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Ever Since the election of Donald Trump, we stopped putting up new articles here at RealNewsPost.org to get the Truth out, since election of someone as wrong as Trump told us what is the point of a tiny news magazine such as RealNewsPost.org getting the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom, when Big Wall Street Media, of ABC - CNN - MSNBC - FOX - Sinclair Broadcast Group, etc., are backed by Billions and Billions of Wall Street to spew lies upon lies upon Fear-Mongering upon Hate-Mongering on 24/7 basis. As a result of which Wall Street celebrated the election of Trump with record gains after record gains. And our last article about the state of Healthcare in USA was, and became ever more so today in the age of Covid-19, the definitive report on what right-wing lying machines the Wall Street based Big Media are. Another reason why we stopped reporting the Truth, is that Google as key arm of the right-wing Media Complex was censoring and savaging us and as a small news organization we just did not have the resources to withstand the attacks by Google to continue to get the Truth out and predict the future, for your benefit, as we did again and again.

However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2017-05-04
Viewed: 526,181
State of Healthcare in USA, leading to Joke ObamaCare, aka RomneyCare light, and now TrumpCare, etc Wall Street rip off, is 100% proof of lying Machine Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street Media are
As you know Republicans (in Congress) Voted to repeal the Joke that is ACA (aka ObamaCare) and to replace it with even a Bigger Joke, TrumpCare, which means to make ACA which provided un-affordable Healthcare to a sliver of 100-Million Americans that either have no Healthcare or have no affordable Healthcare, with a Healthcare plan that covers even less Americans and costs even MORE! Here are some glimpses into this fact:

GOP's Obamacare replacement bill would protect just 5 percent of people with pre-existing conditions: Analysis
Translation: Kill 95% of Americans with preexisting condition

Republican healthcare plan: 24 million people could lose coverage, CBO reports

So you want absolute, irrefutable, proof that what comes out of US Media and their agents Republicans & Democrats are lies upon lies, DAMN be how many Millions of People these lies Kill and destroy, resulting in USA being engaged in War after War after after War, all ll you have to do is to look at the State of Healthcare in USA, leading to the Joke ObamaCare and now the bigger Joke TrumpCare.

To be exact, Healthcare was a catastrophe for many Americans when Obama Admin took office in 2009 as per these FACTS:

1- 50-Million+ Americans without Health Insurance

2- Most Americans with Health Insurance did not actually dare to go for Healthcare since they would be hit with exorbitant deductibles of $5,000 per Year per Family member and More, Co-pay of 20% and More, thus resulting in a 10 days Hospitalization costing them an INSANE and bankrupting $50,000 and more!

3- Most Americans with Health Insurance found out when they actually needed Healthcare that their Health Insurance either did not cover their Healthcare costs or only covered a small fraction of the costs because, as casually frequently reported by Wall Street owned Media, they were "Under Insured"!

4- Two Million+ Americans going bankrupt per Year due to Healthcare costs!

5- At least 50,000 Americans killed per Year due to denial of Healthcare due to this thing called pre-existing condition clause, which truly is/was a Crime Against Humanity!

6- And even more horrific acts against American People, just for needing Healthcare, such as denial of Healthcare in middle of your hospitalization due to "Right of Rescission", look it up!

etc. HORRORS for average American Citizen due to something as basic and essential as Healthcare!

Ask yourself:

Who but a TRUE parasitic ENEMY within would put such a Healthcare system in place to begin with?

So given the above FACTS, what did the Obama Admin do?
It came and passed a Healthcare plan proposed by the Ultra Right-Wing of Republican party (aka Heritage Foundation), a water down version of RomneyCare! As a result of which the Healthcare plan that Obama Admin passed, what Republicans then turned around and called ObamaCare, what should have been called RomneyCare Light, made little to NO real improvement in the catastrophe that Healthcare was for 100-Million+ Americans when Obama Admin took office in 2009.

Yet Republicans and right-wing (Wall Street) Media, from Forbes to CNBC to Wall Street Journal to Fox, turned around and opposed the Healthcare plan that they had proposed, a watered down version of which Obama Democrats passed.

In the above FACTS you have all the proof that you need as to what a bizarre Lying Machine US Government, as defined by Republicans and Obama Democrats, & Wall Street Media have been, and amazingly continue to be!

To be exact, ACA (aka ObamaCare) made little difference in the States of Healthcare in USA, because it continues to operate Healthcare on for-profit Wall Street basis, rather than operating it on non-profit Government run Universal Socialized basis as do the 100% of all Developed Nations.

Consider HOW the rest of the Developed World operates Healthcare

Not 70%, not 80%, not 90%, but 100% of all developed Nations, that is all European Nations, Canada, Australia, Japan, including Israel the beloved Nation of Republicans, Obama/Clinton Democrats & the right-wing Media, all operate Healthcare on non-profit Government run Universal Socialized (NHS) basis, and they have been doing it for many Decades.

Because non-profit NHS while giving Healthcare (for Life) to all their People FREE for Taxes they pay, results in spending 50% LESS, not more, but spending 50% LESS, on Healthcare compared to USA for profit Wall Street based Healthcare!

And the fact that NHS, is the only way to run the Healthcare of a Country, is so much so that even all Conservative Parties, repeat for Republicans & Obama Democrats & Wall Street Media, even all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. including Israel the beloved Nation of Republicans, Democrats & right-wing Media, are all 100% for their NHS.

Consider what an un-affordable Healthcare ObamaCare was/is

Do you see that Chart by OECD about Healthcare of OECD member countries?
Do you see that bizarre Upside DOWN bar in that chart vs other OECD Countries? That is Healthcare results of USA and how much it is costing vs other OECD Countries. As you can see USA has the worse Healthcare results by far compared to other OECD Countries, but as bad as that is, it gets WORSE, since USA is also spending twice more than OECD Countries to have this WORSE among all OECD Countries Healthcare results!

So, everyday comes more news from most of US Media, aka right-wing lying Wall Street Media, about how horrible ObamaCare is, how rather than lowering costs it has actually increased Healthcare costs to both Small businesses and People not working for Big corporations or Big Military. Some example of these articles are:

These horror stories are pretty much true!
But what these Wall Street lying Machines don't tell the American People, is why these horror stories about state of Healthcare in USA are true, after ObamaCare, as they were before it. And why this so called ObamaCare made little or NO real improvement in the catastrophe that Healthcare was and is for many Americans before or after the passage of this JOKE of a Healthcare plan.

So why has ACA (aka ObamaCare) made NO real difference in the catastrophe that Healthcare was for many Americans before its passage? As you can see by the fact that typical ObamaCare Health insurance plan, for someone making a modest $1500 per Month, means the following rip-off:
1- Exorbitant $700 per Person monthly premium - under so called Gold Plan
2- $7,000 per Year per person Deductibles
3- 20% Co-pay
Which means typical American family of 4 can easily pay $50,000 per Year for Health care costs if they have just 2 Hospital stays.

Because it continues to operate Healthcare on for profit Wall Street basis, rather than on not-for-profit Government run Universal Socialized basis (aka NHS), as do 100% of all other Developed (OECD) Nations, including Republicans, Obama Democrats & right-wing Media's beloved Israel, Margaret Thatcher’s conservative Party in UK, etc..

To be exact ObamaCare is/was a JOKE of a Healthcare plan, because it is based on a Plan proposed by Ultra Right-Wing of Republican party (aka Heritage Foundation), a plan that became RomneyCare, but it is not even as Socialized as RomneyCare! A plan that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of NHS!

To be exact, if you were/are in the 5% of Americans who works for the Military, CIA, NSA, etc. part of the Military Industrial Complex or Google, GoldMan Sachs, Facebook, etc. part of the top Wall Street Media/Money then your Health Insurance was like in UK, Israelis, etc. where everything is covered, but if you were/are in the other 95% of Americans then you are affected by the catastrophe that is US Healthcare system, before or after the JOKE called ObamaCare, because Healthcare is being operated on for-profit Wall Street basis so that the Wall Street Cabal makes $1-Trillion more per Year from Healthcare, damn be the American People.

And now Republicans under Trump have repealed this Joke called ObamaCare, and replaced it with even a BIGGER Joke called TrumpCare, which is a Healthcare plan is even more run by Wall Street, which means it costs a person even more and covers even less People! WOW WOW. Have they NO shame?

Tangible proof of what a Joke ObamaCare is

Now you may be saying:

But wait minute, I heard from such Media outlets as MSNBC and HuffingtonPost, that in 2015, due to ObamaCare, 8-Million Americans have gotten Health Insurance...

That is a LIE on so many levels. To be exact: if you can get through the Web site of Healthcare.gov, where you have to go to sign-up for ACA, you will find out the health insurance that you can buy through this Healthcare.gov Web site is an un-affordable rip off, since typical insurance offered through it costs an un-affordable $500 per Month in Premiums, but as bad as that is it gets MUCH WORSE, since these plans come with:
A- $10,000 per person per Year in deductibles,
B- Plus 20% co-pays,
etc. rip-offs.

This means under ACA, a family of 4 having 2 Hospitalizations of about 10 days each per Year, could easily end up paying an additional $50,000 per Year on top of the exorbitant $2,000 per Month in Premiums that they would have to pay!

And the FRAUD Obama Democrats call this gift to Wall Street, this finger at American people and Main street, to be:
Affordable Care Act!

And TEAPublicans in proving what utter complete lunatics, or to be exact what True enemy within they are, they turned around and call this un-affordable rip off, to be "Socialism"! Keeping in mind that under "Socialized Healthcare..", you get Healthcare FREE for Taxes you pay, which as per above Math of ObamaCare that is anything but the case with it.

Now to see the above facts in a tangible real World way, consider the case of the People working in Restaurant industry in USA.

FACTS: Before ObamaCare, 99% of People working in Restaurant industry in USA had NO Healthcare. AND now Years after passage of ObamaCare, 99% of People working in Restaurant industry in USA remain with NO Healthcare!

You want absolute proof of this FACT? Very Easy:
Walk into any Restaurant in USA that servers the 99% and ask your Waiter, Waitress, etc.:

Do you have Healthcare?

And watch the look of real TERROR in their face as they reply to you that they do not.

This means in typical Restaurant in USA your Waiter, your Waitress, your line Cook, your Chef, etc. have NO Healthcare, so whether they catch Ebola or whatever infectious disease, this means they cannot go to Doctor and effectively treat that infectious disease as they could in Countries with NHS, but instead they would have to suffer under that infectious disease and once bleeding out of their face then they could be admitted into ER, by which time it would cost much more to treat their infectious disease, if not too late at all to treat that infectious disease, and very likely they can pass that infectious disease to you and your family. Now to be exact some Restaurants in USA such as McDonalds, Chipotte, etc. do offer their (Full Time only) employees Health Insurance, but again the Healthcare via these plans come with un-affordable rip-offs of:
A. Annual Deductibles of $5,000 to $10,000
B. 20% Co-pay,
which of course means typical employee in these Restaurants cannot possibly use these plans to get Healthcare, since typical Restaurant employee makes about $24K per year, thus making these Health insurance plans more of a revenue source for these Restaurants rather than an actual Healthcare for these People.

They fully know that NHS is only way to run the Healthcare of a Country

Now consider these absolute FACTS: obviously Republicans, Obama Democrats, and the Wall Street owned Media/Cabal behind them, fully know that Government run Universal Socialized Single payer Healthcare (NHS) is the only way to run the Healthcare of a Country, given the facts that:

1- Their beloved Israel has NHS.
2- Their much admired as symbol of Conservatism Margaret Thatchers Conservative party in UK has NHS.
3- In fact all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. are all 100% for their NHS.
4- The Ultra Right-Wing Heritage Foundation, who is the brain behind RomneyCare, aka ObamaCare, lists on their Web site as the Top 10 Most Free countries, countries whom all have NHS and even those that have Single Payer NHS such as Australia, here: http://www.heritage.org/index/ranking

After all, consider what it would mean for American people & Small businesses if we had passed in 2009, or pass tomorrow, Single payer Socialized Healthcare (NHS), what 100% of all Developed Nations passed Decades ago:

1- Every American would have Healthcare FREE for life for Medicare Taxes that he/she already pays,

2- Health insurance expenses of (Small) businesses would go down to ZERO, saving them 100s of Billions of Dollars per year thus enabling them to compete in the today's Global economy where all developed Nations have NHS, and equally as important enable them to compete with Wall Street run companies,

3- We would cut Healthcare spending and associated Deficits/Debt by 50%, which means cut the Debt/Deficit that TEApublicans all of a sudden became so worried about in 2009, by $1-Trillion per Year

And of course all of the above facts you can easily verify in the Internet age by searching for any of the above FACTS online, or here:


As you can see, Countries with not-for-profit Socialized Healthcare, which is only 100% of all Developed Nations give Healthcare to all their People FREE for Taxes they pay, while USA which has for profit Wall Street based Healthcare is spending 50% more on Healthcare while having WORST Healthcare results!

How does NHS give Healthcare to all, while CUT Healthcare spending by 50%

Now if you are a typical US Citizen and hence been brain washed by Wall Street Media lies in USA, that NHS means:
More Taxes, Debt & Deficit, when NHS means spending 50% less on Healthcare, which means less associated Taxes, while giving Healthcare to all, you will then be wondering how can NHS give Healthcare to all FREE for Taxes we already pay, while CUT Healthcare spending by 50%?

One Answer, among many, is that whereas CEO of United Healthcare on average makes $75-Million per Year, that is not even talking of his $100-Million Private Jets and other perks, in Countries with NHS he would make a maximum of $250K per Year. And thus the resulting $74.75-Million in savings would go into the Socialized Healthcare system. And lets also state that our Government does set the salaries of a 4 Star General, an Admiral, a Federal Judge, etc. and at no more than $250K per year.

The other Answer is that early detection and prevention costs FAR LESS than going to ER for an infectious disease by which time it would be too late for the original patient and 1000s more that they would have infected due to NO Healthcare.

So who but the TRUE ENEMY of a Nation, would not be 100% for NHS, set aside oppose it, given the above incredible good that NHS does for a Nation? And these incredibly positive facts about NHS, are why even all Conservative parties, repeat for Republican & Obama Democrats & Wall Street Media/Cabal that makes these 2 parties possible, why even all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. including Israel the beloved Nation of Republicans & right-wing Media, are all 100% for their NHS.

What else are the LYING about?

Now, if you are in Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Australia, etc., or an American living in USA with Healthcare, you maybe saying:

"But what do I care that Republican, Democrats and Wall Street Media in USA have conspired to deny American People NHS, resulting in 100-Million+ Americans having NO Healthcare or affordable Healthcare. resulting in ObamaCare and now TrumpCare"?

The answer to which is, if Republican, Democrats and in particular the Wall Street Media, from CNN to CNBC to MSNBC to Fox, to Hollywood, etc. Media organs of Wall Street, would lie and lie, would Conspire at the highest level, to deny American People something as basic and essential as NHS, and amazingly continue to do so even to date in the age of the Internet where their lies and Conspiracies in this regard can be exposed, resulting in:
A. 50,000+ Americans being Killed per Year due to NO healthcare,
B. 2-Million+ Americans going bankrupt per Year due to Healthcare costs,
C. Healthcare costing the American People a Deficit busting 18% of the GDP

And having absolutely no shame, then appear on these same right-wing Media outlets and state that:
"We are going to go bankrupt like Europeans if we have European style Socialized Healthcare..."
"Europeans and Canadians are coming to USA for their Healthcare needs..."
etc. non-sense and utter lies, when Healthcare in USA is costing a "Deficit busting 18% of the GDP" while bankrupting 2-Million+ Americans per Year because it is not being operated on Socialized basis, while in European Countries, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. Nations with Socialized Healthcare, they given Healthcare to all their People while they spend 50% LESS on Healthcare, which means only way Europeans, Canadians, etc. Nations with Socialized Healthcare could go Bankrupt due to Socialized Healthcare, is if 50 is greater than 100! And 99.99999% of Europeans and Canadians are not coming to US for their Healthcare needs, which fact you living in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. you already know.

Then HOW easy would it be for them to lie about things that require a tiny small fraction of lying they have done about Healthcare for American People? Such as the reasons, the lies, they said to sell Iraq War in 2002 based on WMD, to Iraq War today based on ISIS, to etc reasons for War after War after War after War after War that USA is engaged in.

More importantly, face the FACT that the same Wall Street Media/Cabal that is behind the State of Healthcare in USA being a catastrophe for 100+ Million American People, and now has resulted in Republican Trump repealing ACA (ObamaCare) and replacing it with an even worse plan, TrumpCare, that is a Healthcare that covers even less Americans and will Bankrupt even more Americans, so that Wall Street can make an EXTRA $1-Trillion from Healthcare, damn be how many Millions of Americans this greed of Wall Street would KILL and Bankrupt, this same Wall Street MONSTER is behind Google, Facebook, etc. Social Media. AND that is why if you today Search on Google for:

"Why all Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. are all 100% for their Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare"

you will find NO articles by Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. stating that they are 100% for their NHS and why they are, as there used to be under Google search for this phrase up to few Years ago. After all, Conservative parties in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. do exist and they have produced 1000s of documents regarding this subject matter.
And it is also why Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. will block the email notification about this article to you from Realnewspost.org, because we state the Truth, unlike the lies of Wall Street Media.

So the State of Healthcare in USA, is not just a damning proof of what lying Machine Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street Media are; it is not just a damning proof of what EVIL has control of US Government; resulting in Republicans Trump replacing the Joke that is ObamaCare with an even worse Healthcare system of TrumpCare, which mean KILLING and Bankrupting even more American People due to something as essential as Healthcare; but it should be a Wake UP call to you in Europe, Canada, etc. that this same Wall Street Monster that is behind State of Healthcare in US being the catastrophe that it is, is also behind Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social Media and just as they used their control of US Media to lie and lie to American People to result in catastrophe that Healthcare is in USA for American People, they will use their control of these Internet services and Social media to lie to you and control you and make you miserable, as they have done so to American People, as 100% provable by misery that is the State of Healthcare is in USA, resulting in ObamaCare aka RomneyCare light, and now TrumpCare aka ObamaCare light.

(0) USA has WORST maternal death rate of any industrialized nation

(1) Margaret Thatchers Conservative party 100% for their Universal nationalized single payer Healthcare (aka NHS)

(2) Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation plans that lead to RomneyCare, which became ObamaCare

(3) US spends twice on Healthcare compared to countries with Socialized Healthcare while it has worst results

(4) Physicians for National Single-Payer Healthcare

(5) How does Single Payer Universal Socialized Healthcare give health care to all while cut health care spending by about 50%?
The HOWs and WHYs will blow your Mind away as to the Conspiracy of Lies by Triad of Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street Media against US

(6) Here's Why The (supposed) Richest Nation In The World Still Can't Get Healthcare Right

(7) Using your Obamacare plan can come at a great cost

(8) People Denied Coverage Through Affordable Care Act for Pre-Existing Condition

(9) The Ultra right-wing Media outlets that said (rightly) what garbage ObamaCare is, are now saying that it is working:

(10) - Pharmaceutical Tycoon (in US only) Get Rich Off the Disease That Killed My Daughter

(11) "The Conservatives have promised to ring-fence and "protect" the NHS budget, so spending would rise in line with inflation"

(12) Give the NHS at least an extra £8bn a year by 2020, Ensure everyone can see a GP between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week.

(13) Healthcare costs for the typical American family will exceed $25,000 in 2016

(14) Why America’s Sick Health Care System Turns British Conservatives Queasy

(15) A sampling of nightmarish complains against Wall Street based United Healthcare

(16) Every attempt at healthcare reform will fail until we face this one undeniable reality, for profit health-care is doom to fail

(17) Obamacare’s "Individual Mandate" is a GOP idea, an idea by Ultra right-wing Heritage Foundation

(18) Pregnant mothers in the U.S. have a mortality risk that's 300% higher than in the U.K

(19) It cost $32,093+ just to give birth in America? And US consistently ranks poorly in health outcomes for mothers and infants

(20) Nightmare before Christmas in USA: ‘health insurance renewal’

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COMMENTS     Posted: 85    Pending: 0

By Guest:   barista 2019-10-26

Anyone who wants to know of the extent of the Corruption in American Life due to Info Wars that the Wall Street Billionares are waging on American People via the right-wing lying Machines of ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. should read this article and think of the horrible facts listed here, which are that 100-Mill Americans either have NO Healthcare or affordable Healthcare, all so that the Wall Street BOSSES of ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. can make Trillion Dollars more off the Back of American People, DAMN be the American People.

By Member: FidelCastoo 2017-05-05

Americans are brain washed by Wall Street based Media, that is why.

By Member: samantha_j 2017-05-05

I cannot believe that it is 2017 and we are still having a Debate in this Country about whether we should have for-profit Wall Street based Healthcare, so that 10s of Millions of Americans do not have Healthcare and Millions go bankrupt due to Healthcare costs, or have non-profit Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare, as do all other Developed Nations! What is wrong with us?
Why cant our leaders do what the rest of the Developed Nations did long ago!
Amazing Shame on USA :(

By Member: ThinkDeep 2017-05-05

Well better believe it. The Wall Street Cabal is relentless on their War on American people and unfortunately too many American People are either too brain washed or too gutless to do anything about this War on US. And make no mistake about it, this is a War on US. After all: "At least 50,000 Americans are killed per Year due to no Healthcare". Compare that to ISIS supposedly having killed 3 Americans.

By Member: Faxonly 2017-05-04

What the HELL is wrong with American People to put up with this SHIT!!!
Are American People so brain washed and made brain dead by lies of Fox and Wall Street Journal to not know of the rest of the World and how the rest of the World operates Healthcare!

By Member: Reporter 2017-05-04

Fax, I know what you mean. You see marches over Gay rights, over Lesbian rights, etc. but NO marches demanding Universal Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS), what the rest of the Developed World marched for and got many Decades ago! I think it is because Wall Street has spent and is spending so many 10s of Billions of Dollars to brain wash so many American People, not to know what is Up and DOWN anymore!

By Member: samantha_j 2017-05-05

That is because many Wall Street Billionaires are Gays.

By Member: republu 2016-12-01

Congress had to shut down their cafeteria restaurant because it lost so much money and was run so poorly. I don't want the people who can't even maintain a cafe running our health care. Seriously

By Member: ThinkDeep 2016-12-01

1st, So you want us to shut down the US Military too.
Since the US Military is a 100% Tax payer funded Government run organization. Oh wait a Minute, you TEAPublicans LOVE the US Military that is a 100% Tax payer funded Government run organization.

2nd, AGAIN: 100% of all developed Nations, that is all European Nations, Canada, Australia, Japan, including Israel the beloved Nation of Republicans,
Obama/Clinton Democrats & the right-wing Media have had Government run Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS) for many Decades. And WHY? Because NHS while giving Healthcare (for Life) to all their People FREE for Taxes they pay, results in spending 50% LESS on Healthcare compared to USA Wall Street based for profit Healthcare.

By Guest:   ShareSome 2016-05-11

WOW - Finally in May/2016 CNBC published an Article, saying some of the stuff you been saying. Here:


Bravo 2U Guys!

By Member: newventureinsurance 2016-01-03

I found that new companies offering insurance in the market place are offering lower insurance price then companies who have sold insurance in prior years. This new companies come fresh with no claims and high expense ratio of first companies. The general price of all insurance companies will continuo to go up and to avoid high insurance payments is a good idea to shop around before renewing the policy and be stuck with high premiuns another year

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