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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2011-02-28
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Gas hits $4 per Gallon, may hit $5, Republicans say do Nothing & Dems Do Nothing
How to have Gas at $1.50/Gallon and do good for the Environment and our Health too

1- Do what China is doing, which is to operate all the Top energy companies on Nationalize basis. As a result of which Chinese Government subsidies the price of Gas so that Chinese pay MAXIMUM of $1.50 per Gallon. This would be the same as if US Government Nationalized Exxon, Chevron, Texaco, etc. and took the $100s of Billions of Dollars in profit that these companies make per Year, and their $30Mill per year salaries and multiple $50Mill private Jets for their top brass, and passed these SAVINGS to American people/businesses by subsiding Gas to be $1.50 per Gallon.

And lets also remind that Republicans, Republic-rats (aka Wall Street gang) via their near total control of US Media from, Wall Street Journal, to Fox news, CNBC, Fobers, etc. LOVE the Chinese Communist Capitalist system as per them having invested Trillions of Dollars in China and thus moved 10s of Millions of Jobs from US to China. And as per them drilling in your head over last many years of how Chinese economy is doing great, which is TRUE, but they did not tell you that one of the reasons that Chinese economy is doing great is that they operate more than 50% of their economy, including most Top Energy companies, on Socialized basis.

So if Republicans and the right-wing LYING Media, which is almost the entire US Media, then say "Nationalizing the Oil companies..." would be "Socialism.." and will lead to "Sky rocketing Gas prices..." and if you want "Oil companies operated like the Postal service..." etc. non-sense that they say, THEN just remind them that 1- China has all Top Energy companies Nationalized, 2- China is a model of a successful economy given the FACT that it has HUGE Surpluses vs HUGE Deficits in US, 3- They know that China is a Model of a successful economy given the FACT that they have been telling that us of this for last decade and have moved 10s of Millions of Jobs to China. More on this here

2- Plug-in Hybrids like Chevy Volt will enable a typical driver to drive Gas free or get 200-Miles per Gallon and better, given the fact that a Plug-in Hybrid can drive the 1st 50 to 100Miles on Electricity. So rather than investing $3-Trillion in the Unnecessary Iraq & Afghan wars, use such $3-Trillion investment to subsidize the price of Chevy Volt to be $10,000 so vast number of People can buy it and thus SAVE 90% on Gas Consumption and thus costs. Lets put it this way, if most Americans could buy a Plug-in Hybrid and thus reduce their Gas consumption by 90% that would be a 90% reduction in the $750Bill per year (at $2.50 per Gallon gas) that we currently send to Middle East every year and instead have that money spent here. So in less than 5 years we would get back the $3-Trillion investment made in subsidizing Chevy Volt to be $10K so most Americans could buy it. And of course we would create a Million+ Jobs in US too to make Chevy Volts and other plug-in Hybrids.

3- Renewable Energy. Take another fraction of the money that we will save from ending the unnecessary Afghan & Iraq Wars, and invest that in Renewable energy sources such as Wind, Water, Solar, Geothermal, etc. that will more than compensate for any Electricity usage increase as we switch to plug-in Hybrids. This action will also create Millions more high paying jobs in US and every other country that invests in Renewable energy, as it has already in Germany, Norway, etc. that have invested in these Renewable energy sources.

To be exact we can generate all the Energy we need, in fact 100,000 times more than the Energy we currently use, according to a study by the European Union and MIT, by generating our Electricity via Geothermal sources. Since almost anywhere on Earth you go deep enough you will hit Geothermal energy and can thus produce Steam this way which can then be converted into clean electricity.

Also lets of course add that by switching to plug-in Hybrid Autos and Renewable Energy we would do the environment, which means our health, great good as well as we will be reducing the amount of pollutants that we put in the environment by burning lot less Gas and Coal.


Question then becomes WHY doesnt our Government get behind LOGICAL Steps that would greatly reduce or even eliminate, for avg American, the dependence on Oil, set aside Middle eastern Oil, with full force and vigor as it did for example with the Manhattan project to create the Atom bomb?

The answer should be obvious.

1- The Military industrial complex wants us as dependent on Middle East Oil as possible so that they have an excuse for the unnecessary Wars that they keep engaging in Middle East so that they can have an excuse to keep the Gargantuan Military budget going, etc.

2- Above Steps would mean that Big oil will not be able to make $100-Billion profit from Oil and pay themselves $30Mill per year and more salaries and fly in $50-Mill private Jets.

All of which horrendous wrongs are possible, because the same gang that profits from the Military industrial complex, Big Oil, etc. also runs the (right-wing) Media, from psychos on Talkradio to Cable News, to Network TV, etc. to lie and lie and brain wash as they like

What is the answer then? We need to start by getting our information from other Media sources other than the right-wing (Wall Street owned) LYING media, such as this or any other truly independent Voices out there.

Great Video proving the above points as being ABSOLUTE Facts

Here is a great Video by John Stewart of the Daily Show, proving that Republicans and Democrats are run by the same Big Oil & right-wing Kabal:

How Gargantuan is US Military budget? As if the reported $700-Bill was not Gargantuan enough, the actual value is more like $1.2-Trillion

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By Member: Reporter 2012-02-27

This article is BANG on.
There are many things that US Government can do to make the price of Gas less relevant if not totally irrelevant to American people. They are:

1- At the extreme end: Nationalize the Oil companies, thus taking the $100s of Billions of Dollars in profit that these companies make per Year, and their $30Mill per year salaries and multiple $50Mill private Jets for their top brass, and pass these SAVINGS to American people/businesses by subsiding Gas to be $1.50 per Gallon. As China is ALREADY doing. And lets state this additional FACT that: Republicans, Republic-rats (aka Wall Street gang) LOVE the Chinese Communist Capitalist system as per them having moved 10s of Millions of Jobs from US to China.

2- Invest in electric powered Public transportation as they have in almost EVERY European country and now a days in most Asian cities too, so Americans can travel FREE of Auto to any destination.

3- Subsidize plug-in Hybrids such as Chevy Volt that can practically drive gas FREE, which will also create Million+ more Jobs here.

By Guest:   realPatriot 2012-02-19

You have Israeli and US War-mongering against Iran to thank for the price of Gas going higher and higher, given the FACT that we have dramatically reduced our Gas consumption due to switching to Hybrid Autos such as Prius or Volt that get 50 to 75 MPG.

So 1st you had Israeli and US War-mongering against Iraq to thank for, for Oil going from $40 per Brl in 2002 to $90 per Brl and now War-mongering against Iran for same.

And of course beside Gas prices going higher and higher due to NEVER ENDING Israeli and US War-mongering in Middle East, you also have the $3-Trillion that Iraq & Afghan Wars have cost us the American Tax payer to date, which factor has greatly contributed to the great recession in US.

When are American people going to stand up to this right-wing Cabal that controls most of US Media and wants us continuously involved in Wars in Middle East under one fear-mongering lie after another and that necessary investments are NOT being made in US in renewable energy which would END our dependence on Middle Eastern Oil.

By Guest:   sense 2012-02-21

Rising Gas prices will GREATLY increase the sale of Hybrids, and specially plug-in Hybrid like Chevy Volt that can practically drive Gas FREE. FYI, I have a Volt and as a result I bought Gas once in the last 2 months, and I power its batteries with a Solar panel so I pay NOTHING for Electricity either.

All of which FACTS are further proof of what utter complete Lunatics Republicans are, really what enemy of American people they are, given the FACT that they did not want to provide Government funding to US Auto maker which would have resulted in GM and Chrysler going bankrupt and having added 500,000 more to the role of the Unemployed plus 100s of other supplying companies to GM and Chrysler going bankrupt that would have added another 500,000 or more to the role of the Unemployed.

However due to Government funding, GM and Chrysler avoided bankruptcy and they are now doing fine and are adding 100s of 1000s to their payrolls. And GM has brought us Volt that allows us to drive Gas FREE.

By Member: Rockfiles 2012-02-13

Republicans SAY drill here drill now. Democrats won't allow the Canada keystone pipeline to be built through America which could cause the growth America needs. 100,000 possible jobs could be created with that pipeline. plus it could reduce the gas prices by atleast 50 cents.

During s time of peace the usual Defense budget is around 500 billion, that not just Military that FBI, NSA, CIA, HLS and so on; but since Obama has decided to not only help Bush's Afghan/ Iraq war he has started about 5 more, Iran, Lybia, Isreal, Egypt, you can throw in Greece and Pakistan in there too. THAT is why our budget is near 1.2T.

Of course Big Oil plays a part in the government where do you think most of their campaign funds come from.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-02-16

Once again you demonstrate what lunatics you Republicans are, that is in regard to Military budget and Wars:

1- US Military budget is Gargantuan beyond measure, given the FACT that US has Military bases in 100+ countries While China that has little Debt and Huge Surpluses has Military bases in ZERO countries outside China or that US Military budget is almost equal to the Military budget of ALL other Countries on Planet Earth combined, here:
while US economy is not even 20% of World economy any more.

2- As has been noted in many places in this News site "Obama/Dems prove how right-wing entire US Media/Gov are" since Obama has carried out ALL the War-mongering of Bush Admin, from Iraq War, to Afghan war to same Israeli driven war threats against Iran, etc.

So what we need is of course NOT Republicans who are even MORE of a war-monger than Dems, what we need are real 3rd parties to the far left of Democrats, parties that: would be for NO MORE Wars of Choice, NO MORE pre-emptive Wars, NO MORE War-mongering.

Gr8 related article here:

By Guest:   FoxNewsRules 2012-01-20

Hey how about Obozo Administration having blocked the Canada-to-Texas pipeline!
I mean if you liberal fagots actually cared about gas prices being lower, then you would be calling for removal of Obummer for having blocked this Oil pipe line from Canada to Texas which would greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-01-20

Obama Admin has not rejected the Canada-to-Texas pipeline. They just rejected it being packed by Republicans into other bills and that more studies are needed to find the best route for this Canada-to-Texas pipeline. After all a major leak from the Canada-to-Texas pipeline in middle of the major farm country that it is going to go through will be 10 times more catastrophic than the BP Horizon catastrophe was in the Gulf of Mexico, which leak would have never happened if Bush Admin (Republicans) had required sufficient over sight and safety measures when that off shore platform was being built.

Moreover, the answer to Americas energy needs are not more Oil, but renewable energy, plug-in Hybrids, High Speed trains and regulating the Big Oil.

By Guest:   sense 2011-12-28

Lack of any real investment in Renewable energy, in Autos that get 100Miles per Gallon and better aka plugin Hybrids*, lack of regulating Hedge funds from buying too much Oil future contracts so much so that about 70% of all Oil future contracts are owned by Wall Street firms rather than firms that will actually take delivery of Oil, lack of investment in High Speed trains, etc. by Democrats or Republicans, is ULTIMATE further proof of how both Repubs and Dems are owned by Big Oil and Wall Street. Of course this case is the worst in regard to Republicans whom are 100% owned by Big Oil and Wall Street and will say any lunatic lies to get away with this Con Job. I mean Democrats such as Obama at least talked about investing in Renewable energy, High Speed trains, etc. but Republicans are such enemy of the State, that they actually oppose such investments!

About plugin Hybrids, 1 finally came to the market Chevy Volt, but at $45K this car is set up purposley to fail so that Big Oil can then say: "see people do not want plugin Hybrids...". at $25K GM will not be able to make enough.

By Guest:   sense 2011-12-28

About plugin Hybrids, 1 finally came to the market Chevy Volt, but at $45K this car is set up purposley to fail so that Big Oil can then say: "see people do not want plugin Hybrids...". Because at $45K Volt just does not make economic sense since Toyota Prius is at about $25K. To be exact Prius gets about 50 MpG, and Volt will get about 75 MpG, given that it drives the 1st 30 Miles on Battery and then Gas engine kicks in which gets about 35 MpG. So assuming a Gas price of $4, and a 5 year time period, then at max can one justify a price of $5K more for Volt over Prius.

So it seems that Big Oil has given GM Billions to make sure they present Volt in a way that it would have the worst sale. After all if Big Oil even gave GM $10Bill to carry such a Con, they would still be 100s of Billions of Dollars ahead by making sure that real plugin Hybrids getting 100 MpG+ do not get to market that can result in avg person saving 90% in Gas usage, which means 100s of Billions of Dollars in SAVING for American people and out of pocket of Big Oil.

By Guest:   Ian 2011-12-22

Most of your argument is half-logic.

1) Even if you nationalized the companies (a terrible idea, even they are money grubbing bastards) the costs MUST be made up somewhere. Yes, they make enormous, you can argue excessive, profits. But it also takes BILLIONS to find new oil and gas fields. Simply selling at cost will not finance the necessary expansion. I'd also point out that simply letting the government take over is hardly going to eliminate, or even reduce corruption.

2) note:
Also, you do realize that at most half of any barrel of oil is gasoline. I agree that reducing mileage is good, but do the math first before you start throwing out numbers about reducing dependencies.

3) Do you have any idea how difficult it is to reach most geothermal locations? Yes, technically you can just drill down and get heat. In most cases, its MILES down. Also, read the physics on solar (and other renewable) energy. For example:

By Member: ThinkDeep 2011-12-26

Did you not read the same article or are you Republicans just not able to deal with facts. So

1) China that has nationalized her Top energy companies is finding Oil & Gas just fine. In fact by nationalizing Oil & Gas then more Billions will be available for finding oil and gas fields, because then 10s of Billions that would have gone to the top brass of energy companies and wall street, as it does under current private owned US Model, then would have gone back into the system or would go into giving people much lower Oil & Gas prices. Or dont you know what nationalized means? The Key part of nationalized means is that NO ONE involved with a nationalized industry will get paid $30Mill per year as top brass of energy companies in the US do but instead they would be limited to a Government provided salary, in case of a top energy company in par with a 2 Start General, which would be still a generous $200K per year.

Your 2nd point makes NO sense at all.

About Geothermal, in the long run it will cost much less than being dependent on depleting Oil & Gas, since it is a renewable energy, which means once you built it then the cost is FREE.

By Guest:   Jonathan 2012-01-06

Ian, if solar power is so inefficient and ineffective, why is it that my solar panels put out 44 volts at 5 amps all day long? Who cares if its 68% or 5% efficient, its free energy, and thats what fools like yourself and the money-grubbers are afraid of. Cant profit from it. ;) Stop hiding behind irrelevant techno babble to mask your agenda please. JG

By Guest:   Jim Stone 2011-12-21

** Deleted by Admin for being a rant - keep comments related to subject or they will be deleted and your entire access maybe blocked for repated offense **

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