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Author: NHS_Facts
Date Posted: 2012-06-26
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How does Government run Single Payer Universal Socialized healthcare give healthcare to all while cut healthcare spending by about 50%?
So 100% of all developed Nations have realized that certain industries should be run on Socialized basis for the well being of the Nation and Economy, namely:

Trains, Highways, Bridges, etc. Public Transport

And just as operating the US Military on Tax payer funded Government run Socialized basis does not make us "Socialist or Socialism", the same goes for operating Healthcare on Government run Socialized basis.

But the above facts are not told to the American People by the Wall Street Media. To be more exact Wall Street Media, as the absolute proof of their Conspiracy to lie and brain was the American People, has not told and is not telling the American People, why it is that 100% of all developed Nations, including Israel the BELOVED Nation of Republicans, Obama/Clinton Democrats have one form or another of Government run Universal Socialized healthcare, whether it is as totally Socialized (Single Payer) as in case of UK or Health insurance companies operated on not-for-profit basis under strict control of Government as in Germany, BECAUSE:

1- Government run Universal Socialized healthcare (NHS) gives healthcare to ALL while cut healthcare spending by 50%. Given absolute FACT that in countries that have not-for-profit NHS, which is all European countries, Canada, Japan, Israel, Australia, etc. they spend about 9% of GDP on healthcare while giving health care to all their People, while in USA where we have for-profit Wall Street run healthcare, healthcare spending is taking a Deficit BUSTING 18% of GDP while 100-Million+ have either NO healthcare or affordable healthcare given the FACT that typical Wall Street based healthcare comes with exorbitant $500 Per Month per family member Premium and on top of that with bankrupting $10,000 annual Deductibles PLUS 20% Co-Pay and other Wall Street rip-offs.

2- In countries that have not-for-profit NHS, ZERO people are going bankrupt each year due to healthcare costs, whereas in US with for-profit Wall Street run healthcare, 2-Million+ are going bankrupt each year due to healthcare costs.

3- Healthcare reform Obama Admin passed mandates us to buy healthcare from same Wall Street backed companies that have brought us the current bankrupting healthcare system in USA without any real Government regulation over what these greedy Wall Street based companies can charge.

How does NHS give healthcare to all while cut healthcare spending by 50%

So if you are from USA and have been brain washed by right-wing LYING Media, aka Wall Street owned Media, from ABC to CNN to MSNBC to Fox to Huffingtonpost, etc. you will then be asking:

"How does Government run Universal Socialized Single Payer Healthcare (NHS) give healthcare to all the People while at the same time cut healthcare spending by about 50%?", which means it would cut the US Deficits by about $1-Trillion while giving healthcare to ALL American people for the Taxes we ALREADY pay.


1- Under NHS because healthcare companies are run on not-for-profit basis, they do NOT pay 100s of Billions in dividends to their Wall Street Masters, as is the case in USA with many healthcare companies being Wall Street based, such as United Health Care (NYSE Stock Symbol: UNH)

2- Under NHS healthcare companies do not spend 100s of Billions of Dollars in Advertising to thus control their Media and/or lobbying their congress to make sure socialized healthcare does not come into existence, which are the cases in USA as per typical evening news being almost 75% made up of Big Pharma or healthcare related Ads or as per healthcare lobby being the biggest lobby in Washington DC

3- People involved with Healthcare have their Salaries capped at 250K per year, still a very good salary since it is more than what 95% of Americans make. So for example whereas CEO of United health makes on Avg $75-Million per Year, under NHS he would make a maximum of about $250K per Year. And thus the resulting $74.75-Million in saving would go into the socialized healthcare system. Repeat this for the Multi-Million Dollar Salaries of CEOs of Mylan, Athena, etc. and you get the picture. And lets also state that our Government does set the salaries of a 4 Star Genera, an Admiral, a Federal Judge, etc. and at no more than $250K per year.

4- Early stage healthcare costs MUCH MUCH LESS. An example is best way to explain this. Say 2 people have an infectious disease, 1 is in USA with no healthcare or deductibles and co-pays so high they dont dare to go to Doctor while the other is in a country with NHS so they can go to Doctor free, FREE FOR TAXES THEY PAY. So in countries with NHS this person would get healthcare without a question and thus his disease would be cured at earliest stage, before metastasizing into something much more expensive to cure and without him spreading this infectious disease to 1000s more, thus the total cost to the NHS would be relatively minimal. OTOH, the person with same infectious disease in USA would have to suffer until he is bleeding in middle of street, at which point he could be admitted to ER, where it would cost 100 times as much to treat him and meanwhile by that time he/she could have infected 1000s of more people with this disease.

5- Plus many other factors, of much smaller scale compared to above 4, such as under NHS Lawyers will not be able to sue for Multi Million Dollar malpractice cases, and thus Doctors would not need to buy exorbitantly priced malpractice insurance, etc.

NHS gives healthcare to ALL while cut healthcare spending by 50% (which means cut Deficits by $1-Trillion)! Why dont we have it then?

Because most of $1-Trillion in SAVINGs that NHS would bring US per year, will come out of the pocket of some very Rich & Powerful people.

So what have these greedy bastards done to stop NHS from coming into existence in this country as it exists in all other developed Nations? They have funded a most right-wing lying machine known to man, aka US Media, from psychos on Talkradio from Rush, to Beck, etc. to such Media outlets as Wall Street Journal, Fox news, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc. to lie and lie to American people against NHS coming into existence in USA by selling American people such astonishing Con Job as:
"Socialism will bankrupt us"
etc. psycho babble

when the ABSOLUTE FACT is that in countries that have NHS, which is all European countries, Canada, Israel, etc., beside ALL their people having healthcare they spend 50% LESS on healthcare!

And the FACT That NHS saves 50% on cost of health care, the FACT that NHS gives certainty to businesses and people that their healthcare costs will not soar and bankrupt them as in USA, while giving healthcare to ALL their People, is why all the Conservative parties, repeat for Republican lunatics and lying US Media and HOAX Democrats, why ALL the Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

Why doesnt US Media tell you that Conservative parties in UK, Canada, Israel, etc. 100% support their NHS

You want irrefutable proof that entire US Media, aka Wall Street owned Media, is a right-wing LYING machine? Without any regard as to how many Americans it KILLs or bankrupts.

You can have this proof by the FACT that they have NOT told you, that all Conservative parties, repeat Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS). And WHY all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

Because if they did then that would be instant proof of what lunatics Republicans are for opposing NHS and calling it "Socialism", since surely all the Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are not "Socialist".

And what HOAX Obama/Dems are for not having even proposed NHS set aside pass it.

And how US Media has been and is part and parcel of this Con Job on you when NHS gives health care to all while CUT health care spending by 50% and that is why all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for it.

Think about it!

So think about it: FACTS prove that US Media, aka Wall Street Owned Media, has colluded with Republican lunatics & HOAX Democrats, our (so called) representatives in Government, to make sure that American People do not become aware of the FACT that NHS is only way to operate the health care of a country, because it gives health care to ALL while CUT health care Spending by 50%, and that is why all Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel the beloved Nation of Republican lunatics, etc. are ALL 100% for their NHS.

Question is WHY has and is US Media hiding these facts from American People?
One Answer is obviously so that the Wall Street gang (aka Rich aka 1%), that owns them, can make an extra $1-Trillion per Year off of health care. Damn be the rest of the American People & Nation.

But there can only be other EVEN MORE sinister Answers, since many of these Wall Street gang members are already Rich beyond needing any more money. The answer is that they want Young Organs.

1) Margaret Thatchers Conservative party is 100% for their Universal nationalized single payer health care

2) U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study while spending twice as much on health care than countries with NHS

3) Multi Million Dollar compensations of Big Health Care CEOS:

4) Man Dies From Toothache, Couldn't Afford Meds

5) Why Only the TRUE ENEMY of a Nation would be not 100% for NHS

6) Some good facts regarding Medicare in US - keeping in mind that Medicare is not NHS at all, but a GIANT gift to Wall Street backed companies with the Admin part of it being Government run

7), so called Liberal Media, lying about Single payer is great example of Why USA still does not have it

8) Why A Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Inevitable
{, so called Liberal Media, finally lists what rest of the Developed World has known and being doing for Decades!}

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COMMENTS     Posted: 23    Pending: 0

By Guest:   AJ 2012-11-28

I would like to read Less Adjectives with More Facts.

Both NHS and free market health services are not perfect.
Using one example of something bad on one system to put down the other system does not get my attention.

I know two facts.
Anything managed purely by a government does not live up to it's best potential.
Anything in a free market not regulated does not live up to it's best potential.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-12-03

Where did you get this FACT:
"Anything managed purely by a government does not live up to it's best potential."

After all:

1st, US Military is "managed purely by a government" and it is the Worlds number 1 Military and Republican lunatics LOVE it.

2nd, in countries that have Government run Universal Nationalized Health Care (NHS), they give health care to ALL their people while they spend 50% LESS on health care. What part of this you think is not GREAT?

In fact you want Absolute Proof that Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS) is the best way to run the health care of a country?
Well let Romney tell it.

That is Romney was in Israel a few weeks back. And in that visit he commended the Israelis for:

"Having a Free Market economy that is thriving"

AND he also commended, actually marveled, on how Israel gives health care to ALL her People while spending 50% LESS on health care than US.

But the bastard, and the US Media, did NOT observe the FACT that Israel has 100% Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS).

By Guest:   Ric 2012-11-12

I live happily in Norway - free education at all levels and free health care. Still, only nine per cent of GNP is spent on health care:
In Norway, the prime minister earns abt. 250,000 USD a year, the unemployment rate is below 4 per cent and crime rates are low. The key to this society is the great emphasis on a fair distribution of wealth, and more or less equal access to education and health care, etc. To obtain this, taxation is progressive: Since I earn more than the average Norwegian, I am in a higher tax bracket, which is only fair. In return, I live in a well-functioning society where most people are quite happy with the way things are. There is always room for improvement, but I hope we'll never see the full-scale commercialisation of society that is found in the USA. The USA has been a great country, and may potentially become one again, but then people need to see through the Hollywood-like presentations of party politics and wake up to the reality that a more just society is needed.

By Guest:   real_patriot 2012-11-13

Ric, yes you are very correct.
I hope more and more Americans find out about this which is just about the only News organization in US that is reporting the truth unlike the lies and lies coming out of the Wall Street owned media, aka right-wing lying Media.

I hope more people read the post from people like yourself from Norway and other similar countries that the key to a better and happier society is exactly what Norway is doing which is Government providing the essential services of Health care & College education on Socialized basis and as you noted STOP being brain washed by the lies and trash coming out of Hollywood and the right-wing lying Media of US.

By Guest:   the economist 2012-10-11

I've lived in the UK, and the healthcare system there is not all you've made it out to be. look at the financial crisis in europe. spain, ireland,etc. are spending more than they receive in tax revenues on programs like healthcare. is the system in the US perfect? no. is the system in europe perfect? obviously not. its already been mentioned that in the UK nurses are often overworked and underpaid. i'd also like to mention that anyone who thinks making $250,000 a year in the US doesn't make you rich is insane. I have three sisters still living at home and my parents make about $100,000 a year and are very happy. my dad just had surgery for a hernia and we've had many other healthcare expenses in the past couple years and they're not going bankrupt. and any canadians that want to comment here, you can stay nice and cozy in your log cabins up there because of our military spending. if you weren't our allies and had to pay for some sort of national defense, i wonder how much you'd have left over to spend on healthcare? instead of mocking us you should be grateful we protect you.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-10-12

Please spare us the crap of "I've lived in the UK"!
For 1st, how do we know you live in UK?
2nd, I lived in UK too and know many who have lived in UK.
3rd, what if you jumped of the bridge, does that mean it is a good thing to do?

Now lets look at the BIG picture:

1- It is not just the Europeans that have NHS, the entire developed World has NHS, from Canada, to Japan, to Australia, including Republican lunatics beloved Israel.

2- If Europeans were not operating health care on Socialized basis, aka NHS, then their Debt would be much higher. Given the fact that in countries that have NHS, health care is taking on avg about 9% of GDP, whereas in US with no NHS and instead Wall Street run health care, where an astonishing 50Mill+ have NO health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of GDP. So because Europeans have NHS, their spending on health care is reduced by $1-Trillion per year. So operating health care on Socialized basis costs LESS, not more, but LESS, which means LESS "financial crisis" due to it.

3. You say:
" i'd also like to mention that anyone who thinks making $250,000 a year in the US doesn't make you rich is insane."
Which is one of the KEY points of this article Doh!
That is the reason health care costs MUCH LESS in countries with Socialized health care is that people involved with it cannot make more than $250,000, contrast this to US where people such as Governor of Florida made $75-Million from health care.

By Guest:   wapo 2012-07-13

Every American should read this article to really appreciate the extent of the Con Job that US Media, Republicans & Democrats, aka agents of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, have been playing on US (American People). Given the fact that Government run Socialized Health Care health care (NHS) give health care to all while cut health care spending by about 50% AND then these bastard Republicans & right-wing Media pundits get on the Air and say:
"Deficits are going to make us go bankrupt"
"Medicare shows that Government run health care costs out of control)

When the EXACT opposite is the truth, that is why Medicare costs are going up is that we are not actually operating health care on NHS basis as outlined here, but on our Government paying for profit Wall Street back companies to provide health care to those over 65.

By Guest:   cancord 2012-07-05

You Americans are just whacked. In Canada we have free health care and live much longer than you all to the south. Moreover, we are a much freer guys cannot see how you get hoodwinked by Republicans. They are the party of large government and fear and loathing....eesh wake up!

By Guest:   redbone 2012-07-01

The problem is, this is painted as Nirvana. Having lived in the UK for 40 years and now 12 in the USA, I can tell you the problem with the NHS is the Governments invovlement.

Nurses and real care workers have 3 x more managers than needed. People go on wards with the dying / ill. People go in with minor ailments and die of infection from the poorly managed processes (too many managers = poor management).

Nurses are overworked and underpaid. Cheap (often foreign) labour is used where the levels of "good hygiene" differ and the language barrier can kill.

Be careful what you ask for America. The UK pays 20% of every dollar earned from each pay check to fund an efficient system. I don't have all the answers but don't look to the UK. It's not all bad - but then neither was the USA!!!

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-07-01

After one proves with mountain of FACTS that Republicans are utter complete lunatic, really the TRUE ENEMY of the American people, for opposing Government run Socialized health care (NHS), which FACTS are why ALL Conservative parties, repeat for Republican lunatics, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS then Republicans restore to couple of cheap lies, such as:
"My mother lived in Canada and came to US for health care needs"
etc. LIES.

For if there was an ounce of truth to these stories, if these were NOT total lies, then:

1- There would be demonstrations in streets of in Europe, Canada, etc. to switch from their NHS to US style health care, but instead they have massive demonstrations when there was in 80's hints of introducing some US style health care

2- One of the parties, just one of the parties, in Europe, Canada, etc. would be for switching to US style health care, NONE is. They all 100% support their NHS.

3- US would be ranked higher than these countries in health Stats, instead US ranks with poor 3rd World countries


By Member: Real_News 2012-07-01

Redbone, sure you lived in UK/Europe you freaking lying machine.

All Europeans have health care for FREE for the Taxes they pay while they spend 50% LESS on health care, ZERO European is going bankrupt each year due to health care costs while 2-Mill+ American are going bankrupt each year due to health care costs, ZERO Europeans are KILLED each year due to being denied health care due to pre-existing condition clause while at least 50,000 American Adults are KILLED each year due to being denied health care due to pre-existing condition clause, etc.

and you freaking moron say that:
"I lived in Europe for several years and their National Health service is nothing to write home about."

Also you freaking moron, it is not just Europeans that have National Health service, so do Canadians, in fact all developed Nations have it, including Israel the beloved Nation of Republican lunatics.

By Guest:   NoMoreLies 2012-06-28

Regarding this did you read on Wall Street Journal how: $250,000 income does not make you Rich anymore given inflation and in particular: ""Health-care costs alone have more than doubled in the past decade."

So notice the Con Job that Wall Street owned Media has been playing on US as per this article that someone making Six figure income is really not Rich, but then these same bastards turn around and say:

1. Lets cut the modest $50,000K per year salaries of Teachers, Nurses, etc. because "we are in Debt"

2. Lets cut ther truly pathetic $1500 per month that retires on SSN get, because "Entitelments are costing us too much"

3. "Union Thugs" are asking for a pay increase of $2000 per year to a modest salary of ยง60K per year


And to add insult to injury the article states:

"Health-care costs alone have more than doubled in the past decade."

WOW! They have because you bastards in right-wing US Media have LIED & LIED to oppose Government run Socialized Health Care health care which would give health care to all while at the same time cut health care spending by about 50%

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