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2011-07-17

Man to say you Republicans are brain dead is really putting it mildly.

1st, he shot a Liberal Democrat, so I think that makes him hardly a liberal.

2nd, that is absolutely immaterial whether he was a "Liberal" or "Conservative" since there is NO way to really know that with certainty, but is important, what is ABSOLUTE FACT is that he had NO access to health care because he was Unemployed and we have no Universal Nationlized Healthcare (NHS) as they have in all developed nations of the World and if we had NHS then he could go in and get health care for free before his madness (illness) became much worst resulting in him shooting people to dead.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2011-06-03

here is another mass shooting in USA (Arizona):

When are American people going to wake up how screwed up USA is due to the lies and lies of Republicans and Democrats who have been not much different once in office.

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