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However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: Reporter
Date Posted: 2015-01-10
Viewed: 21,628
12 Shot in Paris is proof of "Terror Attack by Radical Islam"! How about then 500,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed due to Iraq War, 30,000 Americans shot per Year, such as 27 in Sandy Hook?
First, we should all state our condolences to the 12 victims of the shooting in Paris at Charlie Hebdo and also express our condolences to the great People of Paris and France. And indeed we should all state loudly:
Je Suis Charlie
Vive Le France

With the above stated: The US Media coverage of tragic Shootings in Paris, just as few other shootings when the shooter is an Islamic sounding person, are just more and more proof of the total Islam Fear Mongering that they have been engaged in, to distract from what is so wrong with USA, which wrongs are put into place by the right-wing Cabal behind Republicans and Democrats. After all:

How can we condemn the Killings of 12 Civilians in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, as we should by denouncing it a criminal act which requires maximum justice against those who carried out these acts, but NOT condemn and demand Justice for these Killings of Civilians during last 10 Years:

* 500,000+ Iraqi Civilians by US due to Iraq War number 3, which War People of France as with many other Nations came out and demonstrated against in the Millions.

* 10,000 Palestinians Civilians Killed by Israel, 2000 in Aug 2014 alone due to Gaza bombing

* 30,000 Afghan civilians killed by US/Nato during same time & 1000s of Libyan Civilians killed by US & Nato & 10s of 1000s of Syrian killed by US/Israel funding groups that became ISIS


How can Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street owned Media, condemn the Killings of 12 Civilians in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, and fear monger about how this means "We are under Attack by Radical Islam..", and "Demand massive Government spending and action to combat such killing of 12 People..." while these same Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street owned Media have done NOTHING to reduce the Murder rates in US by Christians (non Moslems), due to the insane Gun laws and lack of Social services that they have put into place, as a result of which USA has Murder rates that are an astonishing 40 time that of France or other developed Nations, such as:

- 32 Americans Killed at Virginia Tech University, by non-Moslem Shooter
- 27 Americans Killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 of whom were Children, by non-Moslem Shooter
- 12 Americans Killed at Columbine High School in Colorado, by non-Moslem Shooters
- 12 Americans Killed at Movie Cinema in Aurora, Colo., by non-Moslem Shooter
- 12 Americans Killed at Tucson AZ peaceably assembled, by non-Moslem Shooter


How can Republicans, Democrats and Wall Street owned Media, condemn the Killings of 12 Civilians in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, while they have put into place a Health Care system here in USA that Kills at least 50,000 Americans per Year due to NO Health Care because Health Care in USA, before or after that Joke called ObamaCare, is an un-affordable Wall Street rip-off, all so that Wall Street gang members can make an EXTRA $1-Trillion per Year from Health Care damn be how many Americans this would Kill or Bankrupt per Year, and other nefarious reasons. While in France, as with 100% of all developed Nations, including Israel the BELOVED Nation of Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street owned Media, they have Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), so they give Health Care for FREE to their People for the Taxes they pay, so that NO one in these Countries is Killed due to NO Health Care or goes bankrupt due to Health Care while they spend 50% less than USA on Health Care.


Instead what have Republicans, Democrats and US Media have done in response to one Massacre after another Massacre of American People, leading to US having a Murder rate that is 40 times, not 40% which would be bad enough, but 40 times that of France of other developed Nations? NOTHING. Instead and this is just one example to drive in the point, after the horrific killing of 27 Americans at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 of whom were Children, CNBC ran a piece about, whole your breath, titled:
"AR 15 - Americas Gun"
That is the same AR 15 which was used to Kill 27 Americans at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Americans Killed at Movie Cinema in Aurora, Colo., etc. was presented by CNBC, not as an evil weapon that should be banned, as such weapons are banned in France, but CNBC ran a piece, and in fact ran that piece many times, to glorify this Weapon of mass killing of American People!

They received training at Yemen or by ISIS

One of best examples of psycho fear mongering that US Media, aka right-wing lying Media, is engaging in with its reporting on the shootings in France, or whenever the shooter is an Islamic sounding person, is them stating this astonishing point:

"Charlie Hebdo Gunmen Had Weapons Training In Yemen" as you can see here:

The answer to which fear mongering non-sense is, what freaking Weapons training from Yemen or Alqeada in Yemen or ISIS, etc. do you need to shoot a Gun! It is a freaking Gun! So you can step into any Gun range and learn to fire a Gun! After all:

- Did Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter that KILLED 27 Americans have training in Yemen by Alqaeda/ISIS? NO.
- Did Aurora Colo Cinema shooter that KILLED 12 Americans have training in Yemen by Alqaeda/ISIS? NO.
- Did Columbine High School Colorado shooters that KILLED 12 Americans have training in Yemen by Alqaeda/ISIS? NO.
etc. etc.

So this is just another example of the non-STOP fear mongering and hate mongering Bull Sheeeet about Islamic People that US Media, aka right-wing lying Media, is engaged in on behalf of the War Mongers in Israel and the Military Industrial Complex.

The real reason for Non Stop Fear Mongering about "Islamic Terror"

So US Media coverage of tragic events in Paris France are just further and further examples of non-stop fear mongering and hate mongering that the US Media is engaged in, using the "Islamic Terror" boggeyman, leading to US being engaged in one War after another War another War another War another War, at the cost of Trillions of Dollars and 1000s of lives of American People, which Wars Israel wants and have NO benefit for American People. One proof of which facts are the fact that US has been engaged in a War in Afghanistan for 13 Years NOW, at the cost of $2-Trillion and 2,000 Americans KILLED, and 10s of 1000s of American service personal maimed, lets not even talk about the 100s of 1000s of Afghan civilians killed, which War US is still engaged in contrary to what that FRAUD Obama said that US has finally ended this War there on Dec 2014. While China that borders Afghanistan, repeat borders Afghanistan, has spent ZERO
Dollars or ZERO Chinese lives fighting the "Evil Islamic Terrorist" in Afghanistan because the REAL threat from Alqaeda/ISIS or whatever Islamic fear mongering BS right-wing Media comes up tomorrow, is actually ZERO, since Alqaeda/ISIS has ZERO Fighter Planes, ZERO Tanks, ZERO Helicopters, ZERO Ships, ZERO Ballistic Missiles, ZERO etc. real Weapons and thus ZERO real threat, unless of course you are occupying their Country as Israel is occupying Land of Islamic People.

And of course the ultimate proof of above facts are the Iraq War under Bush where US Killed about 1-Million Iraqi Civilians and left that Nation in near total ruin and now under Obama US is back bombing Iraq again because of ISIS fear mongering Bull Sheeeet.

So there is no question that the Media coverage of the tragic Paris shooting, just like ISIS Bull Sheet are just more fear Mongering by right-wing Media cabal using the "Islamic Threat" boggey man, question is why? Answers:

1- To distract from Israel Genocidal Killing and treatment of People in Gaza, where Israel killed at least 2,000 Civilians in Gaza, which means Israel killed 20 times as many Civilians in Aug/2014 alone as the shooters in Paris killed the week of Jan/8th

2- To soften the ground for Killing of any and every Islamic person or Country that US/Israel wants to

3- To entangle the US in War after War after War after War after War in Middle East for benefit of MIC and Israel, such
as for example US being engaged in War in Afghanistan for 13 Years NOW, or the fact that Obama is a Bigger War Monger than Bush, having bombed 7 Islamic Countries vs 3 Islamic Countries for Bush, yet Republican and right-wing Medias criticism of Obama is that:
"It has not bombed more Islamic Countries",
"It is soft on Islamic Terror"
"It is not tough enough against Islamic Jihadist which has lead to ISIS or shootings in Paris"
etc. non-sense

4- To distract from the real problems in US which are actually KILLING 10s of 1000s of American per Year, such as US having insane Gun laws and American people being bombarded by fear mongering and hate mongering by Hollywood, for their neighbors and fellow Country men, leading to US having Murder rates that are an astounding 40 times of other developed Nations, such as France. Or US lacking the most basic of Social services such as Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS), lack of which NHS is leading to DEATH of at least 50,000 Americans per Years due to NO Health Care and other HORRORS, which NHS is so essential that 100% of all developed Nations have it, such as France, and including Israel the beloved Nation of Republican, Democrats and right-wing Media.

5- To make Iran kill-able and bomb-able at will, for after all Iran is a Islamic State.

Now in closing, I would love to see the Islamic regime in Iran replaced by a Secular regime, something like what they have in Turkey. Because I as all Modern civilized People am, as we all should be, against a Religious based Country, such as the Islamic Republican of Iran, But then we also need to be against the other religious based Country in that region, which is the Jewish State or Israel. And not instead have JSI fear monger and lie us into religious Wars with non-existent ISIS, well ISIS which was founded and funded by US & Israel, all so as to make Iran and other Islamic Countries hated and thus Bomb-able and Kill-able at Will by JSI and their agents in the right-wing lying Media in US, from ABC to CNN to MSNBC to CNBC to Fox to Hollywood, etc.

Reference Material:

(*) '27 dead' in Connecticut primary school shooting

(*) US gun violence: Product of poisoned society and normalization of inhumanity

(*) Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to lack of Health Insurance

(*) State of Health care in USA, is ultimate proof that USA is under attack by a True Parasitic Enemy within

(*) Netanyahu massacred Gaza like Paris terrorists – Turkish PM

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COMMENTS     Posted: 9    Pending: 0

By Guest:   We_the_People 2015-01-26

You want to talk about Killing of innocent People?
You want to talk about Terror?
Then look NO further than USA where beside 30,000 Americans being Killed per Year due to insane Gun laws and abject poverty and Hate Mongering and Fear Mongering by Hollywood and rest of the Media, you have the Police too that have been trained to shoot American people at will. Here is an example of a 17 Year old Girl asking for Help but instead the Police Shot her DEAD :(


She is 17 Years old for God Sake!

By Member: FidelCastoo 2015-01-14

You see, when an Islamic Person shoots someone that means that:
"They are part of Radical Islam"
"We are under attack by Islamic Jihadist"
"Israel is our only friend in the Islamic region"

But when we have literally 1000 times as many Shootings here in USA by Christians or Jews, then that means:
"Price of Freedom"
"Freedom is not Free"
"Americans want their Freedom"

Get it?

By Guest:   charlie_hebo 2015-01-12

Yes indeed. You are so correct Sir.

How can we condemn the Killings of 12 in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, as we should by denouncing it as a criminal act which requires maximum justice against those who carried out these acts. But then NOT condemn and denounce the Killings of 500,000 Iraqi People by US due to Iraq War?

So if we want to STOP another tragic Killing like Charlie Hebdo, we need to bring to Justice those War Criminals in US and Israel that brought about the Iraq & Gaza Genocidal Wars.
Dont you think?

By Guest:   AkHole 2015-01-11

But these shooters in Paris had gotten training in Yemen, from Alqaeda in Yemen or ISIS in Syria & Iraq.
You can see that here:

Charlie Hebdo Gunmen Had Weapons Training In Yemen

That is what the difference is.

By Member: Reporter 2015-01-11

Thank you for posting this link to further PROVE the point that US Media is engaged in a sick fear mongering brain washing SCAM with its reporting about this matter and or whenever the shooter is an Islamic person. And in fact I will reply to your point by updating the whole Article since your point is actually such a damning proof of Key points made this article.

By Member: Faxonly 2015-01-11

Thank you for this article to point out that this Paris shooting is just more example of fear Mongering by War mongering Media. Thank you for pointing out the truth since surely we not gonna get it from US media.

By Member: samantha_j 2015-01-11

I am so glad to have found this news site that is telling it like it is rather than how Israel and the MIC in US want to Spin it to be. So yes really, how is that US Media calls this killing of 12 in Paris to be an "Radical Islamic Attack" but it does not call killing of far many more Americans in US by Christians and Jews to be "Radical Christian Attack"?

By Guest:   Faraj 2015-01-10

First of all, the killers are French! So why Islam is brought in? It's that Media monsters want to inject the false idea that Islam is bad! It is a peaceful religion though.

By Guest:   fire_house 2015-01-11

Yes, EXACTLY. It is called Fear Mongering for Maximum Hate toward Islamic People which Israel wants and for benefit of Military Industrial Complex in US and resulting War after War after War after War after War after War...

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