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Ever Since the election of Donald Trump, we stopped putting up new articles here at RealNewsPost.org to get the Truth out, since election of someone as wrong as Trump told us what is the point of a tiny news magazine such as RealNewsPost.org getting the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom, when Big Wall Street Media, of ABC - CNN - MSNBC - FOX - Sinclair Broadcast Group, etc., are backed by Billions and Billions of Wall Street to spew lies upon lies upon Fear-Mongering upon Hate-Mongering on 24/7 basis. As a result of which Wall Street celebrated the election of Trump with record gains after record gains. And our last article about the state of Healthcare in USA was, and became ever more so today in the age of Covid-19, the definitive report on what right-wing lying machines the Wall Street based Big Media are. Another reason why we stopped reporting the Truth, is that Google as key arm of the right-wing Media Complex was censoring and savaging us and as a small news organization we just did not have the resources to withstand the attacks by Google to continue to get the Truth out and predict the future, for your benefit, as we did again and again.

However the coming elections where a choice between Trump and Biden, is NO choice at all. And the astonishing disruption to life due to Covid-19 crisis, from which Covid-19 crisis Wall Street Billionaires are getting Richer from, while small businesses are getting Killed by the Millions, is compelling us to try to revive RealNewsPost.org, if we can raise proper minimum funding for it this time. So if you like to see us properly funded so that we can get the Truth out, then Donate to our $5-Mill Funding round to properly fund and re-launch RealNewsPost.org, so that we can hire a staff of 20 and put in place the infrastructure that allows us to give YOU on Main Street Voice, to get the Truth out.

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Author: ThinkDeep
Date Posted: 2016-07-15
Viewed: 7,208
What created ISIS? Iraq, Libya & Syria Wars. How to end ISIS? PEACE of course!
There has been another Terror attack, this time in the beautiful French Rivera city of Nice. Where the culprit drive a Semi Truck, repeat a Semi Truck, and not Bombs or Machine guns, etc. to Kill 80+ innocent People and injure many more. And lets state that Semi Trucks are available by the 100s of 1000s in any City and on any major Road.

First our condolences to the wonderful French People and lets all state: Viv Le France.
Now of course the Big Media is quick to label this as an ISIS attack. Rather than look into the real cause of these attacks and what we need to do to really put an END to them.

So what is ISIS and what lead to its creation?
ISIS is the result of the US & UK Genocidal 2002 Iraq War. A War based on Mountain of lies, by US & UK Media from CBS to CNN to MSNBC to Fox to Wall Street Journal, to NPR, to PBS, to BBC, to economist, etc. etc.. And of course all US UK politicians from Bush to Blair to Clinton to McCain, etc. etc. A War that 100s of Millions of People World Wide demonstrated against, but US & UK leadership still went ahead with it.

The above statement can be proven with 100% Facts:
1- How many attacks were launched by Secular regime of Saddam Hussein against Paris? ZERO
2- How many attacks were launched by regime of Saddam Hussein against Brussels? ZERO
3- How many attacks were launched by regime of Saddam Hussein against Istanbul? ZERO
4- How many Americans or Brits did regime of Saddam Hussein have wear Orange jump suits and cut their head off on Video? ZERO
5- How many ancient Roman ruins did regime of Saddam Hussein destroy? ZERO
6- How many attacks were launched by Secular regime of Saddam Hussein against Nice via driving a Truck into crowd of People? ZERO

And you can replace Secular regime of Saddam Hussein in above with the Secular regime of Qaddafi and Secular regime of Assad in Syria.

So Iraq War, a War based on mountain of Lies, has lead to one catastrophe after another, but has made Trillions of Dollars for the Military Industrial Complex. One of these catastrophes was creating ISIS, but it has lead to many other catastrophes, such as:
1- One Million Iraqi Civilians Killed
2- Five Million+ Iraqis turned into Refugees living in most desperate of conditions with little Water, Food, Shelter, etc.
2- 5,000+ US Soldiers Killed and 50,000+ injured
3- Four Trillion Dollars of American Tax payers Money wasted
4- The Refugee Crisis to Europe

And what are US & UK Media War Mongers, from CNN to MSNBC to Fox to Clinton to Trump, etc. suggesting now?
To Bomb Iraq again and Bomb Syria too and bring about "regime change" in the secular Government of Syria, which "regime change" in the secular Government of Iraq, lead to creation of ISIS and the current Refugee Crisis to Europe!

So who is to blame for the Terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice, etc..?

You can thank the Military Industrial Complex and the Wall Street right-wing Media such as CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Wall Street Journal, BBC, economist, etc. who lied and lied an Ocean of lies to sell the Iraq War in 2002, and then the Libya War and now the Syria War for these Terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, etc..?

For there were ZERO Terrorist attacks on Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, etc.. from the Secular regime of Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
There were ZERO Terrorist attacks on Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, etc.. from the Secular regime of Qaddafi''s Libya.
And there are ZERO Terrorist attacks on Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, etc.. from the Secular regime of Assad's Libya.

How do we Destroy and END ISIS for real and for good?

To end ISIS we need to Stop the Wars after Wars after Wars after Wars after Wars on Islamic Countries that lead to creation of ISIS and instead pursue Peace and supporting True Democratic Governments such as Turkey rather than despotic barbaric Islamic States such as Saudi Arabia. But of course the War Mongers and the Military Industrial Complex and Israel lobby that sold Iraq War, Libya War, and are gunning for Syria War to bring regime change in Syria of the secular regime of Assad, which regime change in Iraq of secular regime of Hussein, lead to creation of ISIS, do not want Peace which would end ISIS for real and good.

Trump & Clinton promising more and more Wars!

As the ultimate proof that Peace is the only way to End ISIS and not more Wars that created ISIS in the first place, consider that Trump and Clinton are out gunning each other in promising that they are going to End ISIS with more Wars and Bombing.
Yet they never say which new Islamic Countries they are going to Bomb and wage War on!
After all, Obama Admin has been Bombing 7 Islamic Countries vs Bush Admin Bombing 3 Islamic Countries!
And lets state the hipocracy that is Obama Admin which came in with the promise of:
"I am going to put an end to the (War) Mentality that lead to these Wars...." and won the Nobel Peace prize based on this promise, yet it has waged Wars on more Islamic Countries than Bush!

So Trump & Clinton: which new Islamic Countries are you going to Bomb that Obama Bush have not already Bombed?
Please tell US.
Please tell US how is it that your Wars on Islamic Countries will End ISIS when Obama Bush Wars on Islamic Countries created ISIS?
Please tell US.


(*) How US Wars fueled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

(*) The pretend war: why bombing ISIS won't solve the problem and will exacerbate regional disorder

(*) Saudi Arabia claims 'difference is clear' between state sanctioned executions and Isis beheadings

(*) US air strike in Syria kills nearly 60 civilians 'mistaken for Isil fighters

(*) Aleppo child survivor image will be used as propaganda for more war - not less

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COMMENTS     Posted: 5    Pending: 0

By Member: gute_frau 2016-07-18

Ich Liebe diese Site. Diese Site ist die nur Site das alles Zeit die Wahrheit sprechen.
Und Ja, wenn Wir mochten die ISIS für real zu beenden, anstatt für mehr Kriege als Vorwand benutzen, danach Wir bringen Frieden und Ruhe zum Iraq und Syria und nicht mehr Krieg.

By Member: real_patriot 2016-07-16

Leave it only to Realnewspost.org to report the Truth.
Thank you.
Now lets watch CBS, CNN, Fox, etc. to spin this Nice tragedy to sell more Wars rather than Peace.

By Member: Reporter 2016-07-16

excellent article.
It is so astounding and telling that EXACT OPPOSITE of the Truth and Facts that you have listed pours out of Big Media!

By Guest:   GoldCoast 2016-07-16

Excellent article. Shame one does not hear the same facts from Big Media but hears the exact opposite only!
Really shame and amazingly sick :(
And I give you one example, this evening on Fox was this FBI Director being interview by that big breasted Blond beauty and in reply to the Nice tragedy, he states:
"Congress should declare war on Islamic Terror. After which we will either Kill every Muslim Islamic Extremist or they will convert "
Without mentioning the facts you have listed, which is Obama Admin has been Bombing 7 Islamic Countries. So which other Islamic Countries do they want to Bomb? Or is it that they want to Bomb every Islamic Country?
All I can say is thanks God for this Site speaking sanity rather vile War Mongering that is pouring out of Wall Street (Zionist) Media.

By Member: real_patriot 2016-07-16

Really. Fox is a 1000 times MORE threat to American People than the piece of *** ISIS.
What pours out of this so called News org is so poisonous, so despicable, that anyone who is so unfortunate to watch this without knowing what the Truth is, is at mortal danger.

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