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Ever Since the election of Donald Trump, we stopped putting up new articles here at RealNewsPost.org to get the Truth out, since election of someone as wrong as Trump told us what is the point of a tiny news magazine such as RealNewsPost.org getting the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom, when Big Wall Street Media, of ABC - CNN - MSNBC - FOX - Sinclair Broadcast Group, etc., are backed by Billions and Billions of Wall Street to spew lies upon lies upon Fear-Mongering upon Hate-Mongering on 24/7 basis. As a result of which Wall Street celebrated the election of Trump with record gains after record gains. And our last article about the state of Healthcare in USA was, and became ever more so today in the age of Covid-19, the definitive report on what right-wing lying machines the Wall Street based Big Media are. Another reason why we stopped reporting the Truth, is that Google as key arm of the right-wing Media Complex was censoring and savaging us and as a small news organization we just did not have the resources to withstand the attacks by Google to continue to get the Truth out and predict the future, for your benefit, as we did again and again.

However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2009-12-21
Viewed: 19,496
Irrefutable evidence of how right-wing (Lying) 99% of US Big Media is
Irrefutable proof that US Media is right-wing

As the best proof of what right-wing Lying machines 99% of US Media is take Wall Street Journal, CNBC &
Murdochs so called news Media in US such as Fox News and the 10s of 1000s of articles or comments that they have
made against Universal Nationlized Health Care and in support of the for profit private insurance based health care
system that only exists in USA and some of the poorest 3rd World countries.

You see these same Media outlets have European and Canadian divisions and versions. AND these Media sources in their US versions have written 1000s of articles or stories in support of the current for profit health care system in US and against the Universal Nationalized Single Payer Health Care that they have in ALL European countries. In particular these right-wing Media sources when presented with mountain of facts showing how much better the European Universal Nationalized Health Care system is compared to the US for profit private based health care system, that is such FACTS as:

1- In US 50 Mill Americans have NO health care while in Europe everyone has health care as a right, that is
everyone gets health care for free, or near free, for the Taxes that they pay.
2- In US 2Mill+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs while in Europe ZERO Europeans go bankrupt
each year due to health care costs
3- Health care is taking about 9% of GDP on average in typical European country while it is taking 18% of GDP in US
4- Europeans have much higher life expectancy than Americans
etc. FACTS which you can read much more about here

Now when presented with the above FACTS, the (right-wing) Media sources in US, have stated the following counter arguments:

1- Europeans, Canadian, etc. are dying waiting in line to get health care because they have Universal Nationalized care
2- Europeans, Canadian, etc. are coming to US to get their health care because they have Universal Nationalized care
3- Europeans, Canadian, etc. want American style for profit health care
4- Or if all else fails, they will say that Universal Nationalized care is "Socialism.."

HOWEVER, in their European, Canadian, etc. versions they have NEVER EVER written the above stories that they write or report ALL THE TIME in their US versions.

Of course because these are total LIES and non-sense.
Because if they wrote such non-sense and LIES in their European or Canadian versions, that they tell American people as argument against Universal Nationalized Health Care that they have in Europe, Canada, etc. then Europeans would burn down their offices and news stands since they have had Universal Nationalized Health Care for 3 decades and more and know how much better it is compared to the US style for profit health care which benefits Rich & Big corporations and NOT the people and 99.99% of them are neither dying waiting in lines for health care NOR wanting to come to US for their health care and certainly NOT one, NOT even one, main stream Party or news paper in Europe is advocating for US style for profit health care system.

In fact given that Europeans or Canadians have much higher life expectancy and other health stats compared to Americans, given that ZERO Europeans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs while 2Mill+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs, given that health care is taking on avg 9% of GDP in European countries while it is taking a back breaking 18% of GDP in US, etc. etc. Europeans find it down right amazing and unbelievable that anyone could be for US style health care system, so that is WHY the Media sources listed above, such as Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN, Fobes, Fix news, etc. NEVER EVER mention the crap and lies that they tell the American people against European or Canadian Universal nationalized health care in their European or Canadian versions.

This is an absolute FACT

So the FACT, that Wall Street journal, Fixed news, etc. US Media sources which have European, Canadian Version NEVER EVER write in their European or Canadian versions that for example "Europeans, Canadian, etc. want American style for profit health care", or "Europeans are waiting in line dying for health care because they have free Universal Nationalized Health Care..." is an absolute PROOF that these Media organization are engaged in a deliberate and wanton campaign of LIES and brain washing of American people. Nothing else can explain the FACT that in countless articles in their US versions they rail against Universal Nationalized Health Care that they have in all European countries, Canada, etc. but they NEVER EVER lies in their European, Canadian, etc. versions.

And of course lets state the logical conclusion, if US Media lies and lies to American people in a most organized
fashion about Health Care, about something so vital to the well being of American middle class, for the benefit of the Big corporations and the Rich, that it is similarly capable of lying to American people and anyone else that it wants about any subject matter that it wants.

For more on how right-wing (Lying machine) 99% of US Media is, you can also read:

(1) Key problem with US is that 99% of US Media is

(2) Wall Street Journal - best example of what a right-wing (lying machine) much of US Media is

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By Guest:   FreeMySole 2014-01-30

This article by WSJ in support of Tom Perkins of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, lets remind same VC Wall Street Money that is behind such Internet Media companies as Google, Facebook, etc., is another reminder of what a right-wing lying brain washing machine WSJ has been and continues to be.


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