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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2011-10-22
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The Republican Con Job
Lets face the fact: Republican party is about carrying out an Ultimate Con Job on American people. And the way they have been carrying out this Con Job is that the same right-wing (Wall Street) gang that controls the Republican party also contorts 99% of the US Media.

What is the purpose of the Republican Con Job?

Key purposes of Republican, to be exact the right-wing Media/Cabal behind them, Con Job are:

1- To give American (middle class) people as little as possible for the Taxes that we pay,

2- To have the Rich not pay their fair share of Taxes. Such as someone like Romney paying 15% Taxes while a typical Middle class pays much higher Taxes. Or have FICA Taxes capped at $110K per year of income! etc.

3- To enable the Wall Street Gang and their Agents to get as rich as they can off the back of American middle class by not having the Government (of the People by the People for the People) regulate what Big corporations can do and charge, such as have Universal nationalized health care, as they have in ALL Europeans countries, in fact in all developed nations, etc. as a result of which health care would cost the American people (Nation) half of what it costs now while ALL Americans having health care for the Medicare Taxes that we (already) pay.

So in super summary the KEY purpose of the Republican Con Job, as agents of Wall Street gang, is to ensure that that 1% that controls most of the wealth in US, controls the US Government, which means controls the American people and their Taxes and not the American people. And to get away with this Con Job they will say any lunatics lies and non-sense as listed and described here.

How Republicans (aka right-wing Media) get away with this Con Job?

So to carry out the above effective Multi-Trillion theft, Republicans cannot say "Hey American people we want you to pay as much Taxes as possible while giving you as little as possible for these Taxes", or "Hey American people we want to make sure you do not control your Government so that your Government can then regulate what we want to do you". No of course they cannot say what their real objectives are, so they have come up with one lunatic lie and non-sense after another to achieve their real objectives. Because the only way that they can year after year get you willingly to hand over Trillions of Dollars to this 1% that controls the US Media and thus Government is to Con you to willingly or blindly to go along with this Multi Trillion Con Job.

So how they get away with this Ultimate Con Job is via selling you the following amazing non-sense & lies:

1- Government is the problem and not the solution - (Reagan era)
2- Government has too much Debt and too high a Deficit - (Today)
3- The Fed
4- Fear mongering & War mongering

The ultimate purpose of which lies, non-sense and deception is the above 3 key objectives of the Republican Con Job.

Ultimate Con Job 1: "Government is the problem and not the solution"

One of the reasons why US economy is doing so badly for avg American, while 1% at the top gets richer and richer, is the KEY Con Job of Republican party that was first uttered by Reagan, that is: "Government is the problem and not the solution"

For if the "Government is the problem and not the solution", then who is? Wall Street and Big corporations!

Because the only way that peoples voices can be heard and wishes carried out is via their Vote, which means via their Government. So if you come and say that: "Government is the problem and not the solution", this means you are saying that People's Votes and the Democracy by which people elect their Government, are all the problem rather than a solution because the ONLY result of People's Voting is their Government.

So the net effect of this insidious Con Job would be that the 1% that controls most of the wealth, will control your lives, your Taxes, and NOT your Vote which means not your Government, which is EXACTLY what the purpose of this Con Job as all Republican cons are.

Ultimate Con Job 2: "Debt, Deficits, We are broke, Our grand children will have to pay this Debt..."

After more and more American people realized, finally, that it is a total Con Job to say that:
"Government is the problem not the solution..." given that for example the moment that the Wall Street gang (aka Republican masters) needed help in 2008 they instantly turned to the Government for the $750-Bill Tax payer provided TARP, or that the US Military is a 100% Government run Socialized service, as are other Republicans favorite organizations such as Fire dept, Police, CIA, NSA, etc. or simply as per the FACT that in countries were Government is considered to be a "Key part of the solution", which means they operate more of
the economy on Socialized basis, such as Germany, China, etc. their economies are doing much better than US, from having much lower Unemployment to much lower or NO Deficits, Then Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them started this new Con Job that:

"Deficits Deficits Deficits"
"Our children and grand children will have to pay this debt"
"When you are in a Hole stop digging"

Because the Debts & Deficits in US are 99% due to the ideals of Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them. After all below are summary of steps that would replace the current HUGE Deficits in USA with HUGE Surpluses, and Republicans oppose ALL of these Steps, repeat Republicans oppose the steps which would replace the HUGE Deficits in US with HUGE Surpluses. And to instantly see this, just look at China that is already taking them and has HUGE Surpluses.

1- Tax the Rich and Big corporations more. And as an astonishing display of this consider the FACT that someone making $10-Mill per year will pay Medicare and Social security Taxes on the 1st 1% of their income, while someone making less than $105K per year will pay same Tax on 100% of their income!

2- Do not engage in unnecessary Wars 10,000K from your border - ZERO Wars China engaged in vs 2 Wars for US at the cost of $3-Trillions to date,

3- Do not have a Gargantuan Military budget - ZERO Chinese Military bases outside China vs US bases in an astonishing 120+ countries,

4- Have Universal Nationalized health care (aka NHS) - for in countries that have NHS, which is ALL European countries, in fact ALL Developed nations, health care is taking about 9% of GDP, whereas in US with no NHS, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP.

In fact another budget was introduced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus called People's Budget, here:

which budget would lead to a Surplus in few years. Repeat the Progressive Caucus's People Budget would lead to an actual Surplus in few years vs the budget's proposed by Ryan (or Obama) which would NOT even lead to a surplus in 20+ years. And which budget rather than giving less Social services to American people would give them More Social services, still a lot less than in other developed nations but more than now by having for example the Public option which is a tiny step toward NHS.

And most of the US Media barely covered this People's Budget proposal and instead engaged in their usual Scam that "Doom and gloom - entitlements - Deficits Deficits Deficits - Our grand children will have to pay these Debts", etc. non-sense... and covered the Ryan budget proposal exhaustively under the TOTAL LIE that they care about the Deficits when the Deficits in the US are 99% caused by the ideas, by the LIES, of the Republican, Republic-rats and the Wall Street gang behind them.

So the Debts and Deficits in USA are 99% due to the ideals of Republicans and the right-wing Cabal behind them, as well as Democrats which once in the office pretty much did exactly as the Republicans before them such as been the case with Obama Admin that has done 99% of what Bush Admin did. And Republicans and the right-wing Media behind them are such a Con artists, such lying machine, that all of a sudden, as of Obama Admin election, became Deficit & Debt doom and gloom purveyors when again the huge Deficit & Debt in US are 99% due to Republican and right-wingers ideals.

Further Absolute proof of the Republican party Con Job

So the absolute proof that Republican party is engaged in an Ultimate Con Job on American people and that most of US Media (aka right-wing Media) is on this Con Job is their recent (Apocalyptic) worry about Debts & Deficits while they oppose Universal Single Payer Health Care (aka NHS), the type of health care that the Conservative parties in UK, Canada, Israel, etc. 100% Support.

Because of these 2 FACTS:

1, NHS would cut health care costs, and thus reduce the Debts & Deficits of US Government and American people, by $1-Trillion per year, given the FACT that in countries that that have NHS, which is ALL European countries, Canada, etc., health care on avg is taking 9% of GDP while in US with for profit Wall Street run health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT busting 18% of GDP.

2, NHS would give health care to ALL Americans for the Medicare Taxes that we (ALREADY) pay.

So the above FACTS are the absolute damning proof of the Con Job that the Republican party and US right-wing Media (aka Wall Street owned media, which is 98% of US Media) have been playing on American people.

Most Democrats are on this Con Job

Now as bad as the above facts are, which prove that Republican party is engaged in an Ultimate Con Job on American people what is equally bad is that many Democrats are near copy of the Republicans. They of course are better than Republicans in so far as they don't run around and state the key points of the Republican Con Job, such as:
"Government is the problem and not the solution"

but in practice they have done nearly the same as Republicans once in power. Given the fact that for example Democrats (Obama) did not even propose set aside pass Universal Single Payer Health Care (aka NHS), something that again the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. 100% support. Or they did not end the Afghan War, Iraq War, or cut the US Military budget to be in line with the Reagan era! etc. More on this here

So if we want to end the Republican Con Job, we need to 1st realize what it is and what its goals are since the people behind it are armed with 100s of Billions of Dollars and control most of the US Media so in a heart beat they will create a fake party, aka TEA party, or will co-opt any new party or will call the Obama Admin that has done 99% of what Bush Admin was doing to be "Socialist" when again as noted Obama Admin has been to the far right of the Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc.

In summary: the goal of the Republican Con Job

So in summary the goal of the Republican Con Job is to take the power away from the People and concentrate it in the hand of 1%, aka Wall Street gang and Big corporation aka Super Rich, that controls most of the US Media. And the Key to this Ultimate Con Job is to get the American people to be sheep and not wake up to their Con Job and thus act against their own self interest, which is to buy into this Con Job that their Government, which means their Votes, their democracy, is "the problem and not the solution" and thus effectively give
all power to the Wall Street and Big corporations whom have access to 100s of Billions of Dollars.

Because they know that if the American people start realizing that their Government, which means their Vote, their democracy, is the solution,
is in fact much more powerful than the Wall Street gang and Big corporations IF in fact American people realize that it is the MOST POWERFUL SOLUTION in contrast to the insane Con Job of the Republican party 1st spewed by Ronald Reagan that:
"Government is the problem and not the solution",
that the "Game is Over" for them in so far of this 1% Wall Street gang and Big corporations controlling the Government, and thus getting richer and richer off the back of American people.

Supporting facts:

(1) Health care costs 50% less in countries with Universal Single payer ( aka Socialized) health care:

(2) Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, etc. are 100% for their Universal Nationalized health care:

(3) Real US Military budget is $1.2-Trillion and NOT even the Gargantuan reported level of $700-Bill:

(4) Another great example of Republican Con Job: Rich pay less % of Taxes than their Secretary

Video by John Stewart regarding some of above points

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COMMENTS     Posted: 67    Pending: 0

By Guest:   BRAP 2012-11-09


Where did the money come from to build the airports, roads, bridges?

Do the police officers just take money from criminals to fund themselves?

Do you know what a municipal bond is and how cities and localities issue them to raise revenue?

STFU because you have no idea how the economy works. Why be smart, when with a little less effort you can be stupid.

By Guest:   real_patriot 2012-11-09

Are you actually making a point with this post of yours or are you just ranting!

If you are actually asking:
"Where did the money come from to build the airports, roads, bridges? "

It comes from our Taxes. Doh!

But to be frank I do not know from your Post whether you are in agreement with this article or not! Because by stating the FACT that our Government via our Taxes pays for:

"airports, roads, bridges, Police, Military, etc." you are making the Point that Republicans such as Reagan & the right-wing Media were engaged in an Ultimate Con Job on US by having sold American People such non-sense as:

"Government is the Problem not the solution"

By Member: lopolooo 2013-05-10

WOW This is a great reply.
In less than 1000 Chars you have proven what idiot this Brap guy is and what Con Jon these GOPers been playing on US.

By Guest:   sense 2012-09-06

Another example of Republican Con Job is their recent new favorite line that:
"Yes We Did Build That..."

How fawked up do you have to be, to have as your main platform "Yes We Did Build That..." as Republicans has in their Tampa party.

When these Republican lunatics where in Tampa Convention center which Convention center is 100% paid for by Tax payers and built by Union Labor.

When these Republican lunatics landed in Tampa airport which is 100% paid for by Tax payers and built by Union Labor.

When these Republican lunatics took Highways and Roads that are 100% paid for by Tax payers and Government run.

When these Republican lunatics were protected by Police & Fire Department that are 100% paid for by Tax payers and Government run.

etc. etc.

By Guest:   real_patriot 2012-08-14

So Americans are going bankrupt at MUCH HIGHER rates than rest of developed World.
Americans are having record foreclosures compared to rest of developed World.
USA has Murder rates & incarceration rates MUCH HIGHER rates than rest of developed World.

etc. economic Misery, while:

USA has Highest Number of Billionaires.
USA has Worlds largest Military Budget BY FAR.

How Stupid does the right-wing LYING Media thinks we are to NOT be able to connect the Dots?

So the answer is that US lacks essential Social services that results in a more just, fair, upward mobile & peaceful society as is the case in other developed Nations, Socialized services which would GREATLY REDUCE the expense (thus Debt) of avg American family. All of which misery & failure is due to Republican & right-wing Media LIES that:

"Government is the problem and not the solution - (Reagan era)"
"Cutting Taxes for the Rich will trickle down"
"Asking Rich to pay More Taxes so that we can provide essential Social services is Class Warfare"
etc. LIES & non-sense.

By Guest:   moderate 2012-08-05

People have been brainwashed by the Reagan Era propaganda.

Government is not the problem unless you want to evade the law.

OBSERVE: The People's belief that government was the problem led to deregulation. Deregulation led to corruption. Corruption led to excessive exploitation. Excessive exploitation led America to poverty, addiction, crime, and murder to escape a brute reality devoid of beauty and justice.

Tax cuts for the rich led to asset bubbles NOT to job creation.

OBSERVE: Asset bubbles led to asset consolidation. Asset consolidation led to de-facto monopolies. De-facto monopolies led to restriction of production. Restriction of production led to our now permeant high unemployment.

Deregulation and tax breaks gave the wealthy power which they did not use for the benefit of America. Instead they enslaved and impoverished our country and called it natural.

The first step to our enslavement was the propaganda lies used by Reagan during an extended economic downturn caused by a foreign oil cartel we would not fight because we had lost the Vietnam war...

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-07-05

One of the best indication of what utter complete lunatics Republicans are, specially the Ron Paul psycho wing, is their rants about:

"Fed Prints Money"
or in this case "BofE Prints Money"

I mean who these retards think prints Money?
God? Moses? Jesus?
NO. The Fed "Prints Money", whether US Fed, or BofE Fed in UK, or Chinese Central Bank, or Canadian central bank, etc.

with which money that "Fed Prints Money", we buy Gold, which in their psycho brain is money and everything else is Debt.

So the problem is NOT "Fed Prints Money", because that is where in FACT Money comes from. The issue is how well the Society as a whole doing, that is do we have a Society that is productive with people able to move up and Middle class safe and not getting decimated as is the case in Europe, or Republicans beloved Israel, due to them having sensible Socialized services such as having Government run Universal Socialized health care, or is the Society under attack and Middle class getting decimated as is the case in US.

By Guest:   palin4prez 2012-05-16

You write:
"To be exact where can we get $10,000 of this "Fed printing money", "Fed Easing"? HEK, where can we get $1000 of this money? WHERE? WHERE? "

There is no easy way to describe the foolishness of this idiot.

The real point of your ignorance is this fact: all the free government handouts cost real money. There is a shortfall in tax receipts so the money for the government programs must be borrowed. But borrowing in the quantities required would cause interest to spike. Preventing interest from spiking is accomplished by new money from the Fed.

As soon as interest begins to increase, we will get QE3. Otherwise, the interest load on the public debt will choke government spending and cause the mother of recessions.

It's the public debt, stupid.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-05-16

palin4prez, Every time you TEAPublicans open your mouth you further prove what utter complete lunatics you people are.

Which "government handouts" are you referring to? That did not exist during Reagan era.
How about the "Tax Handout" that we give to the Government?

To be exact:

1st, US Government has done so little for American people, aka "government handouts" that it has not even provided American people with Universal Nationalized health care (aka NHS). And here is the KILLER FACT you retard: if you want to CUT Government spending then you would have NHS, since NHS wuld SAVE US Gov 50% on cost of health care, while giving health care to all. And that is why ALL Conservative parties, repeat for you Republican lunatics, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS. Yet you Republicans totally oppose NHS, which would CUT, repeat CUT, Government spending by 50% on health care.

2nd, "government handouts" we have that it Gargantuan is our Military budget, given that US Military budget is larger than budget of almost all countries on Earth combined! Or the fact that we are sending Billions to Israel. But you Republican lunatics oppose cutting these "government handouts".

All of which points prove the Con Job you bastards have been running and amazingly in the age of Internet still insist on running on American people.

By Guest:   justdefacts 2012-04-26

Hey, did you hear that CEO pays hit record levels this year?

So just think while the top brass of Wall Street owned companies get $10-Million, $50-Million, etc. pay year, if the Union members ask for a pay increase to $75000 per year, which is 0.15% of $50Mill, and threaten a strike to get this pay increase, then Wall Street Journal and rest of the right-wing LYING Media, and their agents aka Republican lunatics, in carrying their Con Job on American people will yell:

"Union thug ... this will bankrupt us"
"We have to borrow from our Grandchildren to pay these lavish Union pays"

OTOH, this same gang will state that these CEOs getting $10-Million, $50-Million, etc. pay year are demonstration of free market, and they deserved it, but the Union member asking for a relatively pathetic pay of $75000 per year is a:

"Union thug ... this will bankrupt us"

Lets also state that it is the Union member that risks limb and life working in the assembly lines while these connected classes seat in 5 Star Office towers and fly in $50 Mill private jets.

By Guest:   eyes_open 2012-04-26

Great article & post.
You know another Con Job is the Con Job that VC Wall Street plays regarding companies they bring public showing great sales & profits. For example take Zynga that just reported sales & profits above expectations.

For these sales are HOAX sales.
Here is how this Con Job works:
1- VC X invests in company Y (i.e., Zynga),
2- VC X and Wall Street investment banks behind this IPO will then get their portfolio companies to place BIG orders with company Y.
3- Voilla, Company Y looks like they beat sales & shows huge profits.
4- VC & investment banks then in time dump their shares in company Y, having made many times more in the shares of company Y than they lost in having their portfolio companies buy from company Y.

Now of course there are some good companies out there, which sell valuable goods & services. But for every valuable company with real goods & services, there are 10 junk companies whose sales are an illusion created by the VC Wall Street gang behind them.

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