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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2011-03-21
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US starts 3rd War, Libya War - to protect Libyan civilians while it has Killed at least 100,000 civilians in Iraq

First we should state that we hope people of Libya can rid themselves of Gaddaffi IF they can actually get themselves a real Democracy. But then one has to say that we hope that people of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, etc. can rid themselves of the so called Kings and Sheiks that have been ruling them for LONGER than Gaddaffi has been ruling Libya and get themselves a real Democracy. And lets also state that we hope people of Palestine and Gaza can obtain their freedom from the brutal Israeli occupation that they have been under for more than 40 years and that their civilians shall NO longer be killed by Israeli forces at will.

With the above hopes stated, the US War on Libya (aka No fly Zone) is further proof of what is so wrong with USA. To be exact this THIRD War that US is now engaged in under the Administration of Obama proves the following:

1- The same Military Industrial Complex (aka Right wing Kabal) that was behind Bush is behind Obama. After all:
   * Obama has continued the Iraq War just as Bush
   * Obama has continued the Afghan War just as Bush, even expanded it
   * Obama has expanded the US Military budget that is gargantuan beyond measure, just as Bush
   * Obama has continued every War-mongering posture of US from Iran to NK just as Bush
etc. etc.

2- The claim by Republicans and the right-wing Media that "We are broke...", “We are facing ruinous Deficits.." etc., is a complete and TOTAL Scam. After all these Republican lying machines state that "we are broke.." and thus why we need to cut the modest salary of the Teachers and Nurses, yet they instantly approve one War after another War, at the cost of 200 of Billions per Year for the Afghan War, $2-Trillions to date for the Iraq war, and God knows how many 10s if not 100s of Billions for this 3rd War over Libya. So to see what utter complete Lunatics Republicans are consider the FACT that their criticism of Obama Admin for starting this 3rd War of Choice is according to McCain & Gingrich that "Obama waited too long, we should have started it sooner before the UN vote..." or according to many other Republicans "Bombing from Air is not enough, we need to put troops on ground to remove Gaddafi..." and "What a wipm Obama is to have taken a back seat to French surrender monkeys..." etc. super psycho War-mongering.

3- Almost the entire US Media is a right-wing war-mongering LYING machine as per their coverage of this new Libya War. That is just like Iraq War & Afghan War almost the entire US Media are running one approving story after another about this new Libya War.

Reasons given for this new war

To see how what a Hypocrisy on top of a Lie on top of a Hypocrisy on top of a Lie this War on Libya is, consider the reasoning given for this War

We needed to protect civilian lives which were being threatened by Gaddafi forces.

1- Since when do you protect civilian lives by KILLING civilians which the firing of Cruise missiles into cities does ALL the time? As it has repeatedly in Iraq, in Afghanistan in Pakistan almost on a daily basis, such as the 64 Civilians killed by US forces.

2- If US gave a squat about civilian lives then why is it not firing on Bahrain and Saudi Arabia that have been firing on their people too and at a greater rate than Gaddafi’s soldiers have as you can see form Videos below while NO such Videos exist of Libyan soldiers shooting civilians in cold blood?

3- If US gave a SQUAT about civilian lives then it would not have bombed Iraqi civilians with the most devastating use of Air power leading to death of at least 100,000, repeat at least 100,000, Iraqi civilians – more on this fact here. Or as per this Video showing US soldiers KILLING Iraqi civilians from a Helicopter as if they were killing *** roaches and not humans. And civilians that were totally Arm-less compared to the Rebels in Eastern Libya.

4- If US gave a SQUAT about civilian lives it would have provided its people with Universal nationalized health care, something that EVERY European nation, Canada, Japan, Australia, in FACT every developed nation has. As a result of which orchestrated failure by the Wall Street mafia (Big Pharma, Big insurance, etc.) AT LEAST 50,000 Americans are KILLED each year, repeat each year, due to being denied health care just due to the “pre-existing condition? clause of he US health care system under which mass murderous clause, if you can call it a “clause?, health insurance companies in US can deny health care to American people because, get this, they need health care, thus they have a “pre-existing condition? – more on this here.

5- If US gave a SQUAT about civilian lives then it would have supported the many UN resolutions condemning Israel from doing EXACTLY what Gaddafi supposedly has been doing to civilians, that is bomb them from the Air as Israel for years has been bombing civilians from Air planes under the claim that it is fighting "Terrorists" which is the same claim of Gaddafi. As for example when Israel KILLED at least 40 civilians, almost all Children, in a UN school for Children in Gaza - here. Or just today as I am writing this article, Israeli Airplanes killed another 8 people in Gaza, at least 4 of them children, here.

UN has authorized the use of force

1- Since when US has given a SQUAT about what UN has authorized? Since for example UN has authorized more than 200+ resolutions against Israel and US has ignored all of them. In fact all too often US (right-wing Media) and Government have characterized the UN as an ineffective and biased body.

2- UN has authorized a resolution to use force “if necessary? to protect Civilians and NOT KILL more civilians.

3- And perhaps most importantly, in the context of the current discourse in US about “Deficits?, UN has not provided the funding, the money, for this operation. I mean how many Soldiers is China, China that has HUGE Surpluses vs US having HUGE Deficits, going to send to enforce this resolution? ZERO. How many 10s of Billions of Dollars is China going to pay to enforce this resolution? ZERO. How many Air Planes at enormous cost of fuel and man is China going to fly to enforce this “No Fly Zone?? ZERO.

But France and UK are in this War

1- France and UK are not immune to errors in judgment either; after all it was France & UK that waged the Suez Canal War which was condemned by even Eisenhower.

2- France has a actually a very good reason to avoid a possible civil War in Libya since this could result in a flood of refuges to France since Libya is a rather short boat ride from south of France.

3- France and UK are rich countries and can afford this while US is relatively a poor miserable country. After all EVERY, repeat EVERY, French or UK citizen has health care, because they have Universal nationalized health care in their countries. Contrast this with USA where at least 50Mill Americans do NOT have something as basic as health care and as noted above at least 50,000 Americans are KILLED as a result of this fact alone each year.

So the last country on earth with the “Moral Authority? to tell the Gaddafi regime not to use force against “rebels? is the US Government given the most murderous weapons that US has used from Iraq to Afghanistan to KILL the “rebels?, resulting in death of 100,000+ Civilian in Iraq alone.

What are the answers then? Real 3rd parties.

So the only way we are going to STOP this NEVER Ending cycle of Wars waged by Republican lunatics and then doubled down by Democrat HOAXES like Obama, is to STOP being governed by the Military Industrial complex, which continuously creates one War after another, due to their near total control of US Media, so that they can enrich themselves to the tune of Trillions of Dollars, at the expenses of American people. But given the 100s of Billions of Dollars that the Military Industrial complex and the Wall Street Mafia have access to with which they can in a heart beat create another fake 3rd party, such as the TEA party, the only way to ensure that we have real 3rd parties, is to back 3rd parties that are based on real policies and not cheap slogans or no slogans. That is 3rd parties that will have as their KEY policies at least the following policies which would indicate that they are not owned by the same right-wing Kabal and Wall Street Mafia that is behind all Republicans and many Democrats too, and that these are 3rd parties like European parties that are really people based:

1- Bring about Universal nationalized health care, as they have in ALL European countries, Canada, etc.

2- NO MORE Wars unless US is actually threatened by a declaration of a War, or attacked, from another country

3- Cut the size of the US Military to be in line with the size of the US economy to World economy. So this means that given the fact that US economy is now about 20% of World economy and World Military budget is about $600Bil, then this means cutting US Military budget down to about $120-Bill. Note even at this amount US will STILL have the Worlds largest Military budget BY FAR, that is how astonishingly Gargantuan the current US Military budget at reported $700Bill per year is.

4- Bring all US troops home from Europe, South Korea, etc. – after all these countries economy are doing MUCH BETTER than US economy and they are NOT paying US a dime for this Military protection.

About the “entire US Media is a right-wing war-mongering LYING machine?

So this 3rd War of choice that we are involved in, at the cost of probably 100s of Billions of Dollars, given the cost of Afghan and Iraq War to date, is the Ultimate proof that the KEY problem with US is that the entire US Media, from of course the psychos on Talkradio, to Cable TV, to Print are right-wing war-mongering Fear-mongering machines that on command start selling a new War, a new case for Hating and Killing.

For example take NPR, and take NPR since according to the commonly known right-wing Media sources such as Fox news, psychos on Talkradio, Wall Street Journal, etc. NPR is supposed to be “Liberal Media?. However in contrast to this fallacy NPR has been reporting one pro this War reporting after another, just as it did and has done with Iraq and Afghan Wars where 99.99% of its reporting about these Wars was either pro or certainly NOT what the Hek are we doing here and lets get the US Troops out and STOP wasting Trillions of Dollars of our Taxes (money) on these unnecessary Wars…. Instead just like the rest of US Media almost all the reporting on NPR has been in one way or another pro these Wars, from “what Heroes are our soldiers...?, as if the issue is this rather than these Wars are unnecessary and bankrupting Wars as the result.

Or take MSNBC, Huffingtonpost, etc. that are supposed to be other Liberal Media sources, they have pretty much been running one story after another in support of this 3rd War just as the known right-wing Media sources of course have been doing, from how "Evil" Gaddafi is and how we are there to protect Civilians and even using the Lockerbie bombing of almost 25 years ago to justify this new War.

So what this 3rd War over Libya proves, is that the entire US Media is a right-wing War-mongering brain washing machine, that on command goes into brain washing mode to justify the new War as for example, and this is JUST one example, Ed Show on MSNBC that is supposed to be Liberal Media has been running daily praises of the "Dear President Obama" for having started this 3rd War to support "Freedom Fighters.." and/or to revenge the People that were responsible for Terrorist action against Americans, referring of course to Lockerbie bombing case as if that case from 25 Years ago in any way has been proven to have been the Job of the Libyan Government under Gaddafy. I mean you never hear MSNBC, the supposed Liberal Media, describe the rebels in Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine as "Freedom Fighters.." but all of a sudden the supposed rebels in Libya are "Freedom Fighters.." - More on this KEY problem of US here.

Here are some Videos of protesters in Bahrain being shot dead in Cold Blood by Bahraini Government Soldiers. Do you see US calling for War on Bahrain? NO. Why? Because US has major Military installations in Bahrain.

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By Guest:   factsRus 2011-10-30

The jubilant reaction of Western powers and the foes of Muammar Gaddafi to his barbaric murder on October 20, 2011 raises some serious questions about war crimes committed by the Western-backed National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters and NATO forces.

There are two serious violations of international law here, namely, (1) in relation to the Third Geneva Convention in 1929 and (2) in relation to the UN Security Council Resolution #1973 in 2011. Let me explain first (1) the Geneva Convention and then (2) the UN Resolution hereafter.

(1) The first violation of international law concerns the Third Geneva Convention in 1929, which offers rights to prisoners of war (POWs), such that POWs have certain rights to be protected. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rightly said on October 21, 2011 that, "in compliance with international law, the moment that a party to an armed conflict is captured, special procedures should be applied to him or her."


By Guest:   zdd 2011-06-29

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By Guest:   us_police 2011-05-14

The Republicans aren't in charge and yet the wars go on - so why don't you speak against Obama/Democrats?
It just seems that at this point you would have realized, and fessed up to, the fact that this isn't a party thing.

By Member: Real_News 2011-05-14

If you had written this article fully you would see that it is stating that the same Military Industrial complex that was behind Bush is behind Obama. And it is calling for REAL 3rd Parities that would have as one of their key platforms NO more Wars of Choice and a US Military budget that would be inline with US economy to World economy, which means a US Military budget that is 80% less than now, cut down to about $200Bill per year, since US economy is now about 20% of World economy, which would mean US Military to be at about 20% of World Military budget which would make it at most $200Bill per year.

By Guest:   berliner 2011-05-01

Very good article. I am starting to think that only this news site reports the true news from among all USA media.
So about this BS that Nato is bombing Libya and KILLING Libyan civilians because it supposedly wants to protect Libyan civilians.

1st lets realize that NATO is mainly a US Military operation, since 75% of its funding and resources come from US.

2nd, where was/is NATO when Israel is killing civilians in Gaza? where was or is NATO when US is/was killing civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan or Vietnam, etc. etc?

Man it is high time that we throw all the Nato/US bases out of Germany.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2011-04-25

Related to this article:
Five Killed in New Syria Clashes, Witnesses Say

That is nothing compared to at least 50 Civilians, mainly Women and Children, killed by US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan, via air strikes mainly via Drones.

So you want more Peace and Democracy in Middle East, and better US economy?

1- End Israeli occupation of Arab lands

2- End US occupation of Arab/Moslem lands

3- Support real Democratic forces which would START by NOT supporting the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, etc. so called Kings and Sheiks

4- And invest the $3-Trillion that we would have SAVED from the totally unnecessary Iraq & Afghan Wars set aside the new Libya War, which Wars Republicans and Republicrats (like this HOAX Obama), invest these SAVINGs in American people and cities which badly need investments of all sorts to bring them on par with Europeans whom have been making such investments.

By Member: Regal 2011-03-29

So so far this NEW War has cost us $550Mill, here:

and the Republicans are NOT opposing this war because according to these lying SOBs "We are broke.." but their only complain is why are we not invading it like Iraq so that it can cost us $1-Trillion as they and Bush wasted on the totally unnecessary Iraq war.

So in fact the 550 million hasn't cost the pentagon anything! We the people foot the bill for all our military (mis) adventures. Our country spends more on the military than every other country combined!
No money for schools
No money for social security
No money for medicare
Always money for bombs,bullets, and warfare
Always money for subsidizing bankers and corporations

Wake up people as to the Con Job that Big Military is playing on us.
And I should add too, thanks god for this since it is ONE place you can be sue to get the real facts.

By Member: Be2net 2011-04-05

Very very true.
They must think American people are brain dead that on one hand they tell us we are the richest country in the World as a result of which we have Military bases in 140 countries as a result of which our Navy is running Ads saying that "Global force for Good..." and OTOH they say "we are broke..", according to Bohner and Republicans and rightwing Media, as a result of which we need to cut hack on Social services and salaries of teachers and nurses, etc.

By Member: Oil 2011-03-28

Hum! Really the best article I have written about this Libyan war and the total BS used to justify it.
So people ask yourself WHY are the Libyan rebels good and need to be supported by No FLY Zone, and etc. Billions of Dollars of US Tax payers money while the rebels in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc. are bad and need to be KILLED by Billions of Dollars of US Tax payers money?

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