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Ever Since the election of Donald Trump, we stopped putting up new articles here at RealNewsPost.org to get the Truth out, since election of someone as wrong as Trump told us what is the point of a tiny news magazine such as RealNewsPost.org getting the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom, when Big Wall Street Media, of ABC - CNN - MSNBC - FOX - Sinclair Broadcast Group, etc., are backed by Billions and Billions of Wall Street to spew lies upon lies upon Fear-Mongering upon Hate-Mongering on 24/7 basis. As a result of which Wall Street celebrated the election of Trump with record gains after record gains. And our last article about the state of Healthcare in USA was, and became ever more so today in the age of Covid-19, the definitive report on what right-wing lying machines the Wall Street based Big Media are. Another reason why we stopped reporting the Truth, is that Google as key arm of the right-wing Media Complex was censoring and savaging us and as a small news organization we just did not have the resources to withstand the attacks by Google to continue to get the Truth out and predict the future, for your benefit, as we did again and again.

However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: NHS_Facts
Date Posted: 2009-08-01
Viewed: 51,443
Why only greedy bastards, Lunatics & Enemy of the Nation would be against Universal Government run Socialized Health care
1st, a quick view of Health care results & costs from around the World
as you can see USA has the lowest Life expectancy of developed Nations, Highest Infant Mortality rates and on top of that spends 2 times as much on health care as Nations with Government run Universal Nationalized Health Care (NHS). So from these figures one can instantly see that you really have to be the TRUE ENEMY of the Nation to be against NHS.

2nd, Health Insurance is NOT health care

The reason that health care in USA is a disaster for most American People, before or after ObamaCare, is that even if you have health insurance in USA, it can mean squat. Unless you have health insurance provided by Government, Military, CIA, Google, Apple, GoldManSachs, etc. since typical Health insurance beside carrying excessive Monthly premiums is really a ticket to rip you off when you actually need health care, since:

1- Health insurance comes with exorbitant deductibles of $5000 per Year per Family member and More!

2- Health insurance comes with what is know as a Co-Pay which can easily be 20% of your total Hospital bills.

These 2 facts alone render health care either not feasible for most American People whom are paying Monthly Health Insurance premiums or leading to their financial ruin or bankruptcy if they actually get ill and need Hospitalization!
After all a Hospitalization of 10 days in a US hospital can easily cost an INSANE amount of $250,000 in total bills, this means the Deductible & Co-Pay for the patient would be about $55,000 which for typical American would mean financial ruin or bankruptcy.

Why is European, Canadian, Israeli, etc. NHS far superior to US for profit health care?

1- In countries that have NHS, every citizen gets health care for FREE for the Taxes you pay. This means when you are working you get total health care for FREE for yourself and family due to the Payroll Taxes (Medicare Taxes) that you are pay and when you are Unemployed or Retired then you get health care for FREE for all those years that you worked and paid Payroll Taxes. Contrast this to US where you get ABSOLUTELY NO health care for the Taxes that you Pay, but you have to pay an additional $15,000 per year (family of 4) for health care on top of the Taxes that you pay. And even the free health care that you get after 65, what is called Medicare, does not fully cover all your health care costs, but only about 70% of it, requiring you as a Senior Citizen to pay an additional $250,000 for health care costs, as per a recent study which is in the footnote below. Now contrast this to UK, Canada, Israel, etc. developed Nations with NHS where again you get total health care for FREE for the Government being "entitled" to Tax you all your life, just as the Government in US is "entitled" to Tax US all our lives.

2- In countries that have NHS, you do not loose your health care for yourself or your family when you loose your Job, whereas in US within months of loosing your Job you will loose your health care coverage unless you pay nearly 100% of your unemployment benefits to buy health care through what is called COBRA, and even that runs out in a short time. And lets also state here that you need your health care coverage even more after you loose your Job due to all the stress that loosing a Job can have on a person and family.

3- In countries that have NHS, NO ONE is denied health care because they have a pre-existing condition, which astoundingly is the case in US resulting in at least 50,000 Americans being KILLED each year due to this truly EVIL fact. That means US Government, or the so called health care system that this Government has put in place, KILLS at least TEN Times more Americans each year due to the "pre-existing condition" monstrosity than Osama Bin Laden killed in 9/11. Think about this FACT.

4- In countries that have NHS, NOT ONE person or family is going bankrupt each year due to health care costs whereas in US 2Mill+ people go bankrupt each year due to health care costs.

5- But perhaps the ultimate reason why NHS is vastly superior for the country than the US style health care system is that in the countries that have NHS, health care is taking on average 9% of the GDP whereas in US with for profit Wall Street run health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of the GDP.

NHS gives health care to all while CUT health care spending & Deficits by 50%

Government run Universal Socialized Health Care (NHS), is the only way to operate the health care of a country in today's modern World. That is either totally Government run Single payer as in UK, Israel, etc. or Government regulated private insurance based as in Germany, Canada, etc.

And here is the ABSOLUTE proof WHY: in countries that have NHS, which is all European countries, Canada, Israel, Japan, in fact all developed Nations but USA, it is taking on average 9% of GDP to give health care to ALL the people of the country, while in USA with 50Mill+ without have health care, 2Mill+ going bankrupt each year due to health care costs, at least 50,000+ KILLED each year due to being denied health care due to "pre-existing condition" clause, etc. catastrophe health care is taking a deficit BUSTING 18% of GDP!

And the above FACT are WHY all Conservative parties, repeat for Republican lunatics and right-wing LYING Media in US, ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Japan, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

More on how Government run Socialized health care give health care to all while cut health care spending by 50%:

Lies after Lies after Lies by Republicans and lying Media in US against NHS

Now when you list the above facts as to how vastly better for the Nation (Government & People & Businesses) NHS is compared to US for profit Wall Street run health care system, then Republicans and the right-wing Media/Cabal that controls them, or they control, respond with the most amazing set of LIEs and non-sense, such as:

"Yes, but our health care results are much better than Europeans, Canadian, etc."

Which statement is totally false, since US health care results rank well below the Europeans, Canadians, etc. developed nation and instead they rank with some of the poorest 3rd World countries, which you can see here:

This of course would be obvious to anyone with half a brain given that 50Mill+ Americans have NO health care, or you loose your health care when you loose your Job, or that even most Americans that do have health insurance do not dare to go for health coverage due to exorbitant deductibles, co-pays, etc. rip offs.

2- Or Republicans and our right-wing Media will state the following total LIE:

"Europeans or Canadians are coming to US for their health care needs"

"Europeans or Canadians are dying waiting in line to get health care due to their Government run Universal Socialized health care"

Now you want to see what utter complete lies such statements that has come out of US Media by the Billions in opposition to NHS are? You can see this by considering these FACT:
A- You will find NOT ONE, not even ONE, Canadian or European party or media organization saying that lets replace our Universal Socialized Health Care with US style for profit health care.
2- You will not see or read ONE US Media outlet say the above LIES in their European or Canadian versions, which is the ultimate irrefutable proof as to the above statements being total lies - more about this here,

Final desperate argument: US has more discoveries in Medicine that countries with Nationalized Health

And the final desperate argument that Republican lunatics and the right-wing Media make against NHS is to say something like:

"What medical advancement your favored Nationalized Health Care Systems have discovered in the last 20 year....?"

Which again shows how devoid of facts these people are since in fact countries with NHS have been behind many more discoveries in Medicine than US has been which you can simply see from countries with NHS having been awarded almost 2 Times as many Nobel prizes in Medicine than US, which you can see detailed here:

And here is the real killer part about this issue: most of the US Noble prize winners in Medicine where from countries that have NHS, whom were offered 10s of Millions of Dollars, by Big Pharma in US, to come to US to finish their work in US, which money they could not be offered under their NHS but could under US for profit health care system. That is these scientists from European countries, China, etc. would have finished their work in their own countries if they were not lured by 10s of Millions of Dollars to US, because of course not every person will reject the allure of being offered 10s of Millions of Dollars for moving from country X to US. But even in this regard more and more Scientist from China, Europe, etc. are not moving to US with even lure of 10s of Millions of Dollars, having realized what a monstrosity US health care system is, and instead staying at their own countries to finish their research even when that means making Millions of Dollars less than if they joined the Big Pharma in US, such as the recent case of a Chinese Scientist from Princeton whom was offered 10s of Millions of Dollars to finish his highly regarded Cancer research in US but he instead choose to return to China for a pay of about $80,000 per Year.

So why does US still doesn't have Universal Nationalized Health Care?

So given how vastly better for the people, for (small) businesses, for the country, and thus the Government, NHS is compared to US style for profit health care, as listed above and as absolutely evident by the FACT that ALL developed nations in the World have one form or another of NHS, then why is it that US still does not have NHS?

How is it that Republicans can be such utter lunatics to call NHS, to be:
And how is that vast parts of US Media, aka right-wing Media, that is Talkradio, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, etc. etc., repeat the above non-sense along with the Republicans?

And how is it that Obama Admin passed a TOTAL JOKE of a health care reform that is anything but NHS, given the fact it mandates us to buy health care from the same Wall Street backed companies that have brought us the current bankrupting system without our Government tightly regulating what these bastard Insurance companies can charge, resulting in the number of American without health care having gone up by few Million since its passage, rather than going down to ZERO, and resulting in cost of health care going higher than going dramatically lower to ZERO for the Taxes we already pay, which is what NHS would.

Because the Super rich and Big corporations (Big Pharma, Big Insurance) who stand to loose $1-Trillion per year by operating health care on a Government run Universal Socialized basis, are spending 10s of Billions of Dollars per year to directly or indirectly finance such lying slime bags as Limbaugh, Beck, Hannety, Fix news, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, etc., in fact 99% of US Media, to brain wash the (uneducated) American people, to not be aware of how much vastly superior for the People and the Government NHS is.

After all keep in mind, that even if Big Pharma, Big Insurance spends 100 Billion Dollars per year to LIE and LIE about NHS, to brain wash vast segments of American Public to be against NHS by getting them to believe their non-sense and lies, to control the members of Congress, they will still be more than $900 Billion Dollars per year ahead, which is the cost savings that NHS will produce less the $100 Billion they spend to fund their Media lies.

So that is why US is the ONLY country in the so called developed World that does not have NHS.

The TRUTH about the ENEMY within

So you have to face the FACT: that US is truly suffering from an ENEMY within, which ENEMY does not give a SQUAT how many 10s of 1000s of Americans it kills per year due to denying them health care, it does not give a SQUAT how many Millions of Americans it drives into bankruptcy each year due to health care costs but the only thing that it cares about is that they are paid $40 Million per year and fly in their $50 Million Private Jets to their Villas. And they will spend 100s of Billions of Dollars to fund one lying machine after another, from psychos on Talkradio, to Fox news, to Wall Street Journal, to ABC, CNN, etc. to tell any LIES to get away with their Con Job, their War, on American People.

For why else would you not be for Universal Nationalized Healthcare (NHS), set aside oppose it, which would give health care to ALL Americans while cut health care spending by 50%. And that is why all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

(0) One of 100,000+ Americans KILLED per Year due to No health Care

(1) About 50Mill Americans having NO health coverage

(2) 1Mill+ people go bankrupt each year due to health care costs while ZERO Europeans or Canadians do for same reason

(3) Margaret Thatchers Conservative party is 100% for their Universal nationalized single payer health care

(4) Great FAQ about Universal single payer health care by Physicians for a National Health Program

(5) Health care system in US is so EVIL that it literally KILLs at least 50,000 Americans per year by denying them care

(6) National Health care means 50% SAVING in cost of health care while every one gets health care - related proofs:

(7) A good review of health care in many different countries:

(8) The Case For Single Payer, Universal Health Care For The United States

(9) Comparing U.S. Healthcare Spending with Other OECD Countries

(10) Multi Million Dollar compensations of Big Health Care CEOS:

(11) One in Four in US Lacked Health Coverage in 2011: Study

(12) (USA) Health-Care Costs in Retirement Rise to $240,000
(while they cost a British, Israeli, etc. ZERO in Retirement)

(13) Members of the US Congress have created the ultimate "Socialist" health care system for themselves

(14) Mitt Romney Praises Socialized Health Care, As Long As It's Not American

(15) Healthcare Costs Around the World

(16) Harvard study finds nearly 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage

(17) Americans Have Worse Health Than People in Other High-Income Countries

(18) More Proof That American Health Care Prices Are Sky-High

(19) GOP Opposition To Medicaid Expansion Could Cost Nearly 6,000 Lives A Year

(20) Canadian couple hit with $950K bill after premature birth in US face bankruptcy

(21) Obamacare’s "Individual Mandate" is a GOP idea, an idea by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation

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COMMENTS     Posted: 38    Pending: 0

By Member: republu 2013-04-16

It is a shame that most people who desire more Government intervention into our lives are truly ignorant as to what it is they are asking for. Furthermore, it is ironic that this country was founded by the hopes and dreams of individuals seeking freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness only to have those qualities encroached upon more and more in such a way that the sheep rarely take notice or even care. But hey, the stock market is at all time highs, along with our national debt and poverty rates. Yippee!!!

By Member: ThinkDeep 2013-04-16

Every time you Republicans open your mouth you further prove what utter complete lunatics you people are.

To be exact

In USA where we we do not have Government run Universal Nationalized Health Care (NHS), we are under the TERROR of Wall Street owned health insurance companies, under TERROR of loosing our health care if we loose our Jobs, under TERROR of going bankrupt due to health care costs.

While in European countries, Canada, Australia, in fact all developed Nations including Republicans BELOVED Israel, because they all have NHS, they are:
1- FREE from TERROR of losing their health care if they lose their Jobs
2- FREE from TERROR that their health care costs will go higher & higher
3- FREE from TERROR of going bankrupt due to health care costs
4- FREE from to leave their Jobs and open a small business since they are FREE from TERROR of having NO health care

etc. TRUE FREEDOMS while we Americans are SLAVE to the Wall Street owned health insurance companies so that they can Maximize their Profits and pay $100-Million per Year to their Wall Street Top Brass.

By Guest:   baserds 2012-08-20

Truth is, UK may spend 50% less on HC but they get way less than 50% less worth. Go wait in line and see. Or go get refused care or put on a long list and see what happens as your disease spreads and your quality of life suffers or ends.

The American way is that we can work together ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS to make things better. If you hand control of your HC over to bureaucrats you will receive back only what they decide you should receive. If you have no means to acquire HC that is of course a big step up.

Problem is that most in US DO have means to acquire HC and by making it a govt system the majority of those with HC will see increased costs and reduced benefits so that others may free-ride. FACT.

Too much government control of your life is bad for freedom. The individual who so easily hands control of their lives to someone else will soon find they have no control. The US is already at the point of too much govt control. Needs to be pulled back in the other direction a bit.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-08-20

baserds, Every time you Republicans open your mouth you further prove what utter complete lunatics you people are.

To be exact, you wrote:
"Or go get refused care or put on a long list and see what happens as your disease spreads."

1st, It is not just UK that has Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS), but so do all developed Nations, inducing Israel the beloved Nation of Republicans lunatics.

2nd, Where did you get the fact that in UK, France, Israel, etc. whom all have Socialized health care people

"get refused care or put on a long list"
Oh I am sorry, you are a Republican lunatic, so you do not need any facts and just pull LIES out of your arsss or the right-wing LYING US Media. Now if you are referring to articles appearing in UK papers criticizing this event or that action, that is only normal and expected from an industry that is 10% of the economy. But NO such articles is saying lets switch from our Government run Socialized Health care to US style health care, but how can we make our NHS better.

By Member: NHS_Facts 2012-08-20

now you want Absolute Proof that Government run Universal Socialized Health care(NHS) is the best way to run the health care of a country?

Well you can have that proof from Romney and other Republican presidents and members of right-wing Media/Cabal. HOW?

Well let Romney tell it.

That is Romney was in Israel a few weeks back. And in that visit he commended the Israelis for:

"Having a Free Market economy that is thriving"

AND he also commended, actually marveled, on how Israel gives health care to ALL her People while spending 50% LESS on health care than US.

But the bastard, and the US Media, aka right-wing LYING Media, did NOT observe the FACT that Israel has 100% Government run Universal Socialized Health care (NHS), where EVERY Israeli gets health care for FREE for Taxes they pay, what these bastards oppose for American People because that would be "Socialism".

Related to this amazingly a good article of all places on Forbes: http://tinyurl.com/bnd8j8v

And in case you say:

"Ya but Israel has a small population"

UK has the same NHS as Israel & 10 times the Population.

By Guest:   ron_paul_man 2012-04-30

You forget to mention that Americans are much more fat & obese compared to Europeans. So that is why health care costs less in Europe while all their people have health care, it is because Europeans are not fat and lazy like Americans are.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2012-04-30

Really, Every time you Republicans open your mouth you further prove what utter complete lunatics you people are.

To be exact: This is yet again another case of how Big corporations and Wall Street gang via their control of Big Media have LIED and LIED to American people. That is you want Americans not to be so FAT on avg, then answers are:

1- Do not allow advertising by Fast food on TV. As they do not allow such as advertising or tightly regulate it in Europe.

2- Have Electric powered public transportation so that many more people can walk to work & leisure.

3- Have BY LAW bike lanes in at least 80% of the roads and all new roads, as is already the case in Europe. So again many more can go to work and leisure on Bike.

4- Have Universal Government run Socialized Health care so that people can seek medical help as they need it which is key to loosing weight.

5- Have Government mandated 8 weeks vacation per year, so people rejuvenate which again is KEY to better health.

All of which Europeans have and that is why even though a French person drinks a bottle of Wine per day & Smokes a pack he/she is still way thinner than similar American.

And ALL of which steps Republicans oppose, proving what TRUE ENEMY of American people they are. And some of which Obama Admin talked about but passed NONE proving what HOAX it is.

And lets also state that in many ways Americans are FAR MORE athletic than Europeans such as in typical US city you see many many running/jugging while in typical European city it is rare to see people running.

By Guest:   factsRus 2012-04-12

Gr8 article.
Every American who wants to know how we have been under an attack from an ENEMY within should read this article.

And on that note, If you one more view into the Republcian Con Job and how it is funded by Zionist forces, to make as many American as misreable as possible, then check this out:

I mean for example this Irving Moskowitz is 100% for Israels Government run Socailized health care system where all Israelis get TOTALLY FREE health care from cradle to grave, free for Taxes they pay, while he has spent 10s of Milions of Dollars opposing Government run Socailized health care for American people. Ask yourself Why!

WellI think this article does a gr8 job of answering why.

By Guest:   KGeorge 2012-03-30

"why else would you not pass Universal Nationalized Healthcare (NHS), set aside oppose it, which would give health care to ALL Americans while cut health care spending by 50%."

Really, 50%?? Can you cite an objective, credible source, or is it just your guess?
Even the CBO says this will cost almost $2 Trillion over 10 years. How does that cut spending?

By Member: NHS_Facts 2012-03-30

It is 2012, how can you be so brain washed that you still do not know the answer to this question! That is how

1st, Note we are not talking about the JOKE of the health care reform that Obama Admin passed that mandates people to buy health insurance from same Wall Street owned companies that have brought us the current bankrupting health care system, but Government run Socialized health care (NHS) as they have in ALL European countries, Canada, Japan, Israel, etc. in fact in ALL developed Nations.

Since in all these countries that have true Government run Socialized health care, health care is taking on average 9% of the GDP whereas in US with for profit Wall Street run health care, health care is taking a DEFICIT BUSTING 18% of the GDP.

Now if you do not know how NHS give health care to all while cut health care spending by about 50%, which means would cut our Deficits by about $1Trillion per year, then read this article points 1 to 5.

Or Physicians for a National Health, here:

By Guest:   Kevin 2012-03-29

Very interesting points; I have long held that the place to start with revising healthcare is placing a ceiling on the amount that someone can sue for in mal-practice; thus returning Doctors to the ability to run their own practice, free from the claws of HMO's.

I don't negate that the system is broken and in need of fixing.

If the plan before us is so good, why did the Congressional clowns vote to be excluded from it?

If it is good enough for the people shouldn't they be included?

By Member: Real_News 2012-03-29

Did you actually read this article!
The author is saying that health care reform Obama Admin passed, what Republican lunatics call Obamacare, is a JOKE.
ANd quoting from it:
"Supreme court justices should ask Obama Admin why did you pass such a JOKE of a health care reform that is anything but NHS! Why did you not pass Single Payer health, which is 100% supported by Conservative parties in UK, Israel, etc. so that every American would have health care FREE for Taxes they ALREADY pay and so that health care spending would be CUT by 50%, which mean CUT the Deficits by $1-Trillion per year."

What the author is advocating for is Universal Nationalized Health Care (aka NHS) which would give ALL Americans health care FREE for Taxes we/you ALREADY pay and would also cut health care spending by 50%, which means CUT the Deficits by $1-Trillion per year, something, that is Deficit reduction is what supposeldy, Republicans want. Which reasons are why all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Japan, Israel, etc. are 100% for their Socialized health care for all (aka NHS).

By Guest:   KGeorge 2012-03-28

How will NHS work when an estimated 46% of households either will pay no federal income tax for 2011 or will receive more from the IRS than they pay in?

By Member: NHS_Facts 2012-03-28

1st, even those who do not pay Federal Taxes still pay State Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Sales Taxes, etc.

2nd, those who do no pay Federal Taxes today may get a Job tomorrow that pays them twice as much or discover the cure for X that generates much more income for them and thus result in them Paying much Federal Taxes

Moreover Universal Nationalized Healthcare (aka NHS) as they have in Europe, Canada, Israel, in FACT all of the developed World but USA, that gives health care to all their People, for Taxes that they pay, reduces health care spending by 50%. THINK ABOUT THAT.

This means by switching to Universal Socialized health care for all, for peoples obligation to pay Taxes through out their lives, we would be reducing spending on health care by about $1-Trillion per year, which means Deficits by $1-Trillion per year, while giving health care to ALL.

So NHS is the best investment that you can make in your Nation, IF you cared about the country and were not actually its enemy. And that is why ALL Conservative parties, in Europe, Canada, Japan, Israel, etc. are 100% for their NHS.

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