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However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2016-03-23
Viewed: 28,304
Why the insane Fear Mongering about nothing ISIS? Because it is Ultimate SCAM toward Perpetual War In Middle East and Distracting attention from REAL Problems that face US!
1st, I should state that I really do not like Islam. But I do not like any religion from 2000+ Years ago. Since by their definition such ancient religions are dark and filled with ignorance and hate, given the fact that man of 2000+ Years ago was so ignorant of any Scientific facts and thus harbored all the fear and resulting hate that comes from knowing so little about the real facts. After all, the People who wrote down these ancient Religions thought Earth was flat, Sun rotates around the Earth, had no Phone, no email, no Electricity, no printing press, etc.. But the best reason why to dislike Islam is the country that is the so called center of Islam, that is Saudi Arabia, since it is the Country where they actually:

1- Behead people, for something as mundane as having Sex out of Wedlock, here is one such despicable sickening example:
2- They Chop the hand of People off, for something as mundane as a simple theft
3- They treat Women as below second class citizens, so much so they cannot ever drive something as mundane as a Car
etc. acts of Backward Barbarism which truly are beyond Sick despicable.

But THE Islamic State that is Saudi Arabia that engages in such despicable acts as Beheading People, even Beheading People for having such mundane acts as Sex outside Marriage, and in fact it has beheaded 1000 times as many People than ISIS has supposedly done so, this Islamic State of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest recipient of advanced US & UK Weapons and is adored by Republicans & Democrats, as you see from Videos of Reagan, Bush, Obama, McCain, Kerry, Clinton, Trump, Murdoch of Fixed News, etc. falling over each other to Kiss the hands of Saudi Arabian Kings!

However, if we are going to be afraid of Terror by a religion, there is another Religion that we need to be most fear full off since it is a Religion with the most hate toward those who are not member of that Religion and members of this Religion control much of US Media and Wall Street and thus American Government & Lives. I won't say which Religion this is, I leave it to you to do so.

But in fact it is really despicable Hate Mongering of the highest order to whip up fear and hate of a People by their Religion by the acts of a few People or even a whole country. That is to say such thing as:
"Islamic Extremism"
"Rise of Radical Islam"

by the criminal acts of a few as in 9/11 or Paris Shootings or Saudi Arabia Beheading People over having Sex out of Wedlock is as wrong and despicable as saying:
"Christian Terrorist"

for the countless Mass shootings and killings in US by Christians from Sandy Hook Elementary School to Columbine to Oklahoma bombing, etc. or saying:
"Jewish Terror"

for the countless bombing and killings that Israel has carried out from Gaza to Lebanon or for various Wall Street Jews having funded and funding the right-wing lying Media in US from ABC to MSNBC to CNN to Fox to the psychos on Talk-radio, etc.

Because as the proof that you cannot paint a whole People (Religion) by acts of a few or even a country, just look at Turkey, which is a Islamic based State however in Turkey Women can dress and do as in any European country and People in Turkey are free to drink Alcohol and enjoy themselves as in any European Country or US State, so much so that some of the best Night Clubs in the World, as good as if not better than any Night Clubs in Paris, Berlin, London, etc. are in Istanbul where you can drink Alcohol and party by the Sea of Marmara until the Sun comes up whereas in typical US State the “last call” for Alcohol is by law so early as 1:30AM! Here is Just one such Night Club in Istanbul which shows how Muslims and one Islamic Country have nothing in common with another such as Saudi Arabia.

I state the above FACTS, to prove the point that we who gather here at realnewspost.org do not care about supporting one Religion or attacking another, we wish People who practice Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Scientology, etc. all the best luck and fortune in practicing their chosen Religion, but all we only care about is getting the TRUTH out.

ISIS Fear Mongering non-sense

With the above stated, you have surely seen these sick non-Stop Videos in US & UK Media about really sick acts committed by this group they started calling ISIS in Sep/2014, such as:
Beheading 3 Americans,
Beheading a British guy,
Setting on Fire a Jordanian pilot

Now, there are Tons of Materials, that you can find on-line, which debunk these acts of despicable Killings to actually be Fake and that they indeed are Hollywood class productions. And that is why in all these Videos they are wearing face covers, since if you could see their faces you would readily recognize them either as Mossad/CIA members or B-rated Hollywood Actors. But this article is not about what we can try to prove as being Fake, but this article has to do with what we can prove with 100% FACTS as well being FACTS, which FACTS prove that this ISIS Fear Mongering BS are just more Lies and SCAM by the same US / UK / Israel Media that lied a Mountain of Fear Mongering Lies to sell the Iraq War in 2002 and War after War after War after War that they have Sold.

So what Mountain of FACTS show is that this ISIS Fear Mongering Bull Sheeet, about a rag tag bunch of guys wearing Pajamas and waving a Black Flag, when they have ZERO Fighter Jets, ZERO Helicopters, ZERO Ships, etc. ZERO real Weapons, are just more Fear Mongering Lies by the right-wing Lying Media from:
ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, Fox, Charlie Rose, PBS, NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.
just as they Lied and Lied a Mountain of LIES in 2002 to sell the Iraq War based on Mountain of Fear Mongering LIES and SCAMS.

FACT 0: If ISIS is EVIL for Killing Few what about US UK & Israel for Killing Million More

The 3 Americans Killed by ISIS or the Terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, etc. leading to Killing of about 200 Civilians, are despicable cowardly acts that should be condemned by all People and the perpetrators of these Crimes should be brought to Justice.

But if we are to condemn these Killing of Civilians, what about then:

A- 1-Million Iraqi Civilians Killed by US UK Iraq War of 2002
B- 5-Million Iraqi Civilians turned into Refugees
C- Countless Libyans Killed by US UK Iraq War of 2011 to bring Regime Change in Libya
D- At least 2,000 Palestinians Killed by Israel 2014 Bombing of Gaza

And Domestically in USA:

A- 30,000+ Americans Killed per Year due to INSANE Gun Policies and endemic poverty put into place by Republicans & Democrats. A Murder rate that is an astonishing 20,000% higher (on per Capita basis) compared to other Developed Nations such as UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, etc.. such as:

9 Killed Roseburg Oregon. Not by ISIS. But by Christopher Mercer, White Christian
27 killed Newtown Connecticut. Not by ISIS. But by Adam Lanza, White Christian
13 Killed Columbine Colorado. Not by ISIS. But by Eric Harris & Klebold, White Christians
12 killed Aurora Colorado. Not by ISIS. But by James Holmes, White Christian
9 Killed in Charleston SC, Not by ISIS. But by Dylan Storm Roof, White Christian

B- 50,000+ Americans are KILLED per Year due to NO Health Care. Because USA lacks the most basic of Social services which is Government run Universal Socialized health care, something that every developed Nation has including Israel the BELOVED Nation of Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street (right-wing) Media.

When are we going to Condemn forces that are behind the above Killings and Deaths of innocent People? When are we going to bring these Criminals to Justice?

FACT 1: When ISIS came about

The 1st FACT toward seeing that ISIS is just a new creation of the same War Mongering Fear Mongering Cabal that is behind US being engaged in one War after another War after another War after another War on Islamic Countries, is WHEN all of a sudden out of thin Air this Bull Sheeeet that is ISIS came about. To be exact:

ISIS magically appeared on September 2014!
That is before September 2014 there was NO Mention of ISIS in US/UK Media. NONE! ZERO!

So what happened that lead to magical creation of ISIS on or about September 2014?
Answer: in August 2014 Israel was engaged in yet another Brutal "War Crime" class attack and Killing of People in Gaza. Resulting in at least 2,000 defenseless Civilians in Gaza, Man Women and Children, being brutally Killed by Israel, where of course these Civilians were:

Be-headed and Burned Alive, beside being be-handed, be-gutted, etc.
since when a F16, F15 or F18, etc. drops a 2000 Lb on People in a City, these People are not 1st Humanly put into sleep before they are burned alive and blown to pieces, but they are "Burned Alive" and "Blown to Pieces" when such 2000 Lb explosives are dropped on them. Look up some Photos of Gaza or Iraq Dead from US & Israel bombing to see these horrifically burned and blown to pieces Bodies for yourself.

FACT 2: ISIS has ZERO real Weapons

Really the most absolute and irrefutable proof of what FRAUD Obama Democrats are, what lunatics TEAPublicans are, and in fact what "Good Cop Bad Cop" Con Job these 2 Parties and the Wall Street Media that controls these 2 Parties are playing on US, is Obama Secretary of State Chuck Hagel stating that:

(ISIS) is an Existential Threat to US

When ISIS is a near ZERO threat to US as per these FACTS:

1- ISIS has ZERO fighter planes
2- ISIS has ZERO Helicopters
3- ISIS has ZERO Ships
4- ISIS has ZERO Submarines
5- ISIS has ZERO ICBM missiles
6- ISIS has ZERO satellites
7- ISIS has ZERO Transport planes, even of World War II quality

etc. etc. FACTS which prove that the Military threat from ISIS, is nearly ZERO.
And what are the evidence shown by US Media, aka right-wing lying War Mongering Media, as the evidence of the threat by ISIS? They keep showing these Videos:

1- A few guys in Black Pajamas, Waving a Black flag, and shooting some Guns,
2- A bunch of guys in Black Pajamas riding in Toyota Pickup trucks with a mounted Machine gun,
3- A bunch of guys in Black Pajamas jumping on Monkey bars as if doing the Monkey bar, which is available at any Kindergarten or Middle School, makes them IronMan or SuperMan, etc. fictional Hollywood created Super assassins
4- The whole spiel played to a background of Arabic Music,
5- And as the Pièce de résistance they show one guy in Black Pajamas walking in the Wind with the ISIS Black flag in his hand

And TEAPublicans and US Media rather than saying:
What kind of a Fear Mongering War Mongering lying machine are you to state that this ISIS with nearly ZERO Military threat is an "Existential Threat to US"

NO, instead TEAPublicans and US Media doubled on the insane statement by Chuck Hagel and their only criticism of Obama Admin was:
How could it have ignored such an "Existential Threat to US" and this is what you get for not having Bombed even more Islamic countries

when Obama Admin has Bombed 7 Islamic countries vs 3 Islamic countries Bombed by Bush!

FACT 3: Anyone and everyone can Bomb and is Bombing ISIS

As another proof of what NON threat, what NON entity, this ISIS Bull Sheeet is, just Look at the Map of the World.

You will see that Turkey, a NATO member that receives Billions of Dollars of American Tax payers money per Year due to US bases in Turkey, borders the area that ISIS has supposed taken over as its stronghold, so if there was a an OUNCE of truth to ISIS being this crazy threat that Hagel and ObamaBush War-mongers and lying US Media are selling, then Turkey would have bombed ISIS into dust. After all Turkey has a Modern Air force, armed with same F-18 and F-16 that US has and again Turkey borders ISIS land whereas US is 10,000 Miles from ISIS land and again ISIS has ZERO Surface to Air Missiles, so any World War II class Air force, set aside a Modern Air force can bomb ISIS into dust.

And in fact:
Jordan has Bombed ISIS, Egypt has Bombed ISIS, without any impunity since again ISIS has ZERO Fighter Jets, ZERO Air Defense System, etc. ZERO.

Real goals of this insane Fear Mongering about nothing ISIS

1- Divert Peoples attention from Israeli Genocidal Killing of People in Gaza, where World opinion was coming together against Israel for Aug/2014 Bombing & Slaughter of People in Gaza, under amazing lies and non-sense that "We give them a notice before we drop Bombs on their Houses...", "They are using their Children as Human Shields"

2- Distract from real problems of USA, due to Republican lunatics & fraud Democrats & Wall Street Media, such as lack of even most basic of Social services of Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS) resulting in 50,000+ Americans KILLED per Year due to NO Health Care which fact JOKE called ObamaCare makes no difference in

3- Justify the Gargantuan US Military budget. After all how can you justify US Military budget being so Gargantuan that it is larger than budget of all other Countries on Earth combined while TEAPublicans say: "We are broke", "We are borrowing from our Grandchildren", etc. but to Fear Monger one Enemy & War after another.

4- SCAM us into bombing Syria, after Syria has used WMD excuse failed in 2013, now under the new unbelievable excuse that we need to fight ISIS in Syria when the Syrian Government has been fighting these same fighters and it states that they are funded by CIA & Mossad.

Ultimate goal of the ISIS Fear Mongering SCAM

Of the above reasons for why the Wall Street right-wing Cabal that controls US Media & Government came up with this ISIS Bull Sheeet fear-Mongering SCAM, bombing Iran is the most important long term goal and strategy. As you can see in this interview by Henry Kissinger:

Henry Kissinger: Iran is A Bigger Problem Than ISIS

After all, Obama Democrats, Republicans & US Media have presented ISIS as a barbaric savage Islamic Cancer that can only be dealt with by Killing every Human being that is inside ISIS by bombing it from 30,000 Feet High and whatever other way they can Kill all these Human beings. And the biggest Jewish Israeli Lobby mind of Henry Kissinger, which is pretty much what Nenatyahu and Israeli right-wingers think, states that:
"Iran is A Bigger Problem Than ISIS'"
this means if every Human being in ISIS is so vile that it can be Killed by Air Strikes, then certainly:
"every Human being in Iran is so vile that it can be Killed by Air Strikes"
after all according to Israeli lobby such as Kissinger: "Iran is A Bigger Problem Than ISIS'"

So unless We the People wake up and put a Stop to the right-Wing War-Mongering lying Machine that is US Media, from ABC to CBS to CNN to MSNBC, etc. lets not even talk about the Ultra right-Wing lying Machines of Fox, Wall Street Journal and the Psychos on Talk-Radio, the result of which is fraud Obama Democrats & Republican lunatic War-Mongers, then expect them to come up with one Fear-Mongering campaign of lies after another to Bomb one country after country. And to add insult to injury, then these same bastards when it comes to investing on American People & Cities will turn around and state that:

"We are broke"

"We have a $16-Trillion Debt & Deficit crisis"

“We are borrowing from our Grandchildren”

How to defeat ISIS

So to end ISIS we need to Stop the Wars after Wars after Wars after Wars after Wars on Islamic Countries that lead to creation of ISIS and instead pursue Peace and supporting True Democratic Governments such as Turkey rather than despotic barbaric Islamic States such as Saudi Arabia. But of course the War Mongers and the Military Industrial Complex and Israel lobby that sold Iraq War, Libya War, etc. which lead to creation of ISIS, do not want Peace which would end ISIS.

As best of proof of all the facts listed here, watch this interview by this so called US Senator called Lindsey Graham, and you can replace his name with any TEApublican such as Ted Crazy (Cruise) of Texas, or any Democrats too!
So this Lindsey Graham whom:

1- Said the most insane Fear-Mongering lies in 2002 to sell that Iraq War, which War lead to the DEATH of 5,000+ American Soldiers, Killing of close to 1-Million Iraqi People and wasting of about $4-Trillion of American Tax payers Money
2- His State ranks almost last in every measure of well being of its People, such as death by Gun Violence
3- His State has about 30% of its Population without Health Care, which fact this Bastard Champions because he opposes NHS for American People, while this same Lindsey Graham Loves Israel which Israel has 100% Socialized Health Care (aka NHS) for her People

presents this nothing ISIS as this GREATEST Fear that is going to "Kill us All"!

Supporting Documents:

(*) Ankara, a member of NATO, rebukes Israel as a threat to international peace

(*) Study finds nearly 45,000 excess American People deaths annually linked to lack of Health Care

(*) Assad calls for US to stop funding ISIS

(*) Saudi Arabia claims 'difference is clear' between state sanctioned executions and Isis beheadings

(*) When will ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, BBC, Fox show the People in Gaza & Iraq beheaded by US Israel Bombs

(*) Any reader of Orwell would be perfectly familiar with US so called News Media

(*) When It Comes to Beheadings, ISIS Has Nothing Over Saudi Arabia

(*) US created ISIS, seeks discord among Muslims

(*) How US Wars fueled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

(*) EU migration crisis: Stop illegal wars, don’t blame the victims

(*) Physicians for Social Responsibility: 1-Million Iraqis Killed due to US UK lead 2002 War

(*) Peace in Syria - it's the last thing the US wants

(*) John Bolton Urges Trump To Foment Sectarian Civil War In Iran, just as they did in Syria

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COMMENTS     Posted: 26    Pending: 0

By Member: Smithworkz 2020-04-06

The real reason Syria fell to ruin started with global warming. The were having a famine because of global warming. Plus, the psycho running the country, whose father was also a psycho started killing his own people to stay in power, and now the psycho in Russia is helping him.

By Guest:   GoldCoast 2016-07-02

And during last 10 Years more than 100,000 Civilians have been Killed, through out the Muslim World, by US Fighter Jets, Bombers, Drones, etc., From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya, etc.. SO I totally agree, with you that the only way to End ISIS or son of ISIS or cousing of ISIS, etc. is to END the Israeli driven Wars on Muslim World.

By Member: republu 2016-03-24

"And instead pursue Peace and supporting True Democratic Governments such as Turkey..."
Turkey is a theocratic Islamic government disguised as democracy. Just because they have white skin and wear Italian suits does not mean they are "good people.' The entire infrastructure of that nation was created by Armenian and Turkish Christians prior to the Islamic conquest of the region.They are the primary backers of ISIS and their incursion into Syria because they want to overthrow Assad and install a Sunni President making a Syria a Sunni theocracy. The Syrian-Turkish Sunni alliance is meant to combat the Shiite block emerging from Iran and Iraq.

By Member: ThinkDeep 2016-03-24

1st, Turkey is a NATO Ally, so if what you are saying is True, then American Tax payers are paying Billions of Dollars per Year to Turkey to support ISIS. Which is just more indication of the SCAM that they are playing with US with this ISIS fear mongering BS.

2nd, Turkey is far more of a Democracy than the Islamic States such as Saudi Arabia that is armed to the Teeth by US & UK

3rd, Israel is even less of a Democracy than Turkey, given the fact that it is a religious (Jewish) based Country and hence EXACT OPPOSITE of any and all ideas of a Democratic State and that is why USA has a total separation of Church and State.

By Guest:   fire_house 2016-03-24

What about: Anonymous to tackle ISIS
as you can read here:

By Member: ThinkDeep 2016-03-24

More unbelievable non-sense by the right-wing brain washing Media!

After all Guy Fawkes, on which V for Vendetta Movie was created, the whole basis of V was that Governments and the Wall Street Cabal controlling them, are using Terrorist based Fear Mongering to Terrorize their People.

So it is an astonishing, but rather quite normal for them, demonstration of the brain washing Machine that US Media is, for CNBC one of he main mouth pieces of Wall Street to use V to Fear Monger about Terrorist when the WHOLE basis of V was that Wall Street Rich via their control of the Government and right-wing Media are Terrorizing the People via the Fear Mongering about "Terrorist Terrorist Terrorist.

Just watch the Movie to see above FACTS.

By Member: Faxonly 2016-03-23

Finally someone who speaks the Truth.
Thank you.

By Member: Ossena 2015-05-27

You could not be more on target with this article, exposing the fact that this ISIS bull sheeeet is just another rouge of Israel lobby, to dehumanize the Islamic World, toward Bombing Syria and hopefully if they can Bombing Iran as the ultimate Goal. Proof of which fact again is provided by:

Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS – Netanyahu


By Guest:   kokopuff 2015-05-11

This article is a must read for anyone who wants to know the War Mongering machine that US / UK Media has been and continues to be. On that note, there is a BBC report about ISIS "The Worlds most blahblah Terror group.." based on non-sense that ISIS has $2-Billion in funds. Oh really! Please tell us:

In which Bank does ISIS keeps its $2-Billion in?
Because in any (Real) Bank US Europe would instantly freeze their assets

Or does ISIS have their $2-Billion in Bank National Of ISIS or Bank of ISIS, etc.
Oh sorry, there are NO such Banks existing.

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