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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2011-06-19
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New ULTIMATE Con Jobs: We are broke, Stop spending, Fed Easing, QE2, Greece, etc.
Purpose of this article to is to collect in one place a whole bunch of new psycho talk and non-sense that is coming from Republican lunatics and the right-wing (LYING) Media that they control, or controls them, and show each to be the non-sense that they are.

These New Con Jobs are such things as: We are broke, Fed Easing, QE2, Greece, Euro debt crisis, etc. lies and non-sense, the purpose of all of which is to continue with the same Ultimate Con Job started with that buffoon Reagan who sold American people this most astonishingly insane Con Job that: "Government is the problem not the solution..."

A Con Job that if you are brain dead enough to fall for means:
Pay Taxes and ask for and get nothing for your Taxes. And instead have your Taxes go to the Rich and the Worlds most Gargantuan Military and one war after another, which Gargantuan Military lets state is a 100% Government run which means Socialized service.

Some background first

First, what is the main GOALS of this Ultimate Con Job of the right-wing Cabal that controls most of the US Media, Republican party and many Democrats too?

1- To give American (middle class) people as little as possible for the Taxes that we pay, and thus have these Taxes go to benefit the Rich.
2- To enable the Wall Street Gang and their Agents to get as rich as they can off the back of American middle class by NOT HAVING the Government (of the People by the People for the People) regulate what Big corporations (aka Rich) can do, or simply work for the people by for example having Universal Nationalized health care (aka NHS) - something that ALL European countries, in fact ALL Developed nations, have as a result of which health care is taking about 9% of their GDP, whereas in US with no NHS, where an astonishing 50Mill+ have NO health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP - More.
3- To NOT have the Rich NOT pay more Taxes, as they do in most European countries.

Now of course Republicans, to be exact the right-wing Cabal behind them, cannot come out and say that they are for the above Con Job objectives, so instead via their control of 98% of US Media, they come up with one lunatic non-sense and lie after another to brain wash the uneducated masses to get away with the above Ultimate Con Job.

And Who is this right-wing Cabal and how they plan to get away with this Con Job?
Well of course they are not going to run an Ad saying that "We are the right-wing Cabal and are running a Con Job on you American people". No, you have to connect the dots to see who they are. They are the few 1000 people at the top who have more wealth than the other 90% of the Americans: such as the Koch brothers with $40-Bill+ in wealth, Philip Anschutz with $20-Bill+, Murdoch of Fox (aka Fixed) News and Wall Street Journal, etc. And how they get away with their Con Job is 1st via their control of the Big Media, from Talkradio, to Cable TV, to major news networks to print news such as that ultimate lying right-wing piece of garbage called Wall Street Journal and via them also founding fake think thanks to back up their Con Job and lies such as the American for Prosperity by Koch brothers, or Hoover institute of Stanford University which has given us some of the greatest War-mongers too such as Condoleza Rice, etc.

Why all these new Con Jobs of "Stop spending", "Free Money", "Fed printing money", etc.

After American people realized, finally, that it is a total Con Job to say that:
"Government is the problem not the solution..." given that for example the moment that the Rich (Wall Street and other Republican masters) needed help in 2008 they instantly turned to the Government for the $750-Bill Tax payer provided TARP, or that the US Military is a 100% Government run Socialized service, as are other Republicans favorite organizations such as Fire dept, Police, CIA, NSA, etc. Then Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them started this new Con Job that:

"We are broke... Deficits Deficits Deficits "

After this Con Job was proven to be well a total lie, a total Con Job, as you can read here about in detail so we do not have to repeat these points here, then they came up and are coming up with new Con Jobs, almost on a Weekly basis now, about the reason for why US economy is doing badly, for the average American, while the Rich are getting Richer all the time.

In fact because on-line news services such as this exist, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web, to expose their Con Job and lies, it seems the right-wing Cabal behind the Ultimate Con Job of "Government is the problem not the solution..." is coming out with a new Con Job on a monthly basis. That is whereas before the Internet they would come out with one con Job per decade, such as "Government is the problem not the solution..." of Reagan era, now a days they come out with a new Con Job per month such as those listed to be proven for what they are here. So keep in mind that as we expose these "We are broke, Stop spending, Fed Easing, QE2, Greece, etc. " next week they will come up with a new lie for the same Con Job purpose.

1st the New Ultimate Job: We are broke

The most insidious New Con Job that Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them have come up with is this new Con Job that We are broke, or put another way is We have too high a debt.

Answer to this New ultimate Con Job is that if We are broke then:

  • Why do we have 200,000+ troops in Europe at cost of $100Bill+ per year to Americans!

  • Why do we send Billions to Israel every year!

  • Why do we have Military basis in an ASTONISHING 120+ different countries!

  • Why do we have 13 Nuclear Aircraft Careers while all the other countries on planet Earth combined have 3!

  • Why do we have 120,000 troops in Afghanistan at cost of $200 Billion per year, while China that is now the 3rd economy in the World AND borders Afghanistan AND has a huge Surplus, has ZERO troops in Afghanistan at cost of ZERO to Chinese people? - more on this here.

  • etc. etc. etc.

Now you want to see Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them run like Rats exposed to the light of truth for the Con Job that they have been running on American people that "We are broke", then ask them the above questions.
Because only the Richest country on Earth, one far from being broke or worried about Deficits and Debt would be carrying out the above spending.

Or is it that "we are broke" because our money (Taxes) have been wasted on one unnecessary War after another and on a Gargantuan Military, the answer to which would be to END these Wars and pull the US troops home and instead invest these Trillions of Dollars of spending on American people & cities rather than wasting them on a Gargantuan Military acting as the Police man of the World as per for example US Navy running Ads saying "US Navy: Global force for Good" when NO ONE in the Globe pays 1 cent in Taxes to support the US Navy but it is 100% supported by Taxes on American people. But of course the right-wing Cabal behind Republican lunatics NEVER mentions these steps as ways of STOP spending and cutting our debts, and instead they state as steps to cutting the debt is to cut the paltry miserly Government services that Americans get, what they have labeled "Entitlements".

Stop spending = STOP Jobs

After the Con Job of "We are broke", truly the most astonishing New Con Job to come out of the right-wing Cabal that is behind Republican lunatics and now the TEA party that they have created, is "STOP SPENDING".

Because Stop spending = STOP Jobs. Since every, repeat every Job, depends on Spending. That is Spending and Jobs are Two sides of the same coin! For example:

1- Everyone in the US Military has a Job and gets paid because the US Government SPENDs Tax payer money to pay them.
2- Bohner, McConnel, Cantor, Bachman, etc. person in US congress gets paid because the US Government SPENDs Tax payer money to pay them.
3- Doctors and Nurses have Jobs because people SPEND money for their services
4- People in Star-Bucks have Jobs because people SPEND money for their services and coffee
5- Police have a Job because local Government SPEND money for their services
6- Food that you eat is delivered to your mouth by ALL Sorts of SPENDING, from SPENDING to pay the farmers, to SPENDING to pay the people who deliver the food, to SPENDING to pay the people who sort and prepare the food, etc.
7- The clothes you wear so that you are not naked is delivered to you due to all sorts of SPENDING, from SPENDING to pay the people who cut and sow it to SPENDING to pay the people who sell it to you
etc. etc.

So again EVERY Job exists because People and Government of People SPEND money for the services and products produced by people behind these Jobs.

So to have as your position the policy of "STOP SPENDING" is truly the most astonishing psycho babble you can have, because "STOP SPENDING" = "STOP JOBS".

So this means that Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them: DO NOT want low unemployment in US, they want high, in fact as HIGH an unemployment in US as possible, since again "STOP SPENDING" absolutely means "STOP JOBS", since every Job is dependent on SPENDING.

In closing

So one has to admit, that one has to be either totally brain dead or brain washed not to realize by now the Ultimate Con Job that the Wall Street gang, via Republican Lunatics and HOAX Democrats, that they control, have been running on the American people. And that the sudden concern of the Republicans and the right-wing Media about the "Debt & Deficits..." are just the continuation of the Con Job that they have been running on US and that they will say any lunatic lies & non-sense to continue running their Con Job on US, on YOU. And that the only way they will be STOPPED is if YOU start getting your news & info from non-Wall-Street owned Media and we start having major street demonstrations as they have in Europe and other countries where they have real Democracies.

A great Video by John Stewart proving the above points in that on one hand Republicans & right-wing Media say "We are broke.." while OTOH backing $20-Mill+ bonuses for the Wall Street gang members:

(1) 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined - here

(2) Republican Congress on Mar/17/2011 defeats Bill to End the Afghan War, which would SAVE $200 Billions per year for American Tax payers. Here:

(3) Crime rate in US vs Europe:

(4) Contrary to the Con Job that "we are broke" as per this article: Rich Americans Spend More on Luxury Goods

(5) Luxury homes in NYC, costing more than $5Mill, set records as buyers out-bid each other:

(6) Art Pope, another example of right-wing Cabal, brain washing the masses with their Millions

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COMMENTS     Posted: 102    Pending: 0

By Member: Real_News

NewWorldPartyDotOrg, even though by some osmosis you do not call yourself a Republican although you repeat all their con job lies.

1st Debt is not bad, it is in fact very good IF it is put into good use. So on that note most of the Debt that Europeans have is a good Debt since it is put into good use, it is used to invest in Eurropean people and cities from providing them with FREE health care for Taxes they pay, to providing them with FREE COllege education for Taxes they pay to giving them modern Transporation systems such as High speed Trains in Germany, France as a result of which public transporation they depend much less on polluting Middle Eastern Oil since these are electric powered. However most of US Debt is bad debt since it is wasted on unnecessary Wars and a Gargantuan Military. Which FACTS you can instantly see proven by Euro being MUCH MORE valuable than US Dollar which means the World is telling you with their money that they much rather keep their money in Europe because European economies are going to do much better than US economy because again European Governments are investing their Debt and their Taxes much more in their people whereas US is wasting American people Debt & Taxes on unnecessary Wars and a Gargantuan Military.

So again all Debt is not the same. That is if you borrow to wage a Trillion War and you borrow to build the Golden gate bridge and make many such positive investments in your people and cities, they are both Debt, but one is a bad Debt and the other is a good Debt, a Debt that over time will pay much dividends.

Finally if Republicans and the right-wing Media (people like you) want further proof of how wrong you are look at a country that has NO Debt and Huge surpluses, which is China. What is China doing different? China has policies that are 180 degree opposite of the Republican party given the FACT that in China 50% of the economy is operated on Socialized basis and they do not engage in Wars 10000K from their country.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

I don't think you're reading any of my comments. I've already explained how most of your points are wrong. Some of your points are not wrong and which I've already pointed out numerous times that I agree, such as the waste on wars and military.

By Member: ThinkDeep

Looking at your (Republicans) points and points of other people, as an observer from out-side US I must say that not are your points wrong, but you sound like a total NUT Job, which I think why you Republicans are frequently refereed to as Lunatics.

So as others have noted, if you actually care about the debts & deficits, then the 1st think you would propose would be Socialized health care because that would save Americans 50% on health care costs while giving all Americans health care, and that is why all developed nations have had Socialized health care for 20 to 30 years now.

2nd thing would you would be doing would be to call for pulling US troops out of Europe, Japan, etc.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

It seems that there's a pre-requisite that every commenter includes a rude insult in every one of debate points. Since, I haven't been doing this, it's amazing that I'm still getting notified from this site about postings, and that I'm allowed to post.

If there was no housing bubble in the US, don't tell me. you need to notify millions of Americans, including Obama, a democrat. You need to correct millions of websites as well. Just do a search for "US housing bubble". Here is Professor Shiller's housing chart:

I think anybody can update Wikipedia. You should update this:

Please show credible sources that show that the average US price was $200 / sq ft in 2007 and how this was lower than in other countries. Even if you can provide this, just because it was lower, it doesn't mean the other countries don't have bubbles. Canada has a bubble now and are usually a few years behind in the US in most things. Australia has a bubble.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

This was meant to be reply to WhatLiberalMedia below.

By Member: NHS_Facts

Just check Remax and search for homes in Atlanta area, which is one of the top average areas in US, since it even had the Olympic there and then search for homes for example in Montreal area which is typical Canadian area which is also above avg since it had the Olympic too.

If you do you will see that avg homes in Atlanta area re below the truly pathetic avg of $200 per Sqft and if you do the same for Montreal area you will see that avg homes are well over $250 per Sqft.

FYI, I bought a 4 br 2500 Sqft vacation house in Charleston area for $500K, my family member bought a 2 br 800 Sqft Apt in Vancouver area for $800K. This means avg home prices in US are in 3rd world country levels.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Are you guys seriously going to try to argue that the US didn't have a housing bubble? Surely you jest. Do you not watch the news or read newspapers? Did you do a search for "US housing bubble"? Did you read the millions of websites about this? Did you go to the links in my other comment?

Even if it's cheaper in Atlanta than Montreal, it doesn't mean that the US didn't have a housing bubble.

American bubble peaked in 2006-2007 and since the collapse, prices have come down. Average price is a lot lower now. Canadian prices continued to soar.

What fuels house prices is the every increasing size of mortgages, since wages have not gone up nearly as much.

Americans' household debt to income ratio have been rising since the early 1980's. It peaked at approx. 124% in 2007, coinciding with the peak of the housing bubble. They have deleveraged down to ~105% since then.

Canadians' household debt to income ratio continued soaring to 150%, coinciding with Canada's housing bubble. Monkey see, monkey do.

By Member: Real_News

Why do you Republicans hate American people so much?
That is you said: "Americans' household debt to income ratio have been rising since the early 1980's" this is because of the Con Job of the Republican lunatics and the right-wing Cabal/Media behind them.


1- Canadians, Europeans etc. ALL have Universal nationalized (socialized) health care, which means while all their people have health care for FREE for the Medicare Taxes that they pay an American household has to pay a DEFICIT BUSTING $15000 to $20000 per year in health care fees on top of the Medicare Taxes that we pay, resulting in 2Mill Americans going bankrupt each year due to health care costs while ZERO Canadians, Europeans etc.went bankrupt due to health care costs

2- In typical European country such as Germany they have Universal college Education, which meas you can go to college pretty much for FREE. Contrast this to US where getting a BS degree can cost you an astonishingly INSANE amount of $100,000 AND MORE, putting your or your family in debt for years to come.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

I've repeated this numerous times. I'm not Republican and I don't agree with their view on wars.

Where did I say that I hate Americans? I don't hate Americans, just because I criticize debts, which is happening in most countries, not just America.

Household debt to income ratio have been rising in the US and Canada. Check out the chart at:
It shows the private debt levels soaring. That chart is from TD Bank of Canada. FYI, they have nothing to do with the Republicans. Look at how Canadian debt have soared past American debt.

I agree that the US has a problem with their healthcare and colleges. However, Canada & Europe does not necessarily have the solution either. They are not paying for all of their healthcare and education. They are getting children to pay, through "inter-generational transfer" via debts. Canada & Europe don't have much military and they have comparable or more debt than the US.

But, I agree with you that the US has a problem with the healthcare industry and colleges.

By Guest:   factsRus

To say that you not a Republican but then repeat the Republican lunatic non-sense such as " They are getting children to pay fot it..." just proves that you are Republican.

And the so called proof that you have provided for your point is a link to your web site.

So 1st debt is not bad, in fact it is a KEY part of Capitalism. That is you raise capital either via issuing Debt or issuing stocks. And since the Govs rarely issue stocks then they raise capital via debt and Taxes. So if you use the debt to invest in your childerens future such as put in place a health care system that gives health care to all free for the Taxes that people pay, which is what Europeans, Canadians, etc. done, then Debt is good, OTOH if you waste that debt on unnecessary Wars which is what US is doing then debt is bad.

So the key problem with US is lack of socialized services such as Governmet run health care (aka NHS). For in the countries that have NHS, health care is taking on average 9% of the GDP whereas in US with for profit health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Dear factsRus:

The Republicans believe in these things:

Bear Arms
Baptism / Evangelicalism
Merging State with Church

I don't believe in those things

Conversely, if you believe in any one of those things, it doesn't make you a Republican either.

Your capitalism analogy doesn't apply. Businesses that have more debt than assets usually go bankrupt. Businesses that run losses, where spending is greater than revenue (deficits), for 45 years, all have gone bankrupt.

Issuing stocks is not debt.

"Invest" implies a return on investment to recoup the expense. Deficits and debts have been growing for 45 years. When is the ROI suppose to show up? What % of the govt's budgets is investment vs spending. Take a look.

If healthcare is an investment, then eventually it should pay dividends and pay back the 45 years of debt buildup. It's not. Debt is accelerating.

As mentioned many times already, Europeans & Canadians are not paying their healthcare with taxes. Part of it is from debt (children).

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


I agree that US wasted $ on wars. But, Canada & Europe have more total debt than the US, and they don't have much military.

I agree that US has a problem with healthcare, but I don't know if NHS is the solution, as it takes debt to fund NHS. Read my other posting about litigation as one major factor for the high cost in the US. I don't know what else is causing the high cost, but maybe the corruption between healthcare companies and Washington is another factor.

Canada has poor healthcare contrary to popular belief. It is understaffed, under-budget and waiting lists are very long. Don't rely on a Michael Moore film.

If healthcare was an investment, people should be healthier and therefore reducing the demand curve for healthcare and therefore reducing the need and waiting lists. Healthcare is not an investment. It is an expense.

R&D is an investment and some parts of some hospitals do R&D. So, yes, some of the budget is for investments. But most of the healthcare budget, for nurses, beds, buildings, supplies, food, tests, etc., are expenses, not investments.

By Guest:   WhatLiberalMedia


1st, there was NO Housing bubble in US given the fact that avg House prices in US at their peak in 2007 were/are below the pathetic $200/Sqft which is way below what avg House prices are today, repeat today, in Canada, 99% of Europe, Australia, etc.

2nd, Housing prices went down in US from their already low levels compared to the developed World due to lack of "Socialized" health care and "Socialized" college education which would save typical American family of 4 about $500,000+ during their life time as is the case already in Germany, France, etc. whom all have "Socialized" health care, college education, etc. as a result of which they get these essential services for FREE for the Taxes that they pay, which Taxes are on par with what we pay but our Taxes are instead wasted on a Gargantuan Military and one war after another.

Wake up you fool to the Con Job that Repugs have been playing on us, which is "Socialism" is great when it benefits the Rich & Military Industrial complex but bad "aka borrowing from our Children" when it benefits the avg person.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

(cont'd from above)

Europe's bubbles:


Telegraph is a big British newspaper. You need to correct them:
"UK housing bubble is bursting and it's serious"

"bubble popped"

"bubble burst during 2008"

"Pop Goes the French Housing Bubble"

If socialized healthcare can save housing bubbles, then how come it didn't do this in Europe?

If taxes pay for all of the social services, then how come all these countries have such huge debts? How come they are having a debt crisis? You need to tell all of those European leaders to chill out.

By Member: Europal

Europe is NOT having a real "debt crisis" as you can see from Euro having gained so much against your pathetic loooooser of US Dollar. Or dont you know that Euro is a majestic 41% more valuable than US Dollar?

And the reason exactly why our currency is KING to your US Dollar is because we have socialized healthcare and other socialized services so we pay little or nothing for these services beyond the Taxes that we pay.

Wake up you fool, you are being screwed by the 1% that owns your media.
The reason you Americans are so poor and miserable is that whereas our Taxes are invested in our people & cities via many socialized services that we have yours are instead sent to Super rich and the gargantuan Military and many unnecessary Wars that you have.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

You must be living in a cave.

If Europe is not having a debt crisis, then why does every European newspaper write about it everyday. Guardian, Telegraph, Financial Times, Der Spiegel have sections dedicated to this. You need to straighten them out.

There are multiple factors on the value of currency. Monetary policy, which includes interest rate and quantitative easing is a big factor. European and US monetary policies are very different. Read up on that. China has the strongest growth but their currency is still dirt cheap.

If taxes is paying for all of the social services, then how come most European countries have to run deficits every year and balloon their debts?

You pay little or nothing for services because a good part of it is paid for by stealing from children through deficits and debts (read explanation in my other comments).

I'm not American and USD is not my currency.

Try to refrain from using ad hominem to debate. It doesn’t work. Most people who use ad hominem, do so because they can't debate.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Borrowing and spending fuels the economy. The more the private sector does this, the less the government has to, and conversely.

But this is temporary, as eventually the borrowing hits a limit, slows down or has to reverse. When this happens, the economy slows down or contracts. This is what is happening to Europe. According to the UK Guardian, Europe is going back to a recession.

According to this October 2011 report ( Capital Economics in London calculated these aggregate debt to GDP ratios (total private and public debt of countries divided by GDP):

Euro zone and the United Kingdom: 450%
Japan: 470%
Canada: 410%
U.S.: 350%

All of these countries have hugely fake economies and fake wealth. Japan, Canada and Europe don't have large militaries, if any at all, which means that they borrowed even more than the U.S. to support their fake economies and fake wealth.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

As already mentioned, I'm anti-war and agree that the US military is too big. It's used to steal oil. I'm not a fan of the US military.

Europe's military isn't big but they still have huge debts.

Borrow implies that the lender agreed to lend you the money. These debts are passed from one generation to the next. The next generation never agreed to this loan and to pay for our standard of living.

Stealing can be defined as taking something from somebody without that person's approval or knowledge. This is exactly what we are doing when we "pass" these debts. We are not borrowing from children. We are stealing from children, including stealing from them to pay for the military.

By Member: Europal

Hey Republican retard debt is a a key part of capitalism.
debt by itself is not bad, only if you waste it on unnecessary Wars (iei Iraq War at cost of $3-Trillion) then debt is bad.
Otherwise debt is how you finance things.
For example if we borrow $1-Trillion to cure cancer which will save $100-Trillion over the next 100 years, that is NOT bad debt that us great debt.
That is not "borrowing from our children", that is investing in our children.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Do you insult everybody you know that doesn't agree with you? Are you as miserable in real life as you are on these sites? Most people who use ad hominem, do so because they can't debate. It doesn't work. Calling me a Republican, when I'm not and I don't even like Republicans, makes you sound like an idiot.

You're mixing investing with spending. How much of Europe's debt was invested in things like cure for cancer and how much was spent? The far majority of most Western countries' debt is a result of over-spending, not over-investing. Google it.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Here is an executive summary of what happened to the U.S. (and world) economy:

1. Cause of Great Recession: Collapse of Banks
2. Cause of Bank Collapse: Collapse of Housing Bubble
3. Cause of Housing Bubble: Massive Socialist Manipulation


Socialism vs Capitalism

Housing, the most manipulated market in the world

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Hence, the root cause of the Great Recession was Socialism.

By Member: Real_News

No freaking moron, Great depression was caused because:

1- US Government stood buy under the so called leader ship of the Republican Hoover Administration and let the Banks and Wall Street rip the American people to shred.

2- Great depression was exactly caused by lack of enough Socialized services in US

3- Great depression was exactly caused the rampant greed of the Wall Street gang

Anyway, we do not need to dwell about something from almost 100 years ago which has little relevance to today's Modern economy, where we can instantly collaborate via Video & Voice with people from around the World for FREE, whereas back then a simple phone call across the Atlantic was nearly impossible and cost a fortune. And look at countries today that have much lower unemployment than US, such as Germany, China, Japan, etc. and see what they are doing different than US, which is that they have much more socialized economies than US.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Who's talking about the Great Depression?

I was talking about the Great Recession.


Socialism vs Capitalism

Housing, the most manipulated market in the world

By Member: Lux_Report

As has been noted here many times by other, "Great Recession" only exists in US due to lack of essential Social services such as Universal nationalized (socialized) health care.

After all look at countries that are having booming economies, as evident by their MUCH LOWER Un-Employment to near FULL employment. Such as:

Germany has un-employment rate of 6.0%,
Japan 5.2%,
Australia 5.3%,
China 4.2%,
Switzerland 2.9%

So what are they doing different compared to US?

1- They ALL have Universal nationalized (socialized) health care, which means while all their people have health care their businesses & Government spend a small fraction of what US businesses and Government spend on health care.

2- They have Universal Education, which meas you can go up to your PhD pretty much for FREE. Contrast this to US where getting a BS degree can cost you an astonishingly INSANE amount of $100,000 AND MORE, putting your or your family in debt for years to come.

3- They do not spend Trillions of Dollars on a Gargantuan Military and unnecessary Wars 10,000K from their borders, as US does all the time.

So key to better economies is to regulate rampant Capitalism and have sensible amount of socialized services.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

** Deleted by Admin for being a rant **

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

I can't believe that the admin deleted by comment.

I entered facts that countered your opinion.

I guess there's no point in debating on this site anymore, if the admin will censor meaningful input.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Booming economies? Guardian newspaper yesterday published that Europe is going into another recession.

What is the unemployment rate in Spain, Portugal and Greece?

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Unemployment figures came out this week for Spain.

It continued to increase to 21%

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

It is debatable whether the U.S. has a less or more socialized economy than Germany, China or Japan.


Socialism vs Capitalism

Housing, the most manipulated market in the world

There was the huge American socialist policy from a couple of decades ago to enable every American to realize the American Dream of home ownership. This was the root cause of their housing bubble, which caused the banks to fail when the bubble collapsed, which caused the Great Recession.

By Member: Lux_Report

You are just spamming this site with your stupid Web site.
The Admin should block you soon if you keep doing this.

In response to your rants:

1- Home ownership percentages in US are actually less than for example in Canada

2- Socialized services means Government pays for something via our Taxes, people pay in US for their home via their incomes, Gov via FreddiMac at best lowered interest rates 0.25% and even that is debatable, Again in Canada where they have No FrediMac, they have HIGHER percentage home ownership than US and their Housed on avg are much higher priced than US.

So for you to call Government in US lowering interest rates at best 0.25% via Fannie & FrediMac to be:
"There was the huge American socialist policy from a couple of decades ago to enable every American to realize the American Dream of home ownership."

is absolute proof of what Psycho you are.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

It's amazing how every user on this site uses ad hominem to debate.

1. How do you know? What are the %'s and source links? US increased their home ownership most years up to 2006. Since then, it's dropped. Canada has gone up because Canada has been massively manipulating its housing market and created a bubble as well.

2. This is why I posted links. They explain to you how Canada is manipulating housing and created a bubble as well. Canada's version of Fannie & Freddie is CMHC. If you go to those links, you will see a long list of things the US govt did to manipulate housing to try to enable every American to own a home. The Federal Reserve lowered rates. Fannie and Freddie gave $5 trillion mortgages to lower-income, higher risk borrowers (half of all US mortgages).

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

** Deleted by Admin for being a rant **

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


- FHA’s Refi program for underwater borrowers (aka the FHA Short Refi Program)
- HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program)

This week, Obama announced a new program: HARP, to reduce interest rates and mortgage principal.

By Guest:   WeAreNotStupid

NewWorldPartyDotOrg, all those things that you have listed are NOT Socialisim.
Socialisim means Government paying for a service via our Taxes, such as the US MIlitary, Fire Dept. or Health care in countries that have Universal nationalized health care (aka NHS), which is what they have in all European countries, Canada, in fact in all of the developed World.

In fact if our Government had been providing American people with NHS, then this would SAVE typical American family $15000 per year and more, and as the result we would not have had the Housing market crash in US which would have resulted in US Gov not having to spend all those other lil piece meal amounts that you have listed. Just as Canada, etc. that have Socialized health care, where people get health care for FREE for Medicare Taxes that they pay, just as we pay Medicare Taxes but get NO health care for it, did not have a housing market crash even though Housing prices in Canada are higher than US even though Canada has 1/10th of population of US.

WAKE Up! Key to better economines is a sensible amount of Socialisim.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Where do you think the government gets the money to pay for all of those housing programs? Taxes.

Actually, not all of it is paid for by taxes. Just like not all of the socialist programs in Europe and Canada are paid for by taxes. Much of it is paid for from deficits and debts, which is essentially stealing from children.

Just in your lifetime, there has been multiple bubbles: dot coms, oil, housing. There have been bubbles throughout history, starting with the tulip bubble in Holland in the 1400's and the South Sea Shipping company bubble in 1700's or 1800's. Every bubble in history has collapsed.

Spain, UK and Ireland have free healthcare and their real estate bubbles collapsed.

Canada's bubble hasn't collapsed yet because Canadians have leveraged up even more, thanks to government manipulation. Americans' household debt to income ratio peaked at approx. 124% in 2007, coinciding with the peak of their housing bubble. They have deleveraged down to ~105% since then.

Canadians' household debt to income ratio continued soaring to 150%.


By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


You, me, Europeans and Canadians are not paying sufficient taxes for our healthcare. If we were, we wouldn't have to borrow money. We wouldn't have deficits and debts. Our children are subsidizing our healthcare.

The three largest expenditures in the Canadian budget are:

Social Services

The current generation of Canadians are not paying the full bill for these, because of their huge debts. Their public per capita debt is roughly the same as the US debt.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

** Deleted by Admin for being a rant **

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

You wrote that the rich in Europe pay more taxes. If this is the case, then why does Europe have roughly the same debt level as the US, even though Europe doesn't spend as much on the military?

You complained about QE2. QE2 is from the government, not the free-market. Therefore, it is more of a socialist policy than a capitalist policy.

You mention the two richest European countries only: Germany and Norway. Norway can only be compared to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. These countries won the lottery by sitting on oil. They don't have to work and they will be flush with money. Germany is approximately 25% of Europe. The rest have been stealing from children like there is no tomorrow.

The reason the Euro is more expensive than the USD is because the US did QE1 and QE2, which increases USD money supply, and the ECB raised interest rates. It is not a reflection of true fiscal or economic health.

You wrote that the Greeks are having a great life. I would have a great life as well if the government spends a ton of money on me and I don't have to pay much in taxes. All of this is enabled by stealing from children. Greeks have questioned their relatives in the US and Canada, asking why the American and Canadian Greeks are working so hard and so ambitious. Greeks say that they don't have to work hard because the government will take care of them. I would have a great life as well if I didn't have to work and simply rely on children to fund my lifestyle.

By Member: Real_News

As stated QE2 & QE3 are HOAX, they do not exist in reality, certainly no form or reality for avg American. After all where can we get $1000 of that "increased USD money supply..."? WHERE?

So the reason that ECB raised their rates, as any central Bank does when they raises rates, is because their economy is doing too well, to avoid it from heating up. So you need to ask yourself the QUESTION why European economies are doing so well that their central Bank had to raise rates while US economy is doing so bad that our central Bank has rates at the astonishing level of nearly ZERO? The answer is:

"Europeans are not suffering from Republican lunatics, HOAX Democrats (ie Obama) and above all a right-wing (LYING) Media. As a result Europeans have the fundamental advantages that they have over US, which again simply means Europeans get much more value for their Taxes, which means Europeans operate a sensibly more portion of their economy on Socialized basis and not just the Military, Police, etc. on Socialized basis as is the case in US."

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

If QE didn't exist, then why did US inflation and most commodity prices go up after QE rolled out?

European economy is grinding to a halt. Here are the latest GDP growth numbers for the latest quarter:

France: 0%
Germany: 0.1%
Eurozone: 0.2%
Britain: 0.1%
Italy: 0.3%

US: 1.2%

Guardian newspaper: "Eurozone 'is heading for recession'"

The main reason the ECB keeps rates high is because of Germany's paranoia with inflation. German's have the Weimar experience burned in their DNA.

Europeans get much more value than the taxes they pay, because Europe, like US, is spending more on their citizens then they are receiving in tax revenue. They are running huge deficits and debts. This means they are stealing from children to fund their standard of living.

As mentioned in my other posting, I agree that the US has a huge military, used to steal oil. Socialist Russia and ancient Rome invaded multiple countries to steal assets, but what does that have to do with capitalism vs socialism?

By Member: Lux_Report

What freaking inflation?
We are having deflation as you can see from prices of houses, etc.

Oil is less than it was in 2008.
And what price gain Oil has had is due mainly to Hedge funds taking Multi Billion Dollar future contracts to manipulate the prices and not because of inflation. Gold is up because it measures the paranoia of doom & gloom Republican lunatics. Otherwise inflation is as tame as can be, as you can see from Fed funds rate being almost ZERO. Again more to the point, QE2, QE3, are just words with NO real world existence.

And when you say this crap:
"stealing from children to fund their standard of living." you really prove what a lunatic you are and NOT worth to talk to. To the extent that we are "stealing from children" is the $3-Trillion that we wasted on the totally unnecessary Wars in Middle East and the gargantuan US Military budget that we have which BTW is a 100% Socialized service, but Republicans love this Socialized service.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Go to

US was having deflation. QE1 and QE2 pushed inflation up to 2 to 3.8%. Price of oil was approx. $40 in beginning of 2009. After QE2, oil went past $90.

I'm not a Republican and I'm anti-war, so I agree with your criticism of US war mongering. If $3 Trillion of the debt was spent on the war, then what was the rest of the debt ($11 Trillion) spent on?

We have been running deficits and building up our debt for most of the years since the mid-1960's.

When one generation spends like crazy, runs up the debt and then do not repay it, the next generation must pay for it. Some people euphemistically call this “INTER-GENERATIONAL TRANSFER?. However, this can be misleading.

Burdening people without their approval or knowledge, is immoral and illegal. This is what we do when we pass huge debts to the next generation.


By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


Furthermore, "inter-generational transfer" implies that the receiving party agreed to the transfer. However, the next generation never agreed, nor want to give their money to the previous generation. They never said: "Please borrow and spend like crazy and pass the debt to us to pay off." This is no different than STEALING MONEY from the next generation. Stealing can be defined as taking something from somebody without that person's approval or knowledge. This is EXACTLY what we are doing.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Is it a pre-requisite on this site that all commenters must include a rude insult?

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

** Deleted by Admin for being repeat **

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

I can't believe that there is censorship on this site.

So much for a open debate.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Regarding China:

China was communist, which is an extreme version of socialism, a few decades ago. It was that economic system that made China so poor that millions of Chinese starved to death.

Since Deng XiaoPing introduced capitalism in the late 70's and have been increasing capitalism ever since, that's why they have become wealthier.

Due to capitalism, entrepreneurs have sprung up everywhere, who created companies, jobs and wealth for their country.

Yes, China still has socialist aspects, like state-owned companies, etc. However, China is much more capitalistic than a couple of decades ago. China is also more capitalistic than US or Europe in certain aspects. China has:

- very low income tax for individuals or corporations
- very low sales tax
- no safety net
- little or no free healthcare
- little or no free education (You want to attend elementary school? You pay)
- little or no government pension

I've met several Europeans and Americans in China. They moved there because they say it's easier to start businesses there...due to capitalism.

By Member: World

Man you Republicans are not capable of handling facts and information! Are you?

So yes China has moved from total Communism to Communist Capitalist. And NOT to Republican style Capitalist which means the ultimate lie that "Government is the problem and not the solution"

That is China has shown that indeed Government is THE KEY Solution to better economies. Not the only solution, but the KEY solution.

Given the FACT that: "China is a Communist Capitalist country with Chinese Government NOT just running health care, etc. as Europeans do, on Socialized basis, but in China also the Top banks, Top Energy companies, etc. are all Nationalized, which means are run by Chinese Government on Socialized basis. As a result of which Socialized services, which means as a result of China operating about 50% of her economy on Socialized basis and the other 50% on Capitalist basis: China has a HUGE Surplus vs US having HUGE Deficits, China has near Full Employment with unemployment at about 4.2%, China has 9% growth rate, etc. etc."

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

The important thing is the direction of change in the economic system.

China went from a very socialist economic system towards a capitalist system, even if it isn't 100% capitalist. This is the main cause of their prosperity, not because they became more socialist.

If you think socialism is the great creator of wealth, why weren't China more rich 30 years ago? Why don't they move more towards socialism?

I don't know if China runs healthcare. They may do. But, it's not free. Patients have to pay. That's closer to a capitalist model, than a socialist model.

The U.S. has private healthcare providers, but reimburse patients with Medicare or Medicaid. Which system is more socialistic? It's debatable.

FACT: China's economic system is not Communist. Read:

They've changed their economic system away from Communism. It's just that they haven't changed political party's name.

By Member: Lux_Report

Far more important about the "direction of change in the economic system." is where they STOPPED. OR are you Republican so brain dead that you cannot face that fact? That is China has stopped at about 50% Socialized economy and 50% Capitalist economy.

So China as many European countries have realized that the best economic model is a combination of a sensible amount of Socialized services plus Capitalism based services. And that the WORST Models are the Republican model where Big corporations run the economy and the Communist Model where the Government runs it. And the right Model is 50% of each

So that is why in China beside health care being Socialized, Top banks, Top Energy companies, etc. are all Nationalized.

Here about health care in China:

As you can see:
"Nearly all the major medical facilities are run by the government."
Which means EXTREME Socialized health care.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Is it a pre-requisite on this site that every comment starts with a rude insult?

There's no more point to debate on this site as the admin is deleting my messages.

It seems that this site will only allow comments that agree with him.

He only wants to rant, but not discuss.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

** Deleted by Admin for being repeat **

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

China Unicom is the other top company in the telecom industry.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

You really try to avoid using ad hominem to debate. It doesn't work.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


You really should try to avoid using ad hominem to debate. It doesn't work.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

** Deleted by Admin for being SPAM **

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

You talked about China's full employment. They have full employment because there is no minimum wage. Workers are willing to take whatever the market will bear. The wage is where demand meets supply in a free market.

In addition to socialist policies, such as minimum wage, unions, etc., Westerners on both sides of the pond are not willing to take low wage jobs, preferring to leave them for illegal aliens or immigrants. Westerners do this because they feel that the low paying jobs are too below them. This is even though Westerners are not rich. They are much poorer than on the facade. Westerners have fake wealth, because so much of their supposed wealth is from debt.

Fake Wealth:

Fake Economy:

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


It should read:

"In addition to socialist politices that thwart free markets, such as..."

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg


Socialism vs Capitalism

"the main causes of the U.S. debt problem are the entitlement programs, which include Social Security (old age pension), Medicare (free healthcare for the elderly) and Medicaid (free healthcare for the poor). They account for 57% of total federal government expenses, up from 25% 40 years ago and are growing the fastest. These are socialist programs. Similarly, the cause of the high debts in other Western countries are due to socialist programs as well."

"The amount that the U.S. federal government spends, averaged 3% of GDP from 1790 until 1930. Since 1930 until 2010, this has ballooned to 24% of GDP. The government does not create wealth. It takes wealth from people who create it and distributes it to others. Therefore, the larger the government, the less people there are creating wealth. In the U.S., only three out of four people are creating wealth. This is socialism. The extreme is communism where the government controls nearly 100% of the GDP."

By Guest:   erdogan

Man you Republicans are either really brain dead or real lunatics.

1st, US pays a small fraction of the benefits that other develop countries pay for retirement, what is called Social Security here. Given the fact that avg Social Security payments are at a truly pathetic $1500 per month.

2nd, the reason that Medicare and Medicaid cost so much is that we are operating health care on for profit Wall Street run basis. So the answer to Medicare costing so much is to operate health care on Universal Nationalized (aka Socialized basis), just as we operate the Military, Fire dept, etc. on Socialized basis already. Given the FACT that in countries that operate health care on Socialized basis, which is ALL European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, Israel, in fact ALL, repeat ALL for Republican lunatics, developed nations on EARTH, health care is taking about 9% of the GDP, whereas in US with no NHS, where an astonishing 50Mill+ have NO health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP.

Gr8 related article here:

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Does everybody on this site use ad hominem to debate? You guys should try to avoid that, as it doesn't work.

Just because Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia have NHS, it doesn't mean that it is sustainable and that they are not stealing from children.

Europe and Canada have debt levels roughly equal to the US. This means that their standard of living for the past 45 years have been paid for by children and grandchildren. And this stealing is accelerating, not mitigating.

Read "Stealing from Children"

Japan has the highest debt in the world.

One of the main causes of higher cost of healthcare in the US is: litigation. The US is the most litigious society in the world. Therefore, every medical profession has to take out a ton of insurance. When you go in for a check up, the doctor will take multiple times more tests than a European doctor, to make sure that he covered his ass in case the patient was to sue in the future. Tests and lawsuits are very expensive.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

Is litigation related to an economic system (capitalism or socialism) or political system? This is debatable.

By Guest:   NewWorldPartyDotOrg

If Canada spends less than the US on healthcare, which I don't know if this is verifiable (do you have a source link?), one of the reasons, in addition to US litigation, is because Canada's healthcare it not good healthcare, contrary to popular believe.

You should ask a medical professional in the Canadian healthcare system. It is very under-funded, under-staffed. Waiting lists for operations are long.

There is also waste. Hospital management make sure that they spend every cent in their budget, even if they don't need to, because they know that if they don't, the government might cut their budget in the next year.

Nevertheless, the current generation of Canadians is not paying for this "free" healthcare. The next generation is. Healthcare is paid for with borrowed money by running deficits and huge debts.


Stealing from Children

Fake Wealth

By Guest:   time4me2be

Man my hat off to you and, that is as per the end of this article where you wrote:

"the only way they will be STOPPED is if you start getting your news & info from non-Wall-Street owned Media and we start having major street demonstrations at they have in Europe and other countries where they have real Democracies."

1st time I read that about a month ago, I thought that is far fetched for Americans to start having " street demonstrations as they have in Europe", but that is exactly what has happened and will keep happening until as you have stated the right-wing Cabal behind Republican lunatics and lying US Media re brought down.

Keep up the GREAT work. This country needs you.
I tell you whenever I want to know what is the real truth, I know I can get it here at like no where else.

If there ever was a HQ for the Revolution that is about to take place in US against the 1% that has hijacked our Government, it is this

I am sure getting the Word out about this site.

By Guest:   sscbk

"And on top of this of course the interest rates that banks pay on the saving accounts are near ZERO too which means this other source of Money that average people were getting is at near zero, which again is another indication that EXACT OPPOSITE of "Easy money" exists in US."

Are you a 5th grader? Honestly...

Low interest rates are supposed to make it cheaper to borrow money not more advantageous to save it and earn interest.

You are basically making the case for ending the FED and returning to the gold standard without even realizing it. HAHAHAHAHA!

By Guest:   WeAreNotStupid

sscbk, Every time you Republicans open your mouth you further prove what utter complete lunatics you people are.

I mean what you have written makes ABSOLUTELY no sense!
Even a 2nd grader with proper education would not write such non-sense!
To be exact you have actually written:
"Low interest rates are supposed to make it cheaper to borrow money not more advantageous to save it and earn interest."

You freaking moron the point is that average American has NO possibility of borrowing money, given the fact that the one mean that avg American had for borrowing money was to borrow against the equity of their houses and as you know most American have little or NO equity in their homes anymore. Or banks are not willing to issue such loans. So this means the only means that typical American has to borrow is credit cards which have their rates at the same criminal level of 20%.

OTOH, the Wall Street VC Cabal, you know the 1% who control Republicans and US (aka right-wing) Media, can borrow any amount of Billions at will at these ZERO rates.

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