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Ever Since the election of Donald Trump, we stopped putting up new articles here at RealNewsPost.org to get the Truth out, since election of someone as wrong as Trump told us what is the point of a tiny news magazine such as RealNewsPost.org getting the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom, when Big Wall Street Media, of ABC - CNN - MSNBC - FOX - Sinclair Broadcast Group, etc., are backed by Billions and Billions of Wall Street to spew lies upon lies upon Fear-Mongering upon Hate-Mongering on 24/7 basis. As a result of which Wall Street celebrated the election of Trump with record gains after record gains. And our last article about the state of Healthcare in USA was, and became ever more so today in the age of Covid-19, the definitive report on what right-wing lying machines the Wall Street based Big Media are. Another reason why we stopped reporting the Truth, is that Google as key arm of the right-wing Media Complex was censoring and savaging us and as a small news organization we just did not have the resources to withstand the attacks by Google to continue to get the Truth out and predict the future, for your benefit, as we did again and again.

However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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OECD Chart of US health care spending vs results vs OECD countries
State of Healthcare in USA, leading to Joke ObamaCare, aka RomneyCare light, and now TrumpCare, etc Wall Street rip off, is 100% proof of lying Machine Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street Media are
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The health care proposal by Dems/Obama is a Joke, since it is NOT Universal
Author: NHS_Facts; 2009-12-01

The so called health care that Dems/Obama passed shows how right-wing the Democrats are, which means how they govern for the benefit of Big corporations (Big Phrama, Big insurance, etc.) and NOT for the benefit of American people AND what utter complete lunatics Republicans are whom are even more ri

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To Create Jobs on Main Street, We Need to Kill Jobs on Wall Street
Author: Lux_Report; 2009-11-06

By Les Leopold Author of "The Looting of America" "Wall Street will remain a big, important part of our economy, just as it was in the '70s and the '80s. It just won't be half of our economy....We don't want every single college grad with mathematical aptitude to become a derivatives trader."

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Real question is not whether there should be a "public option" but whether a "private option"
Author: nurse_jackie; 2009-11-03

By: Jacob M. Appel Bioethicist and medical historian Federal lawmakers have squandered much of the autumn debating how best to provide private health insurance to approximately fifty million uninsured Americans. Guaranteeing healthcare for these individuals is certainly a moral imperative. Howev

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US has 2 choices for avoiding US Dollar and economy collapsing
Author: Real_News; 2009-10-21

US is a poor bankrupt nation now compared to the European Union as evident by: 1- Euro being MUCH MORE VALUABLE than the US Dollar 2- US Auto makers went bankrupt laying of 100s of 1000s while NOT even 1 European Auto maker went bankrupt and did not lay off even 100 people 3- 2Mill Americans

Viewed - 5,797 | [Comments - 3]
Health Care System in USA is best evidence of how EVIL this system is
Author: ThinkDeep; 2009-10-18

Nikki White died at the age of 32. She had lupus, a chronic
EVIL is a very strong word, one that should be used with greatest of care and reservation. For EVIL in its true form and not one used by war-mongers as PR to justify their criminal Wars (i.e., War in Iraq),means knowingly taking steps which have lead and are leading to Death of large number of peop
Viewed - 49,036 | [Comments - 13]
If Republicans really wanted less Government spending then they would be for Single Payer!
Author: Real_News; 2009-10-05

If Republican (lunatics) and the (right-wing LYING) US Media cared about the ballooning US deficits THEN they would be for Universal Nationalized Health Care (aka NHS) as they have in all European countries, Canada, etc. because in all these countries that have Universal Nationalized Socialized Heal

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The Forbes 400 Shows Why Our Nation Is Falling Apart
Author: Lux_Report; 2009-10-01

It's great to know that during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the wealth of the 400 richest Americans, according to Forbes, actually increased by $30 billion. Well golly, that's only a 2 percent increase, much less than the double digit returns the wealthy had grown accustomed

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Twitter is just one more example of Hype (Lie) by Big Media in US.
Author: tech_guru; 2009-09-29

Twitter is just one more example of Hype (Lie) by Big Media in US. To be exact Twitter is a simple Text chat, not even a real time text chat. To be more exact Tweeter is a text chat on par with chat technology that was available in early 90's. To add insult to injury Tweeter limits the number

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Don't Americans Deserve a Health Care System as Good as the One In France?
Author: Lux_Report; 2009-09-23

A few years ago there was a great uproar from the Right Wing against France because its government opposed the War in Iraq. The Republican Congress went so far as to rename the "French Fries" in the Congressional cafeteria "freedom fries." Of course, the Republican response was stupid and paroch

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Health care, is it a Right or Privilege?
Author: Real_News; 2009-08-24

This question is a (right-wing) loaded question, or it is an incomplete question. Because the question is NOT just that: "Health care, is it a Right or Privilege?" But 1st the question is: "Does the Government have a Right or a Privilege to our incomes in form of Taxes?" The answer is that th

Viewed - 5,998 | [Comments - 5]
Why European economy is doing great compared to the US now and not before early 2000
Author: Real_News; 2009-08-18

Why European economy is doing much better than US economy
When one points to the FACTS that European economies are doing much better than US economy as evident by Euro being so much more valuable than US Dollar because of the following fundamental reasons: 1- European Governments invest much more of their People's money (Taxes) in their people and cities
Viewed - 13,195 | [Comments - 19]
The Politics of Fabrication and Fear by Republicans and Big health care
Author: Lux_Report; 2009-08-14

Written by: Sen. Robert Menendez U.S. Senator for New Jersey Posted: August 14, 2009 The politics of fabrication and fear is back. In the tradition of Karl Rove, the architects of our recession are at it again, pushing a fear-stoking message based on falsehoods. They are delighting as the fea

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Why only greedy bastards, Lunatics & Enemy of the Nation would be against Universal Government run Socialized Health care
Author: NHS_Facts; 2009-08-01

US Supreme court - best judges Billionaires can buy
1st, a quick view of Health care results & costs from around the World http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_system as you can see USA has the lowest Life expectancy of developed Nations, Highest Infant Mortality rates and on top of that spends 2 times as much on health care as Nations with Governm
Viewed - 51,444 | [Comments - 38]
Jim demint calls health care reform not passing Obama's Waterloo!!
Author: RealTime; 2009-07-23

A letter to Jim DeMint
Jim demint, senator from SC, is best example of what Lunatics (aka Liers) Republicans are, which means how they are Agents of Big Corporations (Big Pharma, Big Insurance, ec.) and the enemy of the Middle cla
Viewed - 7,215 | [Comments - 2]
If You Don't Want the Public Option, Get the Hell Out of the Way
Author: Lux_Report; 2009-07-09

Chinese economy doing great while US sucks
This past weekend, lost in the wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage and Sarah Palin goodbye-cruel-world nincompoopery, there was a second round of tea party protests. They were easy to miss because nobody showed up. But if you happened to have been driving in the vicinity of an evil publicly-fun
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Are Republicans truly lunatics? It is actually worse.
Author: Real_News; 2009-06-17
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Why only greedy bastards, Lunatics & Enemy of the Nation would be against Universal Government run Socialized Health care
Author: NHS_Facts; 2009-08-01
Viewed - 51,444 | [Comments - 38]
If US was a real Democracy, then real 3rd Parties would challenge FRAUD Obama Democrats and TEApublican LUNATICS
Author: power2people; 2011-08-01
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Euro is still MORE Valuable than US Dollar. So what happened to "Euro is going to Collapse", that Wall Street Media was running in 2011?
Author: Real_News; 2015-07-09
Viewed - 22,457 | [Comments - 50]
Health Care System in USA is best evidence of how EVIL this system is
Author: ThinkDeep; 2009-10-18
Viewed - 49,036 | [Comments - 13]
China has huge Surpluses vs US having massive Deficits. WHY?
Author: Real_News; 2010-02-20
Viewed - 48,562 | [Comments - 33]
Key problem with US is that most of US Media is a right-wing (LYING) machine
Author: Real_News; 2009-04-27
Viewed - 39,896 | [Comments - 24]
Another Ultimate LIE told by Wall Street, aka right-wing lying, Media: US economy crashed due to Housing Bubble
Author: Real_News; 2010-07-21
Viewed - 41,078 | [Comments - 88]
The economic crisis in US is a total Hoax - made up to make the Rich richer & other sinister reasons
Author: ThinkDeep; 2008-11-24
Viewed - 48,789 | [Comments - 8]
Steps to cut the budget deficit by $15Trillion and create 10Mill high paying Jobs - and Republicans oppose all of these Steps!
Author: ThinkDeep; 2011-02-17
Viewed - 34,959 | [Comments - 63]
Conservative party in Europe, Canada are best proof of what lunatics Republicans are and what hoax Obama Democrats are and how Wall Street owned Media is key to this Con Job on US
Author: Real_News; 2010-05-07
Viewed - 31,867 | [Comments - 14]
USA in Afghanistan War since 2002, China that borders Afghanistan not! What does that tell you?
Author: ThinkDeep; 2010-11-26
Viewed - 22,538 | [Comments - 17]
To see how Gargantuan US Military budget is
Author: Real_News; 2009-06-17
Viewed - 26,218 | [Comments - 4]
Nov/10/2011 elections show that USA is NO Democracy
Author: Real_News; 2010-11-05
Viewed - 27,835 | [Comments - 62]
Irrefutable evidence of how right-wing (Lying) 99% of US Big Media is
Author: ThinkDeep; 2009-12-21
Viewed - 19,497 | [Comments - 1]
Socialism Socialism Socialism - that is all Republicans say in response to any steps to make things better
Author: RealTime; 2010-05-05
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Euro debt crisis is mainly non-sense and propaganda by the right-wing Lying US Media
Author: Europal; 2010-05-18
Viewed - 58,497 | [Comments - 157]
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