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Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2009-10-18
Viewed: 49,036
Health Care System in USA is best evidence of how EVIL this system is
EVIL is a very strong word, one that should be used with greatest of care and reservation.
For EVIL in its true form and not one used by war-mongers as PR to justify their criminal Wars (i.e., War in Iraq),means knowingly taking steps which have lead and are leading to Death of large number of people.

50,000 Americans dying each year due to being denied health care is best example of EVIL

And this is exactly what the US Government has done by the so called health care system that it has put in place. To be exact in United States of America for most people to get health care they have to buy health insurance form for profit publicly traded health insurance companies, whose of course number 1 mandate is to maximize revenues, profits and thus share prices. To achieve their profit objectives these health care insurance companies can then drop someone's so called health insurance coverage when that person gets ill, under one excuse after another, such as he or she had a pre-existing condition, which amazingly means that this person needed health care at the time they signed up for health coverage! As if the job of a health care provider is anything but to provide health care to those who need it.

And once you are dropped from your health insurance due to a pre-existing condition,
then you will not be able to buy another health insurance coverage, because again you have a pre-existing condition! Which means you are effectively sentenced by US health care system to slow and painful DEATH.

So be to exact what we are talking about here is not the FACT that 50Mill Americans do not have health care, because they cannot afford the exorbitant health insurance related payments, from the premium, to the deductibles, to the co-pays, etc. or that if you loose your job you will loose your health care, as bad as these FACTS are, but what we are talking about as being true EVIL is that health insurance companies in US deny Americans health care because they are ill, because they need health care, which is what is called "pre-existing conditions", thus effectively sentencing countless Americans to slow and painful death. The estimates of how many Americans die each year due to being denied health care due to this "pre-existing conditions" is hard to come by, one conservative estimate puts it at 50,000 people per year, which report you can read here:

This is really a low figure, because even if just 1% of the 50Mill Americans who do not have health insurance, become ill then he or she will not be able to even buy health insurance due to this "pre-existing conditions" clause, which means 500,000 Americans dying each year due to this "pre-existing conditions" clause that the US Government has allowed the heath care companies to build into their policies so as to maximize their profits. But again lets take the reported figure
of 50,000 Americans dying each year due to this "pre-existing conditions" clause. How sick, how EVIL is the Government, Media and Society that would create a so called health care system where the health insurance providers can DENY people health care because they are ill, all to maximize their profits and share prices???? That Government, Media and Society is the United States of America as NO other country on Earth has such a system or would allow such an EVIL to exist, for all European countries, Canada, Australia, in fact all developed nations and many developing nations not do they have such an evil aspect to their health care but they in fact Guarantee health care for all their citizens via one or another form of Universal Nationalized Health care that they have.

Putting a face to the 10s of 1000s Americans that are KILLED each year due to "pre-existing conditions" clause

To see that this is just not numbers, but real people that are being KILLED by this EVIL of health care system that leaves 50Mill American without health care and Millions of Americans not even able to buy health care due to this pre-existing condition bull, take the case of Nikki White which you can read here that appeared in an Article on New York Times September 12, 2009.

Nikki was a slim and athletic college graduate who had health insurance, had worked in health care and knew the system. But she had systemic lupus erythematosus, a chronic inflammatory disease that was diagnosed when she was 21 and gradually left her too sick to work. And once she lost her job, she lost her health insurance. In any other rich country, Nikki probably would have been fine, notes T. R. Reid in his important and powerful new book, “The Healing of America.? Some 80 percent of lupus patients in the United States live a normal life span. Under a doctor’s care, lupus should be manageable. Indeed, if Nikki had been a felon, the problem could have been averted, because courts have ruled that prisoners are entitled to medical care.

As Mr. Reid recounts, Nikki tried everything to get medical care, but no insurance company would accept someone with her pre-existing condition. She spent months painfully writing letters to anyone she thought might be able to help. She fought tenaciously for her life.

Finally, Nikki collapsed at her home in Tennessee and was rushed to a hospital emergency room, which was then required to treat her without payment until her condition stabilized. Since money was no longer an issue, the hospital performed 25 emergency surgeries on Nikki, and she spent six months in critical care. When Nikki showed up at the emergency room, she received the best of care, and the hospital spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her, her step-father, Tony Deal, told me. “But that’s not when she needed the care.? By then it was too late. In 2006, Nikki White died at age 32. "There will be another Nikki in America dying every half-hour....."

How EVIL, is the system that allows, and indeed finances, such a mass killing of its people! Just to MAXIMIZE the profits and share prices of the Big pharma & Big insurance so as to MAXIMIZE the money that the Wall Street gang can make!!!

Of course not all US Government & Media is behind this EVIL

Now to be exact, of course it is not the entire US government that is responsible and for this EVIL?
But the entire Republican party and many Democrats have been for this EVIL system, due the 100s of Billions of Dollars that the Big Insurance and Big Pharam have under their control to buy many members of the Congress either directly or indirectly via their control of vast parts of the US Media, from the Ultra Lunatic right-wing Media known as Talkradio, to Ultra right-wing Media such as Fix news, Wall Street Journal, Investors business daily, CNBC, to merely right-wing Media such as CNN, CBS, ABC, etc., with right-wing meaning their mandate is to lie and fabricate the news to benefit the Super rich (i.e., Big Insurance and Big Pharam, etc.) and literally damn be every body
else, American people included.

Why Should I care

If you are from USA, of course you should care because it could be you tomorrow, if not already today, where you will find yourself in the position that Nikki White found herself and therefor she was KILLED by our Government due to this travesty of health care system that we have in USA where you are denied health care, because you need health care (aka pre-existing condition), so a health care system whose mandate is not to provide the best health care to all, as it is in ALL developed nations of the Earth, but it is to maximize profits AND if that means killing you, so be it.

If you are from outside a USA, if you are from a civilized country, such as France, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, etc. etc. you probably cannot even fathom how it is possible that a Government (Media) has put in place a heath care system that denies people of that country health coverage because they are ill or have had an illness, after all isn't that the exact purpose of a health care system, which is to provide people with health care! After all, in your countries by Law you have equal access to health care no matter if you are rich or poor or you have a Job or not, and then there is this EVIL country, called United States of America, where not only 50Mill have no health care because health insurance is too expensive, but Millions cannot even buy any form of health insurance because they already have an illness (aka pre-existing condition) and as a result this country effectively kills 50,000 of its people each year because they are not rich and have an illness.

So if this country is so EVIL, that it would put in place such a horrific (Murderous) health care system, that literally kills 50,000 of its people per year and it is 2009 and this system is still in place, which can only be possible by a massive and persistent lying about this horrific situation by the US Media, THEN what can be believed that comes out of US Media and Government?
That is IF the US Media and Government for years have lied that "We have the best health care system...", that Universal Nationalized Health Care system that they have in ALL European countries, Canada, etc. "leads to Europeans and Canadians wanting to come to US for their health care needs...", which LIES have resulted in this health care system that literally at least KILLS 50,000 Americans because they have an illness and they are not rich, then how can you believe anything that US Government and Media say about what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc.!!!!

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COMMENTS     Posted: 13    Pending: 0

By Guest:   RickyScottB 2015-04-04

The problem we have in every single sector of human life in America (and much of the world) can be boiled down to one thing and that magical thing is profit margin. Since the incentive and laws in every aspect of our lives is to increase profit for a scant few people we will always feel like we are way behind and working hard to get nowhere fast. It's very simple, all essentials to human life should be on a not-for-profit business model, food, clothing, shelter, healthcare. Please do not confuse this with nonprofit. Not-for-profits like credit unions are very successful and in fact provide MUCH better services to their customers, treat and pay their employees better, and benefit the community. Not-For-Profit; this means you pay your expenses in the business; wages and training, building rental/purchase, raw materials, equipment etc. The profit is then distributed back into the business via, increased salaries, cheaper services or products for customers, expansion, etc. Instead of giving this overhead to a few people on the backs of the rest.

By Guest:   wow_factor 2012-06-04

Consider the FACT That the entire US Media on que, just like Iraq War, has started fear-mongering & hate-mongerinbg about War in Syria and entire US Media from of course the right-wing War.mongering Media to the so called left-wing Media, such as John Stewart, MSNBC, NPR, etc. have all started beating the War drum, aka brain-washing aganinst Syria, under the BS claim that they are worried about Syrian civilian deaths when US has KILLED 100,000 of Iraqi's or US Government has put in place a health care system that KILLS at least 50,000 Americans per year by denying them health care due to "pre-existing-condition" claus of Insurance companies, something that would be Crime against Humanity in any European conutry, Canada, etc.

And it gets WORSE: that is same (bastard) Republicans that say "stop spending" are clamoring for this new War in Middle East which if Iraq & Afghan Wars are a reminder should cost us in 100s of Billions of Dollars, while they want to cut the measily $1500 per SS benefit of retires in US to reduce Deficits

By Guest:   Medi 2014-04-17

US murders of innocents in Iraq and Afghan aren't at 100,000. Try closer to a million. An Bush wanted to 'help' save them from Saddam. Bush has caused the deaths or more of them than Saddam!!

Republicans are up in arms about your defence spending being cut in favor of education and healthcare. It was cut by 1%. 1% is nothing when the US defence spend is more than Europe and the Middle East combined.

I hate your institution as much as you do my friend. Maybe moreso.

By Member: Grandpa 2012-01-28

P.S. I`m sorry to the family of Nikki White and all the other families who have lost their precious loved ones in our great country!
We are ALL only on this planet for a short time anyways and to have our friends and family die because we allow profits to have more value then HUMAN LIFE is beyond normal human reasoning!!

By Member: Real_News 2012-03-07

Could NOT agree more with you.
Question is how did USA go so off the right course, in the wrong direction, that psychos like Ronald Reagan and the entire Republican party was able to actually tell the American people that "Government is the problem and not the solution", which of course is the basis of US being the only nation amongst the so called developed nations not having something as necessary as Government run Health Care for all, aka Universal Socialized health care as they have in ALL European countries, Canada, Japan, including Israel the beloved nation of Republicans.
And how is that Democrats did not ever press for and pass real Universal Socialized health care and instead Obama Admin passed this joke of a health care reform that does not even put an end to this truly criminal act of denying people health care because of "Pre Existing Condition" which means Niki would have still been KILLED under the joke of a health care reform that Obama passed, what Republican lunatics call "Obama care"!

By Member: Grandpa 2012-01-28

I`ll say it again, the German health care system is fast, fair,cheap and most of all high quality! ANY prescription, no matter what the product is never costs me more than $10.00 per prescription here, most common meds are $5.00. The German government and the German doctors would NEVER give a human being a punishment for having a pre-existing condition. Most Americans wait entirely too long to seek medical help because of medical costs and loss of job income which in turn causes their sickness to go untreated too long and therfore worsening and really causing unnecessary damage! BUT, we`ll never be able to kill the monster we allowed to be created. What`s the golden rule? He who has the gold makes the rules! We would only be able to make major changes if we had ONE political party with power OR we could get the majority of the different controlling parties to come to an agreement on this! Germany has Democrats and republicans and they are the majority parties, CDU (republican) and SPD (democrats). The SPD created this socialised system years ago and until now it stands strong.

By Guest:   Guest 2011-09-28

Alright, so I put some models together over the weekend and am pretty unimpressed with our current system (which I've been saying for a while). For the record, my dad is a self employed business owner and his premiums are through the roof and have been for quite a while.

Is there some sort of public/private system that would work? I'm still not totally convinced on a full single payer system, but at this point I'm willing to give ground just to stick it to the insurance companies and hospitals. Let's be honest, they're charging more than Europe for pretty much equal service. There certainly are rationed care wait lists that I'm not a fan of, but let's get down to business and figure this stuff out.

By Member: Real_News 2011-12-04

1st, there is NO "rationed care wait lists" in countries with socialized health care, that is there is no wait list for required care or surgery, only for elective surgery. This fearmonerging about "rationed care wait lists" is another massive lying campaign by Big insurance and Big health care (aka Wall Street) and you can see this being fact given the fact that the same day that for example Wall Street Journal has written such articles in their US version these same crap did not appear in their European or Canadian version, because if they wrote in their European or Canadian version that they are having a "rationed care wait lists", well then European or Canadians would have burned WSJ down for writing such a lie.

Otherwise, Big insurance and Big health care (aka Wall Street) does not want to give American people socialized health care since this would mean the bastards making $1-Trillion less on back of American people and damn be how many Millions of Americans this will kill or drive into bankrupcy.

By Guest:   Daniel Marcelo 2011-06-20

the whole thing is a JOKE, don't forget that in addition, it is illegal to purchase the same drugs in other countries, for example Canada, if you come back to the US from Canada, should border control find out you have medicines you purchased there for a third of the price of the US counterpart, those will be confiscated, and you can go to jail as well...

By Member: Real_News 2011-06-20

Yes, very true and sad and really so criminal.
This means that the right-wing Media and the right-wing Kabal that is behind them resulting in Republican lunatics and HOAX like Obama are literally waging War on American people. The best example of which is this sick joke of a health care system US has and it is 2011 and only US amongst all so called developed nations does not have something as essential as Universal nationalized health care and Obama/Dems that were elected on promise of bringing about Universal nationalized health care instead passed a Joke of a health care reform and Republicans and US Media are such lunatics, are playing such a Con Job on American people to call this Joke of a health care reform to be Government control of health care which it is NOT at all as it needs to be.

So it is time that we organize and have a 10-Mill+ man march on DC and New York city. And this is the ONLY site to make this happen. So get the Word out about realnewspost.com, let all your friends know about this site and the massive 10-Mill+ man march that we are going to organize on DC and New York city and at the very least we are going to organize such a march online. And if you can make a donation to this site since this is a people supported, and certainly NOT Wall Street supported site.

By Guest:   Freeyourmind 2011-04-19

What kind of a sick evil country would put in place a health care system that denies people health care because they need health care, thus sentencing them to slow DEATH! Which is exactly what this being denied health care due to "Pre-existing condition" does! Really how evil, how SICK can a country be to put in place such a so called health care system!

And on top of this Obama and Dems passed a health care reform that DOES NOT address this true crime against humanity at once! And Republicans and most of US Media are so insane, so evil, that they want to continue this system! REALLY :(

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