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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2011-04-18
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Paul Ryan one of key figures in Republican Con Job that they are (all of a sudden) worried about Deficits is chosen as VP candidate! WOW how Stupid does GOP thinks we are?
If Ryan, Romney, Rush, Bush, Fox News, etc. actually gave a SQUAT about Deficits, then they would be:

1- For Government run Universal Socialized health care (aka NHS), because in countries that have NHS, which is ALL European countries, Canada, Israel, in fact ALL Developed nations, they spend 50% LESS on health care while giving health care to ALL their People. And these FACTS are why ALL Conservative parties, repeat for Republican lunatics, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS. In these FACTS you have your ABSOLUTE PROOF that Republican party and Wall Street owned Media, are engaged in an ULTIMATE Con Job on US. And that Obama Admin is little different for Obama Admin passed a health care reform that is anything but NHS. So NHS would cut Deficits by about $1-Trillion per Year, while give health care to ALL Americans for Taxes we ALREADY pay and Republican bastards & right-wing Media oppose NHS and on top of that they turn around and say that "we need to cut the Deficits"! This is TRUE EVIL.

2- Tax the Rich and Big corporations much more - 55% in EU countries for someone making over $250K vs 36% in US! At least Tax the Super Rich such as Romney at the same rate as the Middle class! Instead Ryan has proposed a budget that will result in Romney and other Wall Street Tycoons like him paying ZERO Taxes! - WOW how Stupid does GOP thinks we are?

3- End the Afghan War that is costing $100 Billion+ per year, instead Republicans and Republicrats have committed (us the Tax payers) to another multi Trillion Dollar War in Middle East, for benefit of Israel again, this time against Iran as they spent $1-Trillion+ on Iraq War! -

4- Cut the Gargantuan US Military budget to be inline with the size our economy to World economy, and invest those SAVINGS in American People & Cities. Such as close most US bases outside of USA and bring those troops FINALLY home 60 years after end of World War II.

And Republicans rather that supporting the above Steps which would replace the Deficits in about 5 years with a HUGE Surplus, they oppose them all and on top of that the bastards turn around and say "we need to cut the Deficits", "Our Grand children will have to pay this Debt", "When you are in a Hole stop digging", etc. psycho babble! HOW MUCH proof does a person need that Republicans are playing an ultimate Con Job on US, that they really are the TRUE ENEMY within.

And again lets also state the fact that Obama Admin talked about some of the above Steps, but once in the office has actually taken NONE of them! So only thing that good can be said about Obama Dems is that they say the right things when running for the office. But once in they pretty much act like Republicans, which is server same Big Pharma, Big insurance, Big Banks, Military, Israel, etc. And that Republicans are such lunatics that they do not even say the right things and instead they cover their insanity by throwing one insane Con Job phrase after another, such as: "Government is the problem not the solution", "We have too much Debt & Deficits".

Congressional Progressive Caucus People's Budget

In fact another budget was introduced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus called People's Budget, here:

which budget would lead to a Surplus in few years. Repeat the Progressive Caucus's People Budget would lead to an actual Surplus in few years vs the budget's proposed by Ryan or ObamaBush which would NOT even lead to a surplus in 20+ years. And which budget rather than giving less Social services to American people would give them More Social services, still a lot less than in other developed nations but more than now by having for example the Public option which is a tiny step toward NHS.

And most of the US Media barely covered this People's Budget proposal and instead engaged in their usual Scam that "Doom and gloom - entitlements", etc. non-sense... and covered the Ryan budget proposal exhaustively under the TOTAL LIE that they care about the Deficits when the Deficits in the US are 99% caused by the ideas, by the LIES, of the Republican, Republic-rats and the Wall Street gang behind them.

Here is a good Video about this issue by one of the rare Liberal Media courses in US

The Multi-Trillion Dollars Con Job

So given the above FACTS, that is we can rather quickly replace the current HUGE Deficits with HUGE Surpluses while giving American people much more Social services, such as essential Health Care for all, then WHY do the Republicans, Republic-rats and the right-wing Media are engaged in this fear-mongering about

"We are broke..."
"Deficits Deficits Deficits Deficits ..."?

Because this is the continuation of the Con Job that they have been playing on American people, for the last many decades, the purpose of which Con Job are:

1- To give American (middle class) people as little as possible for the Taxes that we pay,

2- To enable the Wall Street Gang and their Agents to get as rich as they can off the back of American middle class by NOT HAVING the Government (of the People by the People for the People) regulate what Big corporations can charge the People. Such as regulate Big Banks from charging criminal level interest rates of 20% and more on Credit Card balances when Fed funds rate are at near Zero, or regulate the Big Oil to operate off shore Oil safely, or have Universal nationalized health care, as they have in ALL Europeans countries, in fact in all developed nations, as a result of which health care would cost the American people (Nation) half of what it costs now while ALL Americans having health care for the Taxes that we (already) pay.

3- To have the Rich not pay more Taxes, as they do in Northern European countries and lets remind as a result of which they have MUCH BETTER economies and societies that US.

Now of course Republicans cannot come out and say that they are for the above objectives, so instead via their Wall Street gang members who control 98% of US Media, who are the beneficiary of the above Ultimate Con Job, they have come up with one lunatic non-sense after another to brain wash the uneducated masses to get away with the above Ultimate Con Job, such as:

1- "Government is the problem not the solution..."
2- "Government does not create Jobs..."
3- "People distrust the Government more than they dislike big business (aka Wall Street)"
4- "Government take over of the health care bad..."

And having exhausted the above line of the Con Job that the
"Government is the problem not the solution..." etc.
since any one with half a brain and an Internet connection can see that of course Government is one of the KEY SOLUTIONS to a better economy and a Society, and in fact by far the most powerful solution for better economies and Societies, as evident by the FACTS that:

1- When Republicans aka Wall Street gang needed help in 2008 they instantly turned to the Government to provide them with the $750-Bill TARP rescue

2- Of course Republicans favorite institution, that is the US Military is a 100% Government operated "Socialized" service

3- Countries where Government Taxes the Rich much more and provides key essential services such as Health Care, higher Education, etc., from Germany to Norway to China to Japan, etc. have much better economies than US from near FULL Employment to little or NO Deficits.

etc. etc.

Then Republicans, Republic-rats and the right-wing lying Media, in serving the right-wing Kabal, the Wall Street gang, that is the beneficiary of this Con Job came up with this new narrative to carry the above Con Job, which this new narrative is:

"We are broke...", "Deficits Deficits Deficits Deficits ..."

And again for the same Con Job purpose Which is to get the American people Not to ask for and Not be given Value for the Taxes that we pay and instead have these Trillions of Dollars of value go to the Super Rich and the Wall Street gang that control most of the US Media.

Vast part of the US Media is on this Con Job

So given the FACT that we can take Steps which would quickly convert the HUGE Deficits in US into HUGE Surpluses, which steps other countries are already taking as a result of which they have HUGE Surpluses, such as China, AND Republicans oppose all of these steps AND US Media are not calling Republicans to be lunatics for opposing these steps, and in fact vast parts of US Media are saying the most amazing LIES about these steps such as that piece of trash Wall Street Journal having written Millions of articles against NHS, you have to face the fact that vast part of the US Media are on this Con Job.

For another example take this other psycho babble that comes from Republicans & right-wing Media:
"entitlements such as Medicare are costing too much and we are going bankrupt due to these entitlements ..."

and they actually state as the solution, such as the Ryan budget plan to "Privatize Medicare..."

And the so called reporter on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. Wall Street owned Media outlets, does not turn around and say:
"Are you freaking insane or do you think we are brain dead or do you think people do not have Internet connection so that they can bypass your psychotic LIES? Because if you are actually worried about health care costing too much then you would be supporting Government run Socialized Health care ("NHS"), as they have in ALL European countries, Canada, in fact in ALL developed nations, including your beloved Israel, because in all countries that have NHS, beside all their people having health care, they spend 50% LESS, not MORE, but 50% LESS, on health care. Instead you Republican (bastards) are opposing NHS and are supporting the same Wall Street run health care system that is KILLING at least 50,000+ Americans each year due to pre-existing Condition alone AND on top of that resulting in health care costing US a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP"

Instead the reporter on ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. lying right-wing machines, set aside such total lying machines as Fox, CNBC, etc. will say something like:
"Yes unless we control the entitlements how can we hope to reduce our HUGE Deficits.."

Rather than saying: Which "entitlements" are you talking about????

1- Government being "entitled" to Tax us during our entire life,
2- Europe being "entitled" to receive $100-Bill per yer from American Tax payers due to 200,000 US troops in Europe
3- South Korea being "entitled" to receive $25-Bill per yer from American Tax payers due to 50,000 US troops in Europe
4- Israel being "entitled" to receive Billions of Dollars per yer from American Tax payers
5- OR, American People being "entitled" to receive value for the Taxes we pay to the Government for our entire lives?

Of course Republicans and the right-wing (lying) Media by "entitlements" mean American Tax payer expecting to get some value for the Taxes that we pay and NOT the Government being "entitled" to Tax us for our entire lives. And that is the HEART of the Con Job that Republicans, Republicrats and the right-wing Media have been playing on US, and amazingly continue to play it still in the Internet age where and when we can expose their dastardly LIES, as we are doing here.

Reference Sources:

(0) Countries with Universal Nationalized Health Care spend half as much as US on health care while ALL their people have health care:

(1) China to spend $123 billion next year to provide universal medical service to its 1.3 billion citizens:

(2) Iraq and Afghanistan Wars - the Three trillion Dollar wars:

(3) Real US Military budget is $1.2-Trillion and NOT the Gargantuan reported level of $700-Bill:

(4) Wall Street Journal, best (or worst) example of what a right-wing lying machine vast part of US Media are:

(5) A great example of what a lying machine Wall Street Journal is:

(6) Health Insurers Making Record Profits as Many Postpone Care

(7) Under the "Ryan plan" Mitt Romney would pay zero taxes

Another good Video by John Stewart showing what an Idiot making machine US Media are, when they are not engaging in right-wing LIES., Who gives a SQUAT that Ryan Catches Cat Fish by his hand, or has a grueling fitness work out routine, etc.

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COMMENTS     Posted: 89    Pending: 0

By Guest:   Are_you_kidding 2012-08-24

If RYan and Republicans like him gave a SQUAT about the REAL "Small Business" and not Bain which is astonishingly qualifies as "Small Business" under the Republican (Wall Streets) definition of "Small Business", then Ryan would be 100% for Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS), for the same reason that ALL Conservative parties, repeat for Republican lunatics, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS? Because it SAVES 50% on cost of health care while giving health care to all.

This means if we had NHS, then a typical REAL "Small Business" would SAVE about $10,000 per year per employee, since under NHS you pay your Medicare Taxes, just as all "Small Business" in US do pay Medicare Taxes already, but then you (your employees) would have total health care for FREE for these Taxes. Thus real "Small Business" would save 100s of Billions of Dollars per year.

But Ryan & Republicans oppose NHS. Which is ultimate proof as what true enemy within they are.

By Guest:   real_patriot 2012-08-18

1st, Ryan made most of his money either from inheritance from his Dad.
2nd, His Dad made most of his Money from Government contracts to build Roads, etc.
3rd, Paul Ryan himself has made whatever money he had made through his life from Tax payer money, aka Government salary.

And then this guys main plan is to "Cut Government Spending!

WOW WOW! how Stupid does GOP thinks we are?

By Guest:   NoMoreLies 2012-08-15

Did you read that this freaking buffoon Ryan actually said, as reported by The London Times that: " NHS interferes with democracy and the U.S. must beware of following Britain’s path", here:

How Stupid can this dumb Fawk Ryan and Republicans like him be? Or how Stupid do they think we are?
For the FACTS are EXACTLY OPPOSITE of what he has said, as explained by Professor Moorad Choudhry of Royal Bank of Scotland, that is:

British people get health care for FREE for the Taxes they pay, while health care costs the UK economy 50% LESS than what health care costs US economy where 2-Million+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs, 50,000+ are KILLED each year due to pre-existing condition, etc. catastrophic results of not having Socialized health care in US.

And for Ryan, it is not just UK that has Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS), but so do all developed Nations including Israelis were his body Romney was the other Week and saying: "How Israel is a bastion of Capitalism & economic freedom & success"

By Member: Real_News 2012-08-15

And it is is not just UK that has overnment run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS), but so do all other developed Nations, including the Republican lunatics beloved Israel.

Or is Ryan such a brain dead fawkingg moron NOT to know that his buddy Romney was just in Israel where he praised, and RIGHTLY so, the Israeli health care system which provides health care to ALL Israeli people while Israel, like UK, spends 50% LESS than US on health care, because Israel like UK has Government run Socialized Health care.


So you want to see what TRUE ENEMY of the American Nation Ryan, Romney & the right-wing Media/Cabal that makes them possible are: ask them HOW is it that Romney goes to Israel and praises the Israeli health care system which is a 100% Government run Socialized Health care, while you Republican (bastards) oppose the same for American people? HOW?

By Guest:   real_patriot 2012-05-28

Excellent article.

All that talk about debt was just an excuse for attacking Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and food stamps. And as for Mr. Ryan, well, he’s just another fiscal phony, distinguished only by his fondness for invective. For the modern American right doesn’t care about deficits, and never did, as this article so well describes in detail. But all they care about is literally stealing from the People and passing it to the Uber Rich & Big corporations (aka Wall Street). There is a gr8 related article here:

By Guest:   sense 2011-12-27

Just think about what ENEMY of Nation Republicans are and what a HOAX Obama is that they talk about cutting the budget Deficit by cutting the meager benefits that people on Social Security get or the modest salaries that Teachers get rather than cutting the US Military budget that is really Gargantuan beyond measure as it is taking nearly 50% of the US Federal budget since as noted it is not even $700Bill but more like $1.2-Trillion.

How brain dead can American people be to not Wake Up to this Con Job of the right-wing Kabal by now!!!

And how do they get away with this Con Job, it is NONSTOP fearmongering and warmongering, from Iraq to North Korea to Iran, etc.

So for example if you want Iran not to have a Nuke, the answer is simple, make sure that Israel does not have a Nuke either which it supposedly has 200 plus of them. Or at least stop supporting Israel because it is a religous based country just as Iran as and as Americans we do NOT find a country to be a Democracy if it is religous based: whether Jewish state of Israel or Iraninan Islamic..

By Guest:   TC 2011-09-01

Of your four main steps to turn deficit to surplus, #3 need be reconsidered. Could the cost of foreign military bases today saved become a much higher, ultimate cost paid someday forward? Furthermore, could stability foreign military bases secure ultimately insure global trade's increase? I'm asking hypothetically. Today's geo-politics, no doubt, provide reason to pull the plug on foreign bases. Yet today's is not yesterday's better principled U.S. geo-politics. Today's are so British as to make our Revolution pointless. Now add to this a "Joint Select Committee" pissing on the Constitution for the sake of supporting a New East India Company's highly leveraged claims on the borderless sweatshop otherwise called "globalization," a system whose end plainly and inevitably ventures to impose slavery!

Lest I digress, sometimes progressives display a certain shortsightedness. Point #3 being one instance, as well is support for windmills over nuclear power. Just my 2 cents.

By Member: Reporter 2011-11-01

Your "2 cents" makes little logical sense. But then what can one expect from Republicans but lunatic talk and non-sense.

So it makes NO Sense at all for US to have 200,000+ troops in Europe at cost of $100-Bill per year and MORE to American Tax payer, 60 years after the end of WWII, when:

1- European Union is richer than US as you can see from Euro being KING to US Dollar or EU is a $16T economy vs US $14T economy

2- European Union does not have any enemy that it cannot easily crush on her own

3- Republicans & right-wing Media in US say "we are broke" and want to cut the paltry Government provided benefits that Americans get, paltry compared to what Europeans get.

By Guest:   john smith 2011-08-22

I haven't read through this entire post but wanted to comment on a few things. First off, Ron Paul is a republican (grandfather of the tea-party) and is against the wars and military spending. And while he does want to remove taxes and regulation for corporations, he also wants to remove them for average citizens too. How could this be done? By cutting the responsibility of government greatly. That means we bring all troops home immediately from wars. Figure out how to phase out social security and medicare (while making sure that those who absolutely need it continue to get it). And, yes, end Obama's nationalized healthcare. While many people want these programs and they do sound good in theory, keep in mind that they don't work. The government is wasteful and inefficient. Look at social security. The government was supposed to save people's contributions in a trust fund but instead took that money and spent it all. If there were really a trust fund why would they say "we have to raise the debt ceiling or else seniors won't be paid".

By Member: World 2011-08-22

Man to say you Republicans are lunatics, is really putting it mildly!
After all you actually said:
"Ron Paul is a republican and is against the wars and military spending"
Well that is one good point about Ron Paul. But the problem is that the rest of the Republican party and the right-wing Media does not give him the light of the day.

2nd The health care reform that Obama/Dems passed, what Republican lunatics call "ObamaCare" is a near joke of a health care reform, since it is a NOT Universal Nationalized health care (NHS) at all, which means health care either run by the Government as in UK, Israel, etc. or tightly managed by the Government, as in France, Canada, etc., yet Republicans are such utter complete lunatics to call the joke of a health care reform passed by Dems to be "Government take over of health care...", which it is NOT AT ALL as it needs to be as again it is in ALL European countries, Canada, in FACT ALL developed nations.

3rd, about your other Republican psycho talk that:
"While many people want these programs .. keep in mind that they don't work". WOW! They have had NHS in all European countries, Canada, in fact in ALL developed nations for Decades now. And in countries that have NHS, where all their people have health care, health care is taking on average 9% of the GDP whereas in US with for profit health care, with an astonishing 50Mill+ without health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of the GDP.

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